The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Lava Valley (3)

Shen Yanxiao secretly gave Shen Jiayi a thumbs up for her efforts to make things difficult for her.

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'You've done well!'

If she had to display a Mona Lisa's smile for twenty-four hours a day and to act like an idiot, how tragic would that be?

She was also very thankful for Shen Jiayi's wickedness and her eight generations of ancestors! 1

"Xiu, were all these caused by that little bird?" The only one that could converse with her was Xiu, who resided within her, and she did not have any reservations with him.

"The South Flaming Vermilion Bird. Only that beast would take such great pains to burn the land to create such a nest." It seemed like he was in a good mood, even though he answered Shen Yanxiao's question reluctantly.

"Burn the land to create a nest? Didn't you say that it was merely larger than the normal aerial magic beasts? Why does it need to stay in such a large nest?" Shen Yanxiao quirked her eyebrows. They had entered the Lava Valley for half a day already, but as she looked at the route in front of her, she knew that they still had a long way to go before they would reach their destination.

"The four mythical beasts have an arrogant temperament, and they would never allow other living things to exist near their nests. The Vermilion Bird is of the fire nature, and it has a preference for hot places. They would only accept the place for a nest after they raised the temperature around the surrounding area. Even though the Vermilion Bird usually hover at heights most of the time, they also have a strong desire to control the ground. This place is considered small when compared to its previous nest. It must have suffered from some heavy injuries before it went dormant. Otherwise, I reckon that the few mountains nearby would not have existed anymore." Xiu's voice was very calm like he only discussed the weather that day, and it was as if he thought there was nothing wrong for a bird to occupy such an ample space. It was also as if he believed that the nest that the Vermilion Bird had chosen was quite shabby.

Xiu might have been very calm, but Shen Yanxiao was not.

As a person from modern times, she understood how hard some people had struggled for their whole life just for a few dozen meters of land. She was shocked by Xiu's nonchalant explanation of how the Lava Valley got its name.

Extravagant! It was honestly too extravagant!

It occupied an area that was comparable to a small city in modern times because it needed a place for a nest. How extravagant was that? When she recalled how arrogant those people were after they purchased an island, she then thought that their attempts were weak and pathetic when compared to the Vermilion Bird in the Lava Valley!

Shen Yanxiao understood Xiu's hint about the larger size of the Vermilion Bird's old nest. Apparently, for the standard of mythical beasts, its nest at the Lava Valley was as small as an underground basement.

She couldn't imagine how vast the Vermilion Bird's 'official' place of residence would be.

Furthermore, according to what he had said, the residence of the other mythical beasts were also extremely spacious.

Just how big was the Brilliance Continent anyway, for it did not only needed to accommodate so many humans and magical beasts, it also had to allocate vast spaces for those mythical beasts to be squandered away?

"Xiu, did you have a huge place of residence as well?" Shen Yanxiao knew that Xiu had a physical body a very long time ago. Even though she did not know the reason he became a soul that resided within her, she was very curious about the place that nurtured someone like him with such an arrogant temper.

Xiu did not reply immediately, as if he was deep in thought about the past. A short while later, he answered slowly.


'Can you not give me such a concise answer?!'

Shen Yanxiao clicked her tongue and continued to ask.

"Bigger than the Lava Valley?"


  1. It's an expression similar to 'thank god'
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