The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Book 2 Chapter 95

Volume 2 Chapter 95 Fraternal Cooperation 1

"Shen Jue, even though you have passed the test, there is still a long way to go on the path of an herbalist. You have to double up your efforts and work harder." Luo De was delighted with the student that he had accepted. After he made an exception and explained a few things, he asked someone to bring Shen Yanxiao to the dorms allocated for first-year students.

As she walked out of the test venue, Shen Yanxiao looked at the large group of exam candidates and discreetly said a prayer for them. Then she followed the teacher toward the dorms for the first-year students.

She had walked past other division's test venue on the way there, and she saw the same eight students that had previously mocked her.

Of course, they noticed her too.

"Are my eyes deceiving me? Is that not the young lad we saw earlier today?"

"What?! He passed the Herbalist Division test?" They knew that she had passed the Herbalist Division test when they saw the teacher led her away. Those who were eliminated would have been asked to go away by themselves. Only those who passed the tests would be directed to the dormitory..

"The world has gone crazy. Did they not say that the Herbalist Division tests are the hardest? How did he get a pass?!"

When they thought about how they ridiculed him previously, a few of them had wanted to find a hole and hide in it. The fact that they had slapped themselves in the face made them even more shameful to look at the young lad.

They did not even know if they wouldeven pass the tests themselves, and yet, the young lad that they had mocked had successfully passed it.

That sharp contrast practically made them feel like they would puke!

"He might not necessarily be able to afford it, even if he passes the test. He can only stay in the academy if he can afford the school fees." Since they could not withstand such a setback, the youths started to find other excuses to appease themselves.

"Look at his clothes. He definitely cannot afford it."

"That is right!"

That group of youngsters had managed to find an excuse to reassure themselves, and thus they recovered their lively attitude as they continued to wait for their test.

In any case, as long as they could pass the test, they certainly could afford the school fees!

That was how they reassured themselves.

Shen Yanxiao was allocated the dorm at the southeast corner of the Herbalist Division. The white dormitory building resembled an ancient European architecture. To be exact, the whole Saint Laurent Academy looked like an ancient yet magnificent palace of the eastern countries.

Shen Yanxiao's room was on the third level of the first-year students' dormitory. Every room could accommodate three students, and other than three large beds, there were also three extremely exquisite long tables in the spacious room. On both ends of the long tables stood a bookshelf that was used to place books and the apparatuses required for potion-making.

Her room number was 305, and she noticed that her two other roommates had already tidied up their beds when she entered the room.

When he noticed Shen Yanxiao's presence, one of the youths with a small build immediately revealed an innocent smile as he walked toward her.

"Hello, I am Lin Xuan. We will be classmates in the same dormitory in the future. Please kindly bear with me." The innocent smile on his delicate face made it easy for others to have a favorable impression of him.

Her first impression of Lin Xuan was similar to those well-behaved students of her former world. Since she had to stay together with him for the next two to three years, Shen Yanxiao politely smiled and said, "Hello, you can call me Shen Jue."

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