The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Book 2 Chapter 98

Volume 2 Chapter 98 The Super Scholar Is Too Savage 1

Tang Nazhi was in a good mood. Even though he still struggled with the pillow in his hand, a refreshing smile could be seen on the corner of his lips.

Shen Jue was much easier to approach than he expected!

Tang Nazhi already knew the identity of his two future roommates before he arrived at the dormitory. He decided that Lin Xuan could be ignored for the time being because he was much more interested in Shen Jue. He had participated in the same test as Shen Jue earlier that day, and out of over a hundred candidates, only both of them made the cut.

The enrollment test for the Saint Laurent Academy's Herbalist Division had always been challenging. He had been tortured by that for the past two years when he sat for the tests. He only barely managed to pass the test that year as he had used a small trick with great difficulty. However, the young lad named Shen Jue had relied on his own abilities to pass the test. After the test had ended, Tang Nazhi heard that Teacher Luo De who was renowned for his strictness. did something out of the ordinary and praised that unattractive young lad.

It was enough proof that the young man had some talents in herbalism from how he managed to get praises from that inflexible old fellow.

So, Tang Nazhi started to pay attention to Shen Jue after that. Everyone knew that he was exceptionally determined to pass the test and enroll in the Herbalism Division. However, his objectives were not merely as simple as that. He also wanted to become an outstanding herbalist and to get those bastards to take a good look at his abilities.

Even though Tang Nazhi was determined, he was not stupid. He had spent two years before he successfully enrolled in the Herbalist Division. That clearly showed his lack of talent in herbalism and if he wanted to accomplish his objective, then he would need to find a top student to be his helper.

Therefore, Shen Jue was his first candidate!

The little guy had managed to get Luo De's approval at such a young age, so it was apparent that he was talented in herbalism. Tang Nazhi did secretly peeked at Shen Jue's group when they took the test. However, he did not even notice the difference between the Bohe grass and the Hanjiu grass!

After he had witnessed Shen Jue's 'excellence,' Tang Nazhi immediately made preparations to rope Shen Jue into his plans. If Shen Jue refused to help him, then he would have to tie him to his side!

However, it seemed like the young lad's personality was pretty easy to get along with from how the current situation looked. He believed that he would have an excellent progression in herbalism with Shen Jue's help.

The Saint Laurent Academy's enrollment tests continued for another three days before it finally ended. The students who were accepted were in high spirits while most of them who had been rejected stood outside the gates. They had no choice but to return to their homes and parents with a depressed mood.

The Herbalist Division managed to recruit a total of 163 first-year students during the autumn enrollment that year, and it was only one percent of the total sign-ups.

Shen Yanxiao had passed the test on the first day. The next two days, Tang Nazhi had dragged her around to look at herbalism books for most of the time. The contents in those books were basically strings of indecipherable codes. She understood the words individually, but the words became unfamiliar when grouped into a sentence.

She wondered about why Tang Nazhi had so much confidence in her and treated her like a prodigy in herbalism. He would often point to a medical ingredient's trait and asked her some questions about it. Shen Yanxiao could only silently looked at those ingredients that she had only seen for the first time and calmly replied him with a smile. Whenever that happened, the young man would become pumped up that he would burn the midnight oil to study about it.

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