The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Returning to the Peak (3)

"You know nothing! Not long ago, I received news that a new sage has emerged within the God Realm! A hundred years ago, the sage was in charge of awakening the mythological beast, and now that a new sage has emerged, it's no longer an impossibility. As far as I know, the four other families have all made preparations to invite the sage." Shen Feng said coldly.

"What?!" Everyone was in an uproar. Did that mean that one of them was about to have the opportunity to obtain the Vermilion Bird's loyalty?!

After a long period of complacent peace, a huge wave was finally set off within the Vermilion Bird Family.

Deep down, Shen Yifeng was pleasantly surprised. He should have had the chance to find a powerful magical beast to bind with on the day he turned sixteen. However, his father did not make adequate preparations for it, and that was why even though he was a three-star swordsman, he had yet to own a magical beast. Each person could only be contracted to one magical beast in their lifetime. That meant that only he, Shen Jiayi, and Shen Jiawei could have the opportunity to obtain the Vermilion Bird.

Even though Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei's talents were sufficient, but when compared to him, who had been identified as a prodigy, the differences between them were also remarkably huge. They could not even be considered his competitor!

That meant that the Vermilion Bird was practically his, so how could he not be happy about that?

At that moment, Shen Yue wore a sour expression on his face. Naturally, he had already thought of what was in Shen Yifeng's mind, and he also knew that his children were not comparable to Shen Yifeng. Even if they wanted to fight for the Vermilion Bird, they would face an uphill battle.

"Then, should we also start to prepare? We can't allow the other four families to get ahead of us." As he knew that victory was within his son's grasp, he naturally couldn't sit still.

Shen Feng laughed grimly and said, "Do I need you to tell me this? I've already dispatched men to contact the God Realm. Although the sage has agreed to come forth to the Longxuan Empire to assist, he had one condition, and that was to send an eighth-ranked Snow Spirit Fox as a gift before he would come forth. Imprisoned in the dungeon was precisely the Snow Spirit Fox that I have ordered our men to capture!"

"The Family Head is always thorough in all matters!"

However, Shen Feng's face did not bear even the slightest hint of a smile.

"Do you know how much have our Vermilion Bird Family lost to capture this Snow Spirit Fox? Yet, look at what you idiots had done!"

Shen Feng's sudden anger puzzled everyone in attendance. They could guess the huge loss that they would have had incurred to capture that powerful beast. The Snow Spirit Fox was an eighth-ranked high-level magical beast, and even though it was not as savage as many other creatures, those magical beasts could not compare to its agility either. Therefore, it was not easy to arrange for its capture.

Shen Feng's gaze fell on Shen Yanxiao. His face showed neither hint of happiness nor of anger as he looked at the granddaughter that he wasn't even close to.

"The day someone trespassed the dungeon, the Snow Spirit Fox died a violent death. Without the Snow Spirit Fox, how are we, the Vermilion Bird Family, suppose to invite the sage to come forth?"

The Snow Spirit Fox was dead?!

Loud gasps could be heard throughout the entire main house.

Shen Yue's expression was deathly white while Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei nearly fell to the ground.

How could they have possibly imagined that they would ruin the opportunity for their Vermilion Bird Family to return to its peak due to a single moment of curiosity?

Everyone's heart fell like dead ashes. A Snow Spirit Fox was extremely precious, and the Vermilion Bird Family had invested far too much for its capture. If they were to capture another one, it would probably cause harm to their family roots.

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At that instant, everyone's sights move onto Shen Yanxiao. Who would have expected something so serious to happen right after an idiot entered the dungeon?

An eighth-ranked magic beast inexplicably died in the dungeon, and other than the Snow Spirit Fox that died a violent death, there was only the good-for-nothing, seventh miss in its vicinity!

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