The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Placing Righteousness Before Family (3)

If one were to describe their overall strength in terms of percentage, then their power in battle aura and magic would make up forty percent, while their magical beast would make up another thirty percent. Any holy weapon that they had with them would then make up the remaining thirty percent.

Since holy weapons were scarce in that era, the cumulative percentage of one's personal strength and their magical beast would each be fifty percent.

That was why the goal to control a powerful magical beast had become one of the most important aims everyone had, second to their personal strength.

That was also why it was not a surprise when everyone had accepted Shen Yue's explanation. However, there was one person who sneered at his statement.

That was none other than the person who was involved in that incident — Shen Yanxiao.

It seemed as if the whole incident had nothing to do with her, other than the fact that Shen Feng had mentioned her name at the very beginning of the meeting. No one had expected the implication of those two unruly children, Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei. Instead, Shen Yue's attitude provided food for thought.

On the surface, Shen Yue seemed cruel to have exposed his children's actions in front of the congregation. However, he intended to discreetly erase the possibility of his children to instruct 'her' to trespass the dungeon. In addition, he used the method of reasoning with truth and touching the audience with heart, to elaborate on their proactive mentality being proactive, to work hard and increase their own strength. Simultaneously, he shifted the main culprit of this incident to 'her', who took advantage of the situation and trespassed the dungeon.

With just a simple explanation, Shen Yue managed to express so many different layers of meaning in his words. It was apparent it would not be easy to deal with someone like him!

Shen Feng did not immediately answer Shen Yue's request. He merely looked at the pair of twins who stood behind Shen Yue.

"Third uncle's upright and candid personality is worthy of our admiration." All of a sudden, a clear voice echoed from somewhere inside the main house.

An elegant young man with an appearance that was comparable to a piece of white jade appeared from behind his father. He looked at the somber-looking Shen Yue with an easy smile. The young man was slightly older than the twins, and he was even better looking than Shen Jiawei. His peerless handsome face had a relaxed smile that would unconsciously attract others to get close to him.

Shen Yue frowned slightly when he looked at him, and then he sneered inwardly.

It was Shen Yifeng, the most powerful third-generation among the Vermilion Bird Family! He was only seventeen years old, but he had already advanced to the sixth rank of battle aura. The first five ranks of battle aura and magic weren't hard to train, but it was only the start of the journey.

When one's battle aura and magic rose to the sixth rank, they had to decide on their training pathway.

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From the start of the sixth rank, the training of magic and battle aura would be split into three directions.

Before the sixth rank, a person who trained in either magic or battle aura was called as an apprentice magician and apprentice fighter respectively. After the sixth rank, those who trained in magic could choose to become an attack-orientated magus, or a warlock who specialized in mysterious curses, or a priest who possessed holy powers. As for those who trained in battle aura, they could choose to become a powerful swordsman or a knight with very high maneuverability. Other than that, they could also decide to become an archer that could reap someone else's life from thousands of miles away.

As for Shen Yifeng, he had already successfully broken through the stage of an apprentice fighter at the age of fifteen and then chose to become a powerful swordsman. In only two years, he became a three-star swordsman, and for the past hundreds of years, only the deceased Shen Yu had possessed such frightening talent in the entire Vermilion Bird Family.

Unfortunately, Shen Yu did not manage to live through his prime age. Right now, Shen Yifeng was like the sun in the sky and the number one among the younger generation of the Vermilion Bird Family.

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