The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Vermilion Bird Family (3)

Total silence enveloped the main house. Shen Feng, who was over sixty-years-old and had a pair of eyes that was similar to a torch, sat on the chair that faced the entrance in an imposing manner. His silvery hair did not reveal the slightest sign of old age, but instead, it exuded an incorporeal pressure.

The second-generation disciples of the Vermilion Bird Family sat rigidly at both sides of the house. Even though most of them were already over forty years of age and every single one of them was a giant among men, they did not dare to act rashly in front of Shen Feng.

Behind them were the third-generation disciples of the Vermilion Bird Family and all of them had an air of youthful arrogance on their energetic faces. All of them were well-known figures among the family members, and they had earned the rights to stand in the main house. As for the disciples with weaker strength, Shen Feng had moved them to another branch of the family to survive on their own. At that time, Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei stood behind a middle-aged man as they quietly looked up to stare at Shen Yanxiao when she walked through the entrance.

Everyone's gaze fell on the little girl who stood in front of Shen Feng in the enormous main house. They stared at her unappealing appearance, and most of them thought about how ugly she looked when compared to the other third-generation disciples of Vermilion Bird Family who had outstanding looks.

She seemed confused and ignorant, and it was as if her petite figure could not even withstand a single strike. It was hard to imagine that such an ordinary and weak girl was a part of the Vermilion Bird Family.

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Not long after Shen Yanxiao was born, the second-generation disciples of the Vermilion Bird Family felt nothing but contempt and scorn for the little girl because of how different she looked from her parents and the family's beauty standards.

Shen Yanxiao's father was Shen Yu, the youngest master of the Vermilion Bird Family. He was extremely handsome, with a jade-like carved appearance, and he exuded so much natural charm and elegance that ladies would simply topple over him. He also had outstanding achievements in magic and had an extreme fondness for literary pursuits. When he was alive, he was in a totally different league than the other disciples of the Vermilion Bird Family, which possessed a galaxy of talents and he was well-loved by Shen Feng too. As for Shen Yu's wife, she was Wen Ya, the number one beauty in the Longxuan Empire. No words could accurately describe her beauty, and before she was married to Shen Yu, many aristocrats scrambled for her attention. There were also those who would spend a fortune just to see one smile of hers.

Even if the daughter of such a golden couple did not have an appearance that amazed the world, it was quite impossible for her to be the common-looking ugly duckling that was in front of them that they could not locate if thrown in a sea of people..

There were many private discussions within the Vermilion Bird Family about Shen Yanxiao's background. However, since Shen Feng had never once expressed his attitude toward that matter, they could only whisper in secret.

After all, Shen Feng was the one who wielded power in the Vermilion Bird Family.

At that moment, Shen Feng was seated high above as his sharp gaze locked onto his granddaughter, who stood in front of him, and he wore no emotion on his expression at all.

His knife-like sharp gaze observed the granddaughter that he had not seen for a long time, and then he slightly frowned.

When they saw Shen Feng's furrowed brows, the rest of the Vermilion Bird Family disciples snickered discreetly.

It was evident that even though Shen Feng had acknowledged Shen Yanxiao's identity, he did not particularly like that 'stain' of the family.

Everyone quietly waited for Shen Feng to speak as the entire main house was enveloped in complete silence.

Shen Feng's gaze shifted from Shen Yanxiao and said, "Shen Yanxiao, you have trespassed the restricted area a few days ago and caused a huge problem for everyone else. Do you concede to your crimes?"

Shen Feng's voice was deep and heavy as he made a statement instead of a question for her.

Shen Yanxiao blinked her huge eyes and did not reveal the slightest emotion as she looked at 'her' grandfather.

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