The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Misfortunes Come From the Mouth (3)

Shen Yifeng was secretly relieved when Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei failed to obtain to Vermilion Bird. However, he almost fainted from anger when Shen Yanxiao won the prize that they all had coveted. He could not believe that he had lost to that good-for-nothing idiot and disgrace in the Vermilion Bird Family.

Shen Jiayi was even more shocked with what had transpired. She stared at Shen Yanxiao with a stupefied expression as she could not believe what she had heard.

"Lord Vermilion Bird! But she's also a woman!" Shen Jiayi shouted with objection. She could not understand why the reason that the Vermilion Bird used to reject her was suddenly not applicable for Shen Yanxiao.

The Vermilion Bird frowned. How dare those inferior humans questioned him? He coldly snorted and then looked at Shen Yanxiao's washboard chest.

Shen Yanxiao then exploded.

'What the f*ck are you looking at? Even though I'm flat right now, it'll grow to become mountains someday!'

"Lord Vermilion Bird, please kindly reconsider! She's an idiot and incapable of training in magic and battle aura. She doesn't deserve you!" Shen Jiayi's words gave Shen Yifeng a glimmer of hope. Shen Yanxiao was utterly useless, and it did not make sense that the Vermilion Bird would favor her. He was unconvinced that the Vermilion Bird would choose an idiot for its master!

The Vermilion Bird was upset with the commotion. Whenever he chose his master, no humans would dare to chatter at the side. Those humans irritated him. Did they think that he was an idiot? Even though the human was ugly, she possessed both magic and battle aura. It was evident to him that she was a rare prodigy of the century that could train in both paths. How dare they lie to him and called her trash?

When the Vermilion Bird woke up, he had seen through each of the Vermilion Bird Family's candidates' strengths clearly. Even though Shen Yifeng was the most powerful, however, a genius who could train in both magic and battle aura could easily silence that pretty boy in minutes. Everyone thought that the Vermilion Bird chose Shen Yanxiao at random; they were unaware that he had discovered the most prominent candidate of them all.

Furthermore, where did the little girl look like an idiot? He saw flames of fire within her gaze, so evidently, she possessed wisdom. Otherwise, she would not have been so happy after she found out that she was selected.

A beautiful mistake took shape when a certain little bird mistook rage for joy.

The Vermilion Bird continued to ignore Shen Yifeng and the others' cries of indignation and they became nervous about his attitude.

Even if they disliked each other, it was nothing compared to the crushing defeat they would suffer at the hands of an idiot.

Shen Jiayi propped up her injured body and glared at Shen Yanxiao who still had not uttered a single word as she stood there. If expressions could kill, she probably would have hacked that idiot into tiny pieces.

How did that idiot chance upon all the good things in the world? Brother Siyu doted and pampered her, and her grandfather even allowed that disgrace to join the quest as a candidate. At that moment, Shen Jiayi had as much contempt as hatred for Shen Yanxiao!

She did not dare to be rude toward the Vermilion Bird, but she had no such reservations for the trash that she had bullied most of her life which did not dare to retaliate against her.

"Trash! You shouldn't even be here! You're the Vermilion Bird Family's disgrace, and you're not fit to obtain lord Vermilion Bird's favor! Father was right. You're simply a bastard child and not even uncle's child! How could a perfect man like uncle give birth to an inferior idiot like you!" Shen Jiayi screamed as she scolded Shen Yanxiao, and her heart was filled with rage and hatred.

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