The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Book 2 Chapter 93

Volume 2 Chapter 93 Tests Are Also Reliant On Luck 2

Even though the two ingredients seemed identical, there was a huge difference between them.

The main ingredient to produce a sobering potion was the Bohe grass, which was commonly seen everywhere. The students had paid attention when they watched Luo De as he made the potion, but they were mainly focused on his actions. No one paid any notice to the Bohe grass, a common medicinal ingredient.

As far as they knew, there was another medicinal ingredient that looked similar to the Bohe grass, and that was the Hanjiu grass.

Even though the plants looked similar, they had the opposite usage or functions. Furthermore, the Hanjiu grass was not as common as the Bohe grass. Most of them would have only seen a drawing of it in the books.

They were also under the assumption that Luo De was only supposed to test their memory and their ability to produce potions. They never expected for the academy to give them the wrong medicinal ingredients to work with. Both of the Hanjiu grass and the Bohe grass looked very similar, and so they had used the wrong one carelessly.

For a moment, all of their expressions darkened. They looked at the potion in their hands, and they were so ashamed with what they had done that they could not even lift their heads.

Luo De looked at the unattractive participant with satisfaction as he was delighted with her keen observation.

"Well done. As an herbalist, the most crucial trait is to be attentive. The potions you will be producing in the future are for consumption, and you will cause a great deal of harm to the user if you not careful. The purpose of this test was to see if you could calmly observe the difference between these two ingredients, but the result is apparent. You did not notice that the plant on your table was not the Bohe grass.

Luo De's words caused their hearts to drop. A few unwilling students immediately tried to argue with him, and said, "Teacher, we have noticed that this is not the Bohe grass. However, you told us to make a sobering potion, and so we only wanted to learn your preparation technique."

Everyone tried to shift the blame, and so the teacher received a wide variety of excuses from the students.

In any case, they did not claim that the ingredient they had used was the Bohe grass. The teacher also did not know whether they had realized the difference or not. Thus, they tried to hoodwink the teacher to get a pass from him.

Luo De sneered. His initially stern expression became even more severe.

"What a joke. As an herbalist, it is a bigger mistake to continue with an impossible feat when you knew there was something wrong with the medicinal ingredients. Instead of trying to find out the source of the mistake, you continued with the potion even after you have noticed a problem. That is an even more severe offence than a simple case of inattentiveness!"

The herbalist profession was related to the life and deaths of other people. Not even the slightest mishap could be tolerated. Luo De could not believe those youngsters dared to find such an excuse. That was even more indefensible than if one had not noticed the difference between the Hanjiu grass and the Bohe grass!

The group of students who tried to save their own skin was scolded and berated. At that point, there was no use for them to even fight for themselves. In that group of twenty-plus youngsters, Shen Yanxiao, who had not attempted to make the potion, was the only one who passed the test. The rest of them had failed, and they left the venue dejectedly.

Shen Yanxiao stood rooted in her original spot, and she had to watch as the unwilling candidates left the venue.

Luo De stood by Shen Yanxiao's side, and his taut face finally softened a little.

"You have done well. After you noticed the difference between the two grass, you did not recklessly continue with the process. This is one of the most important principles that an herbalist must possess. Congratulations on becoming a student of Saint Laurent Academy's Herbalist Division." Luo De was much more kindhearted with promising young talents.

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