The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Path of a Warlock (2)

All magic attacks required a certain amount of time for chants, and more powerful magic would require longer time for the chants. The magus needed a perfectly safe environment to work because they had to concentrate on their chants, and so, they were an extreme class of their own.

They were like kings in long-ranged combats, but a weakling in close-quarter fights.

It was the first class that Shen Yanxiao had decided to abandon.

In a real battle, no enemy would allow the magus the time that they needed for their chants. Without the protection of powerful teammates, an unaccompanied vulnerable magus could be easily killed by a close combat class even if the opponent was lower-levelled. Of course, a skilled magus would require only a short time for his chant, and they could also torture those close combat enemies to death with their ample experiences.

However, that was not what Shen Yanxiao wanted. She did not have any support, and to be at a disadvantage in close quarters combat during the initial phase of her training was not something that she wanted to do.

Furthermore, she was accustomed to split-second decisions, and something as time-consuming and tedious as that was not suitable for her.

The second choice would be a priest. Their attack abilities were weak, and it was as if they had none. However, they possessed a powerful connection with nature and could heal any injuries by borrowing the power of nature. Furthermore, they could utilize the power of nature to strengthen themselves and their companions. Of course, those were all only short-term effects.

The priest was a class that relied more on their companions when compared to the magus. Without powerful allies, a single priest would not even be able to deal with a low-level demon beast.

The priests of this world were similar to doctors of modern times. They were merely more mysterious than doctors, and they were more of an all-rounder.

Before she heard the complete explanation, Shen Yanxiao had already vetoed that class that sounded like a path for the Virgin Mary.

She did not wish to stand behind other people and become a parasite that would enjoy someone else's protection!

Finally, there was only the warlock class left.

Xiu was very precise when he explained about warlocks, and it was in more detailed when compared to his explanations about magus and priest.

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Warlocks were an intriguing existence in the Brilliance Continent. They were far less aggressive than magus in terms of attack and did not possess the ability to heal any injuries. However, they were the nightmares of many.

Warlocks utilized strange curses, but they could not make someone vanish in a split second. However, they could secretly influence and cause the other person's corpse to disappear. They were like an invisible poison that would corrode the enemies' life force without anyone's notice. Curses did not require chants, and it only needed to execute hand signs to activate it. Warlocks could execute curses in the blink of an eye and cause the opponent to be weakened. They could incapacitate a powerful magus to prevent access to their magic, and turn them into trash for their enemies to slaughter!

It was basically the first choice for any shady person!

The moment Xiu ended his explanation, Shen Yanxiao became very interested in that horrifying class.

As a thief goddess, it was not her nature to expose herself to charge and break through the enemy lines. Instead, she would conceal herself in a dark corner, and wait for an opportunity to struck as that was where her interest lies in!

The warlock class was simply tailor-made for her!

"Then, that'll be it!" Shen Yanxiao instantly decided that she wanted to walk down the path of a warlock that seemed to have bright prospects.

However, Xiu reminded her that there weren't many people in the entire Brilliance Continent that went down the path of a warlock. It was because many thought that they were an extremely sinister presence. Furthermore, they practiced despicable methods, and no family would allow their members to learn a class that would disgrace their family's prestige as they believed a true warrior should face their enemy head on!

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