The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Crazy and Ridiculous (3)

There were no commoners in the God Realm. Everyone there are called as a god's envoy, and all of them possessed amazing strength.

Even if all of the empires in the Brilliance Continent were to join hands to launch an attack on the God Realm, they wouldn't even be able to break through their first line of defense.

Thus, everyone in the Brilliance Continent revered those who resided in the God Realm.

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So when the sage decided to grace Longxuan Empire with his presence, all five aristocratic families turned up in full strength and all of their members lined up at the capital's entrance to welcome the sage's arrival.

When the envoy from the God Realm stepped into the capital, all the commoners who stood on both sides of the road sprinkled petals of fragrant flowers to welcome them. The guards who stood high above the city gates set off fireworks, and the melodious trombone resounded throughout the horizon.

Fireworks that were initially intended for destruction blossomed in broad daylight, and even though it was daytime, the fireworks released by the magicians shone brilliantly.

The monarch of the Longxuan Empire personally led his troops and welcomed the sage into the palace under everyone's reverence.

However, the noise and excitement had nothing to do with Shen Yanxiao.

It was because she was the Vermilion Bird Family's disgrace, and so she was not allowed to appear before the sage. As a result, she was left alone in the estate.

She felt depressed as she sat on her bed. It wasn't because she missed out on a meeting with the sage, but she had to temporarily postpone her plans to infiltrate the palace due to the sage's appearance arrival.

Just as everyone cried tears of joy at the sage's presence, a certain thief displayed fits of anger instead because the conman-like sage's arrival had disrupted her plans.

To disrupt someone else's job was an extremely unethical act!

Usually, the sage would first pay a visit to the palace. Therefore, Shen Feng led everyone back to the estate after the welcome ceremony.

As Shen Fend led the entourage of the Vermilion Bird Family, all of them beamed with huge smiles on their faces.

"Ha! The Azure Dragon was still confused as to why the sage had come. From the looks of it, if they were to know the sage came to awaken the Vermilion Bird, I'm afraid their beards would go crooked from anger." Shen Jing followed behind Shen Feng, and he recalled the expressions of the members from the other four families, he felt exceptionally rejuvenated.

Shen Feng was comparatively more composed. Since a long time ago, he had become accustomed to the blank expression that he usually wore on his face. However, from what he had heard and seen today, he could not contain the traces of a smile on his face.

"Don't be too blatant. The sage will be coming to our estate tomorrow, have you prepared for everything?"

The matter concerned the Vermilion Bird Family's reputation, and he had no choice but to be extra careful.

"Everything has been prepared," said Shen Duan.

"Hmm." Shen Feng nodded with satisfaction. A few moments later, he thought of something and turned to Shen Duan and said, "Send some servant maids with nimble hands and feet to Shen Siyu. All he has are bodyguards, and it's not suitable for them to dress the little girl."

"Ah?" Shen Duan didn't seem to understand. What was with his father's spontaneous words?

Shen Feng said, "The sage will be here tomorrow to bring the candidates to the Lava Valley to establish the contract with the Vermilion Bird. Even though she is mentally challenged, she can't be too sloppy and lack manners in front of the sage."

What did he just hear!? Shen Duan stood rooted like a wooden chicken and stared intently at Shen Feng as he suspected that his ears had misheard.

Even if he was a fool, he understood the 'little girl' that Shen Feng had mentioned referred to their Vermilion Bird Family's disgrace - Shen Yanxiao!

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