The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Vermilion Bird's Nest (1)

"How would I know? It has been so unbearable, to be cooped up in this carriage and without anything to do. I'm nearly bored to death! It's a good thing that I have you to accompany me. Otherwise, I would have gone crazy!" Shen Jiawei had always followed his sister, Shen Jiayi. He was too bored when he was alone in his carriage and could no longer stand it. Thus, he took the opportunity to sneak into his sister's carriage during one of their stops.

When the two unruly twins got together, things were not as dull as before.

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Even then, they still could not bear with the boredom.

"Hmm, I wonder how that idiot is coping with being cooped up in the carriage all alone Haha, don't tell me she has made a mess in the carriage? It's an expensive carriage too." Shen Jiayi looked out the window and snorted.

"Perhaps she did. She's an idiot anyway. Simple tasks like eating and dressing on her own are already an issue for her. In any case, I will not dare to look inside her carriage, who knows what it'll look like. Sister, you're brilliant to ask for her attendant." Shen Jiawei chuckled.

"An attendant to serve her? Is she even worthy of the service from them? Stop joking. The four guards that grandfather dispatched this time are all part of our family's team of elites, and it's simply a waste of resources to have them wait on an idiot like her. I'd like to see if she can live comfortably without anyone to take care of her while she is confined inside the carriage." Shen Jiayi was aware that she could not deliberately make things difficult for her in an obvious manner while they were with the sage. However, it was still possible to take some actions discreetly. Even though it couldn't diminish her hatred, it would still make Shen Yanxiao suffer.

The twins conspired with each other, and the attendant who waited on them turned a blind eye on their actions. Instead, he carefully observed the situation outside their window.

All of a sudden, a blurry figure flashed past the window. The attendant stretched his head out in astonishment, but he could not locate a single silhouette outside on the charred soil.

"What's wrong?" Shen Jiayi noticed the attendant's strange action and asked.

The attendant another look and after he ensured that there were no abnormalities, he sat down and said, "Your lowly subordinate's eyes went blurry for a moment, and it was as if I saw someone."

Shen Jiayi laughed and said, "Did your eyes go blurry from being in the carriage for far too long? How could there be anyone outside? According to my father, anyone without the ice silk armor would be dried up instantly. So how could there be anyone outside?

The attendant nodded as he also felt that he must have made a mistake. Therefore, he paid no more heed to that.

On the third day when the night fell, the eight carriages stopped in front of a huge cave.

After a long journey, they finally arrived at their destination. Fed up with the long bumpy ride, everyone hurriedly got down from their carriages.

Shen Jiayi was aware of the severity of the situation, so she sent the attendant that was charged with Shen Yanxiao's well-being back to her.

As the attendant led her down the carriage, Shen Yanxiao stretched and looked up at the huge entrance in front of her.

The pitch-black cave was half the size of a hill. As she stood in front of the entrance, she could sense a constant stream of hot wave that radiated from within the cave. Luckily, the ice silk armor that she wore had managed to block the heat. Although she could still feel the boiling temperature, it was still bearable for her.

"This way, please." The attendant returned and stood by Shen Yanxiao's side. Even though he doubted that she understood what was said, he had to be respectful toward Shen Yanxiao in front of the sage.

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