The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Demanding an Exorbitant Amount (3)

Although that collaborative attack had annihilated most of the demon beasts at places where humans lived, their numbers were still far more than that. The demon beasts illegally occupied lands outside of places where humans lived, and those places were then known as the 'Forbidden Region.' It was a desolate place that was unsuitable for humans.

The place where Shen Yanxiao and her family lived was cleared of most demon beasts, although there were still appearances from the occasional low-level ones. The high-level demon beasts could morph into humans and they had hid amongst humans in cities. It was difficult to hunt them because they were extremely crafty and would vanish from the crime scene after every attack.

The people in Longxuan Empire were terrified of the demon beasts. It would usually trigger a huge commotion if someone had heard of a demon beast attack.

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To some extent, Shen Yanxiao understood the world that she was in. As for the demon beasts, she had heard of them too. However, she did not understand how a savage creature like a demon beast could be linked to the process to undo her seal.

"I need to absorb the energy from a demonic core to recover my strength. Once my strength recovers, I will be able to undo your next seal."

"" Shen Yanxiao was briefly stunned with what Xiu told her.

When a magical beast died, they would leave behind their magical core that contained their powers. A demon beast would also have a core that held their powers, and it was aptly named as the demonic core. Magical cores were extremely popular because they could be embedded into weapons. Magic and battle aura users would then be able to use those weapons to release powerful energy bursts. The power inside a magical core would be increased proportionally to the power that the magical beast held before its death.

However, a demonic core and a magical core was not the same thing.

The power in a magical core was incredibly pure, and they could be directly utilized, but a demonic core contained expectionally dense and dark aura. Even though a demonic core was also very powerful, most people would not be able to withstand the sinister aura that radiated from it.

If someone used a weapon that was embedded with a demonic core for an extended period, their bodies would eventually be corroded by the sinister aura contained in the core.

There was a simpler way to explain what the demonic core could do to a person. In a less-than-good-case scenario, a person would lose all of their reasoning skills, and in a worst-case scenario, that person would die.

Only an expert with an extremely powerful mental energy would dare to utilize a demonic core. Furthermore, they would only dare to use a demonic core that was lower than their level.

In any case, demonic cores were like chicken ribs. They were tasteless, but it was also regrettable if they were thrown away.

She did not expect that the chicken-rib-like item was the key for Xiu to recover his strength. She could only file that as someone else's unique preference in life.

"It's not difficult to get a hold of a demonic core. When the empires joined hands to eliminate those demon beasts, they managed to get a large quantity of those demonic cores. Those cores aren't in high demand, and you can purchase them from auction houses." Shen Yanxiao made use of her recently acquired knowledge that she had crammed in her head . It did not matter to her if Xiu had a peculiar taste for those demonic cores since it was something that could be easily accomplished.

However, at that moment, it seemed like she had only one problem - she had no money!

Since she was an idiotic trash and a leech, the Vermilion Bird Family only provided her with food and clothing. Why would they give her 'pocket money'?

Other than the two pouches that she stole from those two servant maids, her hands had been clean, and her purse was almost non-existent. Even though the demonic cores were not as expensive as magical cores, they were not rotten cabbages either. With the amount of money that she had, one or two low-grade demonic cores should still be well within her budget.

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