The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 55

Chapter 55: How Am I Not a Woman? (1)

The Vermillion Bird that took on the appearance of a child softly snorted and withdrew the flame.

"I've been wondering who you are since you've been so rude to me. It turns out that you're from the God Realm. After so many years, you lot have not changed one bit, and I still hate you." Even though the Vermilion Bird's words were sharp and direct, he did not attack again.

The sage confirmed their inner thoughts when the Vermilion Bird Family members heard him addressed the child as the Vermilion Bird.

When they had reached a certain level, some of the magical beasts could transform into humans. Since the mythical beasts were more powerful than the ordinary magical beasts, it was quite simple for them to adopt a human form.

They looked at the child passionately when they knew that he was the transformation of the Vermillion Bird.

That was the hope of their family! It was their mythical beast!

"Lord Vermilion Bird, I am the Vermilion Bird Family's twelfth-generation disciple! We had to trouble the sage to disturb your sleep, and it wasn't a deliberate act to offend you. However, you've been asleep for so long, and my family has been looking forward to welcoming your return!" Shen Yifeng was the first one to jump forward to worship the Vermilion Bird. Even though his small physique surprised him, but he had also witnessed the Vermilion Bird's daring attack on the sage just moments ago. Rather than angered by that attack, the sage had been quite polite about it. It was apparent that the two of them were acquainted. Shen Yifeng's mind was also blown by the brief display of the Vermilion Bird's strength.

That fire element was the purest that he had ever seen in his entire life!

No magical beast was comparable to the Vermilion Bird. He deserved to be the top-ranked mythical beast in the fire element.

The Vermilion Bird gave the Shen Yifeng, who knelt before him, a cold glance. An arrogant smile quirked on its ruddy lips.

"To welcome my return? Hehe, humans are still as hypocritical as ever. Are you the one who wants to sign a contract with me?"

The Vermilion Bird did not hold back with his words, and it caught everyone else by surprise.

Shen Yanxiao blinked. She inwardly laughed as she looked at the 'mythical beast' who had emerged so ostentatiously and also spoke so straightforwardly. It was evident that Shen Yifeng's flattery did not win the Vermilion Bird's favor. How could a mythical beast that had lived for several thousands of years not surmise the cunning plots that the humans had cooked up?

To welcome his return? Was it not just to sign a contract with him so that they would gain powerful strength?

Shen Yifeng was so stunned by the Vermilion Bird's words that he could not think of a response. He could only weep privately in his heart.

It was one thing for it to not appear in its original form, but the Vermilion Bird's human form even mocked his flattery in such a candid manner. That mythical beast had gone too far!

Shen Yifeng only managed to pick up his shattered confidence after a short while, and then he said, "It is my good fortune if I am lucky enough to obtain Lord Vermilion Bird's favor. Lord Vermilion Bird, please give me a chance!"

The Vermilion Bird's gaze swept across Shen Yifeng's eager face. His fiery brows knitted together, and he snorted and said, "Get lost, you're unworthy."

Unworthy… Un… worthy…

Those few words from the Vermilion Bird had instantly turned the confident Shen Yifeng into a statue. In a blink of an eye, it was as if the confidence and self-esteem of the Vermilion Bird Family's number one prodigy had turned into dust.

Shen Yifeng looked at the Vermilion Bird with a blank expression as he could not believe he would deny him so bluntly.

He was abandoned before he even had the chance to show off!

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