The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Signing the Contract (2)


"Since you are the Vermilion Bird Family's guardian beast, it would not look right for you to take action against a member of their younger generation, especially since you have just awakened." The sage kept the smile on his face. He had personally led the group to the valley, and it would be rather difficult to explain things to Shen Feng had the Vermilion Bird killed Shen Jiayi.

He still had to consider the reputation of the Vermilion Bird Family even if he was not fond of Shen Jiayi and her irresponsible mouth.

It would not be good for the family if the news about how the Vermilion Bird killed a Vermilion Bird Family's disciple were to spread around the empire.

The Vermilion Bird sneered and with an air of arrogance, his childish voice said, "Why should I care about how it would look to the humans? This woman was extremely disrespectful toward the person that I had personally chosen, so there's no need for her to continue living." It was merely an insignificant human, and he could kill her instantly with one movement from his finger.

The sage smiled and said, "I know that you don't care about the human's opinions. In any case, this child is from the Vermilion Bird Family's bloodline, and I believe that even with your temperament, you won't be so ruthless with your previous master's descendants."

As expected, only those from the God Realm would be able to come up with such reasons. The Vermilion Bird snorted, but he knew that the sage had made it apparent that he would protect Shen Jiayi. Even though he was not afraid of the sage, he did not wish to offend the God Realm for the time being.

Even though they were irritating, they still held a powerful hidden strength.

"This child is young and ignorant, and you shouldn't take her seriously. You've been asleep for hundreds of years and had only managed to awaken with great difficulty. It wouldn't be appropriate to see blood right away. I will inform the current Vermilion Bird Family Head of this child's rude behavior, and he shall deal with this matter." The sage knew that he could not be too hard on a mythical beast like the Vermilion Bird and that he should try to appease him.

The Vermilion Bird went silent. It could be considered as giving face to the God Realm and not insist on taking Shen Jiayi's life. However, he decided to warn them instead so that they would not continue to bully his future master.

"If I were to hear anything untoward next time, I will not be as lenient as today. If they can't control their mouth, then I wouldn't mind making they and their mouths disappear from this world."

The Vermilion Bird's earlier actions had frightened everyone out of their minds. How would they dare to badmouth about Shen Yanxiao after that?

It was not as if they had had enough of life and wanted to seek death!

Shen Yifeng and the rest obediently covered their mouths to prevent any trouble that would further infuriate the egotistic mythical beast.

They were not fools, and they did not doubt the Vermilion Bird's words.

However, they were still unresigned!

It was quite impossible to look at the two that were on the ground. The confidence that they had were shattered by the idiot that they had despised the most. If their father were to know what had happened, he would be so angry that he'd choke on his blood.

Even so, no matter how unresigned they were, it would not influence the Vermilion Bird's decision.

The Vermilion Bird crossed his arms and looked at Shen Yanxiao, who revealed a 'passionate' expression on her face, as he pulled closer to her with an air of arrogance.

"Take your blood and press it in between my brows, and I will become your mythical beast for as long as you are alive." He hated the fact that he had to be contracted with humans, but he could not go back on his oath. Fortunately, a human did not live for very long. After a hundred years, at the very most, he could go back to his cave to sleep.

He would definitely find a more secluded place next time as he did not wish to be awakened by those bastards from the God Realm again.

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