The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Qilin Auction House (3)

The attendant knocked on the door when they reached the back hall. When the response came, he opened it and invited Shen Yanxiao inside.

As she entered the back hall, Shen Yanxiao noticed the handsome young man who sat on the chair draped with the skin of a tiger. There was a smile in his bright eyes that were as if the stars had converged in it, and he had an indiscernible smirk on the corner of his lips. He lazily supported his chin with one hand, and he looked like a cat as it basked in the sunlight on a balcony.

When Qi Xia saw Shen Yanxiao, he was also stunned. He finally understood why the attendant described 'him' as a 'little customer."

His thin and weak physique hid under unadorned clothing, and the pair of bright eyes on his delicate and pretty face twinkled with the purity and ignorance of someone who had yet to mature. As for his height, the little fellow in front before him did not even reach the height of his shoulders, and he looked as if he was only thirteen or fourteen-years-old. It was no wonder he was described as a 'little customer.'

"Hello. I'm Qi Meng, the person-in-charge here. I wonder what item do you have for our Qilin Auction House to sell?" Qi Meng did not dare to trouble Qi Xia for something as trivial as to attend to the customers. So he revealed his esteemed position as the person-in-charge and quickly attended to the customer.

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"Oh, I have a batch of jewels and goldware that I wish to commission you to sell. I wonder what kind of procedures do I need to go through for that?" Shen Yanxiao had an odd feeling. Even though the middle-aged man looked steady and very experienced, she felt that the young man at the side was the one with authority.

Qi Ming smiled and said, "What kind of goldware and jewels do you have for sale? This must be your first time at our Qilin Auction house, and thus, you don't understand our rules here. Our auction house rarely auctions goldware and jewels. We would only make an exception if it were extremely valuable."

What was the scale of the Qilin Auction House? If any random item could be taken out to auction there, it would be insufficient even if they had expanded the scale of their business ten-fold. Furthermore, common luxury items could usually be found at any other auction houses, and they had never liked to accept such staple goods.

Unless the items were remarkably valuable, else they would not accept them on regular occasions.

Otherwise, how could they have ascended to become one of the three largest auction houses in the capital?

Shen Yanxiao was momentarily distracted. She was indeed unaware of the Qilin Auction House's rules. Even though the items she stole were pretty good regardless of quality or craftsmanship, but she was unsure of the appraisal standards there.

"This I'm not too sure myself. I'll take it out for you to see." As she was disinclined to think about those details, Shen Yanxiao opened the interspatial ring on her finger and poured out everything that was contained in it.

Qi Meng initially thought that the little fellow would, at most, possess one or two pieces of items, which was what he'd considered as a very good thing.

However, as the goldware and jewels in the interspatial ring continued to pour down in torrents and then formed a small pile on the ground, Qi Meng's eyes revealed the shock that he was in.

With the amount of goldware and jewels that the customer had, it could be auctioned off for quite a large sum of money, even if they were of low quality. As he looked at them with his keen eyes, he managed to identify some of the goldware that were masterpieces works of renowned craftsman. The rest of the items were also of high quality and could be considered as top-grade too.

He did not expect that an ordinary-looking little fellow could produce such an amount of luxury goods, so he was most certainly taken aback with the situation.

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