The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Book 2 Chapter 84

Volume 2 Chapter 84 You Must Have Had A Blurred Vision 2

There was a saying that if one had fair skin, then it would cover their ugliness. However, Shen Yanxiao was also about to be as white as a sheet of paper!

As for the issue of the overly-fairness of her skin, there was a simple solution to that! Would it not solve the problem if she turned her skin to a darker shade?

The ladies in the twenty-fourth century had spent a sizable sum of money on their faces and bodies to fulfill their lifelong pursuit of beauty. However, all she wanted to do was to ruin the appearance that most women would kill for.

If anyone were to know about Shen Yanxiao's 'cruel' acts, they would probably jump out to strangle her.

In that room, however, apart from Shen Yanxiao who was the mastermind behind the'cruel' acts upon herself, there was only the Vermillion Bird who also had a somewhat distorted perception of aesthetic.

In his eyes, Shen Yanxiao had indeed become much prettier than before, but she was not so beautiful that a mythical beast would worship her. Furthermore, he cared more about his master's strength than her looks.

Was it useful to be beautiful? Did you not have to pay for anything if you were good-looking?

Thus, the only other person who could prevent Shen Yanxiao from her attempts to disfigure her face sat silently at one side as he looked at her 'ruthless' actions toward her face with interest.

Outside the door, the muddle-headed servant maid carried a big bucket of warm water with her as she stood at the door and panicked. Another servant maid with a bucket of water stood beside her.

"Are you sure you didn't see it wrongly?" The curious servant maid asked her companion. When the other servant maid returned from the seventh young miss' room, she behaved weirdly, as if she was mentally confused. She only revealed the shocking news after a short bout of silence.

Their family's unattractive seventh young miss had apparently turned into a beautiful woman in just a single night.

Initially, she did not believe in her friend's words. Even though one would dream about how one could turn into a gorgeous woman in just a single night, however, a dream was only a dream. If that had happened to a person in real life, would that not be a scary thing?

However, the servant-maid who had returned from the young miss' room that morning was sure of what she had seen. In the end, she could not contain her curiosity and followed her to the room.

"I'm sure I wasn't mistaken." The servant maid who had come by earlier said decisively.

"I really did see it. If the Seventh Miss voice had changed, then I probably wouldn't dare to be so sure."

"The Seventh Miss had turned into a gorgeous beauty overnight? I still find that hard to believe."

The two servant maids stood outside Shen Yanxiao's door as they discussed, and they did not dare to knock on the door. While they conversed, the door slowly opened.

Shen Yanxiao stood inside the room and looked at the petrified servant maids as she pursed her lips discreetly. It seemed that she still looked as unattractive as she did before.

The two servant maids were dumbstruck with the situation. The servant maid who came by earlier rubbed her eyes in disbelief. The seventh young miss who she saw earlier obviously did not look like that!

The curious servant maid who had followed her to the room nearly choked to death by the disappointment that she felt in her heart.

Where was the Shen Yanxiao who had turned beautiful? She only saw dark and dusky skin, complete with a dull complexion. She was not even worthy to serve as the Vermillion Bird Family's maid, let alone to be called a gorgeous lady.

The curious servant maid must've been a fool to believe that a person could turn beautiful overnight. It was simply a joke.

The other servant could not even distinguish the difference between a swan and an ugly duckling.

Due to someone's 'ruthless action,' the Vermilion Bird Family's most beautiful member of the third generation was hidden away, just like that.

As per Shen Feng's arrangement, Shen Siyu would guide her to familiarize herself with the Vermilion Bird Family's affairs.

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