The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Path of a Warlock (3)

The God Realm that was revered by everyone had loathed the existence of warlocks. Among the six different classes between magic and battle aura, the warlock class was the closest to darkness and the radiant God Realm refused to approach any power of evil.

Due to the prejudice of the common masses and the God Realm's suppression, it was as if none trained in the path of a warlock in the entire Brilliance Continent.

Even if there were, they would live like a street rat and endured abuse by everyone else.

Shen Yanxiao couldn't understand the reason behind that.

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How did such an efficient class become such a despicable existence when the words came out from the hypocrites' mouths?

Despicable? There were tons of people in the world who posed as a person of high morals with a bright and neat appearance, and yet they were happy to commit dirty acts in private. Since the world could accept those hypocrites, why couldn't they accept a class that was just another branch of magic?

It was so absurd that she didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

"So what if they are boycotted? So what if they don't like it? I have chosen my path, and why should I care about where other people would point their fingers?" Shen Yanxiao sneered. She was never a person who would care about how the world perceived things.

She would only choose what she believed to be right, and she would never comply with the world's opinion.

Shen Yanxiao knew that no one in this world could be trusted and she could only rely on herself.

"Remember your words today. Only you can hold the ground for your own choices." Since she insisted, Xiu did not even try to dissuade her. Shen Yanxiao could vaguely perceive that he was pleased with her choice.

Even though she had already decided the future for her path in magic, it was practically impossible to learn the skills of a warlock in a place as simple and as crude as the Lava Valley. Even if Xiu was someone who was veiled in mystery, it was also impossible for him to foresee that the owner of the body that he resided in would choose the path of a warlock. Therefore, it was natural that he did not cram information about warlocks into his mind.

Furthermore, as the second layer of the Seven Star Moon Seal had not been undone, Shen Yanxiao's growth in magic had come to a standstill after she advanced to the sixth rank. No matter how much she trained, there had not been any further progress.

It was as Xiu had mentioned, the effects that she had experienced when the first seal was undone were closely related to the seal.

Shen Yanxiao could only abandon her thoughts to continue with the path of a warlock and concentrated on her battle aura instead.

Unfortunately, for one to advance to the sixth rank of magic in such a short period was really a rare occurrence and if she wanted to continue to advance in battle aura with such a short time available well, it would simply be the ravings of a lunatic!

Xiu no longer urged Shen Yanxiao to train as hard as she previously did.

As the Vermilion Bird Family's carriages advanced toward the depths of the Lava Valley, the surrounding temperature also increased. Any drops of water would evaporate the instant it touched the ground, and even the low-level demon beasts did not dare to enter such a hot place.

The people inside the carriages knew that as the temperature rose, it also meant that they were closer to the Vermilion Bird's lair.


Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei sat in the same carriage, with a middle-aged servant to serve them as they rested. As for the other two servants, they had been left behind in the carriage that Shen Jiawei was supposed to be in.

"How long until we arrive? I feel like my body is about to fall apart from sitting in the carriage all day! I've had enough of meat jerky, and if I eat any more, I will definitely puke!" Shen Jiayi frowned and leaned against the carriage. She had been accustomed to a pampered life in the Vermilion Bird Family's compound, and the long journey had made her uncomfortable. If it weren't for the Vermilion Bird and for the chance to gain the sage's favor, she would never agree to suffer through all those hardships.

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