The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Book 2 Chapter 81

Volume 2 Chapter 81 I Don't Want To Be Devastatingly Gorgeous 2

"A thousand years ago" Shen Yanxiao stared ahead with a blank expression on her face. How would she possibly know the origin of the seal? If Xiu hadn't told her, she probably wouldn't even have noticed that there was a seal on her.

"That's right. The Seven Star Moon Seal was invented by the God Emperor of the god race to deal with the demon race. However, the demon race somehow managed to steal this invention, and that was why both races used the same seal." That was a rare occasion where Xiu had agreed with the Vermilion Bird.

"Initially, I was also curious as to why a seal like this would appear on a human."

Shen Yanxiao became confused. Both of them had fed her with too much information, and she did not know how to digest them.

"Since you have this seal on you, it means that you possess more strength than you do now. I believe that once your Seven Star Moon Seal is undone, you will be worthy of being my master." The Vermillion Bird was delighted with what he had discovered. He did not want a mediocre master who would disgrace his reputation as a mythical beast.

"Xiu will help me to undo this seal. Before then, there is something else that I have to do." Shen Yanxiao recalled that she was still short of the last batch of low-grade cores. Her trip to the Lava Valley had delayed her progress. However, since the sage had yet to leave, it was also hard for her to infiltrate the palace.

"He can undo the Seven Star Moon Seal?" The Vermilion Bird was astonished. To his knowledge, there was only a handful of people who could undo the seal. However, most of them had perished during the war between the demons and gods thousands of years ago.

Shen Yanxiao nodded.

The Vermilion Bird became even more curious about Xiu's identity.

Even though the little bird was curious, Shen Yanxiao was not in the mood to indulge him. She was anxious to gather the last batch of the demonic cores and to have Xiu help her to undo the second layer of the seal. She wanted to train her battle aura to the sixth rank before she headed to the Saint Laurent Academy.

Soon, her opportunity came. The sage's arrival not only attracted the attention of all the nobles in the capital, but it also caused the other four great aristocratic families to be restless. Everyone knew that only the sage from the God Realm could wake the mythical beasts.

The four great families immediately made preparations to invite the sage to their homes, and a few days later, he was dragged away by the White Tiger Family.

Shen Yanxiao had heard about the sage's impending trip to the White Tiger's location, and she knew that it was the best time for her to make her move.

On a dark and windy night, a heartless little thief, who had laid low for a long time, finally took action. She decided to extend her evil claws toward the heavily guarded palace.

Shen Yanxiao was careful not to take any luxury items with distinctive markings. Instead, her main objective that night was to find some cold hard cash. She even entered the Longxuan Empire's treasury and looted all the gold coins that she could fit in the interspatial ring in a wild manner.

The Emperor would not have cared about the Qilin Auction House's reputation. Once they discovered the theft, they would undoubtedly search the whole country, and she did not wish to take any goldware or jewels that could lead them to her.

When she was there, she noticed that Longxuan Empire's treasury was really full!

She did her best to fill her interspatial ring to the brim with gold coins from the treasury.

That was a storage space of a hundred cubic meter! Even Shen Yanxiao found it hard to estimate how much gold she had inside the ring. Even so, the amount that she looted from the treasury was only one-tenth of everything they had.

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