The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Signing the Contract (3)

Shen Yanxiao looked at the arrogant little bird. How could she not have any reaction when Shen Jiayi insulted her? She was simply not an impatient idiot. She had the time and her own method to teach that mean child a lesson in the future, but she also did not expect that the Vermillion Bird would protect her.

Even though the stinky bird still looked at her with disdain, however, he was one that would protect his own, just like Shen Siyu.

Shen Yanxiao's dislike for the stinky bird had lessened after what she had witnessed just then.

The bird's temper might have been horrible, but he was not hopeless.

Everyone waited for Shen Yanxiao to sign the contract with the Vermilion Bird. At the same time, the Vermilion Bird Family members doubted that idiot understood what he had said.

They thought that Shen Yanxiao's mind was still only like a four-year-old child and that she would not understand complicated matters. God knows if she understood what the Vermilion Bird had said?

Shen Yifeng and the rest had only malicious thoughts. The Vermilion Bird would probably be dissatisfied with Shen Yanxiao's idiocy. She would not be able to sign the contract on her own, and that would likely infuriate the Vermilion Bird. Once that happened, perhaps they still had a chance to win him over to their side!

None of them wanted the idiotic Shen Yanxiao to climb over their heads, to obtain the Vermilion Bird bird, and eventually become the Family Head. Shen Feng might not even let the disgrace of the family to become the next Family Head, even with the presence of the Vermilion Bird.

If that idiot were to inherit the Vermilion Bird Family, then the three of them could just drown themselves in the river.

They could practically imagine the scenes where they became the butt of everyone's jokes in Longxuan Empire if Shen Yanxiao inherited the Family Head position. If they had an idiot as the Family Head to lead the family…

They did not dare to continue that train of thought!

The people from the God Realm quietly stood on one side after the Vermilion Bird woke up and collectively reduced their sense of presence. They had taken note of the Vermilion Bird Family's three young and talented disciples' failure. When they saw that the Vermilion Bird chose an idiot to become his master, they were shocked, but they were not dissatisfied like Shen Yifeng and the rest.

They thought that the rumored mythical beast's tastes were…

Unique, and very weird!

Just as everyone doubted Shen Yanxiao's capability to complete the contract with the Vermilion Bird, the little girl who everyone conveniently forgot that she was there, raised her hand to her lips and bit on her forefinger.

Bright red blood coagulated into a bead on Shen Yanxiao's fingertips.

Everyone's expression turned into dismay. That idiot actually understood the Vermilion Bird!

The three other disciples' jaws were opened so wide that an egg could be stuffed inside.

Under everyone's astonished gaze, Shen Yanxiao held a blank expression on her face as she stretched out her hand and pressed a blood mark between the Vermilion Bird's eyebrow.

Suddenly, scarlet rays of light surged from the ground, and the fog then shrouded the Vermilion Bird and Shen Yanxiao.

"With my name as the Vermilion Bird, I am willing to be contracted to her. From today on, I will follow you, in life or death."

The solemn voice slowly echoed in the hot cave as Shen Yifeng, and the other two children's mood fell to the bottom of the pit.

They had never expected the result of the Vermilion Bird's awakening to be that. The Shen Yanxiao that they had belittled and laughed at all their lives had unexpectedly obtained the Vermilion Bird!

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