The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Vermilion Bird Candidate (2)

When she knew that she had to appear before the sage with such a miserable appearance, she nearly knocked herself to death due to embarrassment.

Women cared most about their appearance, let alone someone like Shen Jiayi, who was proud and arrogant. As she grew up in the Vermilion Bird Family, when had she ever suffered from such humiliation?

If it weren't because of Shen Feng's orders, Shen Jiayi probably would have chopped Shen Yanxiao into mincemeat a long time ago!

What she failed to understand was the reason for that disgrace's appearance here on such an important day when the sage graced his presence in the Vermilion Bird Family?

Shen Yue frowned as if he sensed his daughter's rage. He did not sleep well during the night after Shen Feng gave the order the previous day. He could not understand the reason behind Shen Feng's decision to allow Shen Yanxiao attendance. Everyone knew that she only had the wisdom of a four-year-old, and even if she did not cry or cause trouble, it was not like she would understand the discussion. If she made a joke of herself in front of the sage, would that not lower the prestige of their family?

Other than the sage who was unaware of the circumstances, Shen Feng who gave the order, and Shen Siyu who executed it, everyone else frowned at Shen Yanxiao's appearance.

They were worried that the Vermilion Bird's Family disgrace would throw away their family's dignity in front of the sage.

Usually, no one would be willing to call the trash for the monthly communal meal, let alone any other family activities. No one would remember her existence, expect for Shen Siyu who would always bring her along when he returned to the family's compound.

No one wished for the sage to have a wrong impression of their family due to that disgrace.

The atmosphere in the main house became somewhat strange, and it was all because of Shen Yanxiao's appearance.

After Shen Yanxiao entered the main house, she stood quietly at the spot they brought her to, and that caused everyone to break into a cold sweat.

Did the idiot want to stand in front of the sage and annoy him? Oh god, her unattractive face could be described as ugly when compared to the handsome and beautiful looks of everyone in attendance there. The fact that she stood out among the others was a constant reminder to everyone else that she was a disgrace!

Just as Shen Duan wanted to order someone to pull that reckless idiot to one side, the quiet sage suddenly smiled and said, "Is this the Vermilion Bird Family's seventh miss?" His voice was gentle and sweet, similar to lukewarm spring water that flowed through their hearts.

"That's right." Shen Feng nodded in agreement.

"Xiaoxiao's wisdom is somewhat lacking, so please forgive her if she disrespects you in any way."

The sage smiled and shook his head.

"I find this child very pleasant looking."

Everyone who was worried that Shen Yanxiao would embarrass them in front of the sage was flabbergasted the moment he said that.

What did they just hear? The sage actually said that he found the idiot pleasant-looking?

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If one considered Shen Yanxiao's overall appearance, one would find that she would be easily overlooked if she was to stand with a group of people. As she stood among the members of the Vermilion Bird Family, she was like a chicken among a flock of beautiful cranes.

How would that make anyone feel pleasant when they looked at her? Wasn't the sage's esthetic conception a little bit too much?

Shen Jiayi was struck dumb. She stared at the Shen Yanxiao in disbelief. She thought that the idiot was not even comparable to her toe. She was unconvinced that the ugly duckling could actually obtain the sage's praise.

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