The Good For Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1147

The cyan elf clearly noticed the sight of Shen Yanxiao. He slightly raised his head and said quite arrogantly, "What are you looking at?"

Shen Yanxiao only sneered at him.

And Shen Yanxiaos expression made the arrogant cyan elf very uncomfortable. The yellow elf named Bin Dong frowned and said, "Even if youre a cyan elf, youre not exactly the same. After a week, I will take you to the test. Dont waste your tribes resources unlike some trash here who only knows how to squander their tribes wealth and does not know how to make any progress."

As soon as the two cyan elves heard him, they immediately showed a hint of joy.

Bin Dong had already entered a yellow-level city and had a certain understanding of the advancement test. With his advice, the test would be much easier.

"Thank you!"

Bin Dong slightly nodded at them with a lofty appearance.

"Since you want to move forward, I will create an opportunity for you two. Youre much better than those who only eat and will remain trash until their death."


Shen Yanxiao chuckled and vaguely remembered that ever since her rebirth, there were always some idiots who didnt know how to value their lives and would a.s.sociate this word with her.

Shen Yanxiao showed a faint smiled. She tilted her head and lazily looked at the three male elves talking among themselves, "If you won't buy anything, don't block other people's store. What? Do the elves of the yellow-level cities not even know how to be polite?"

Bin Dongs face darkened as he took a look at Shen Yanxiao.

"You dont have any sense of shame nor honor!"

Shen Yanxiao flashed him a smile and responded, "Im actually quite puzzled. People set up their own stalls here to do business, and havent done anything to you at all. So why do you have to rush over here and start roaring so eagerly? Are you actually hungry, but short of money? If that is the case, you should have said it sooner. Today, I will treat you. Eat whatever you want, and dont worry about paying anything."

"Who are you saying is short of money!" In the elves society where the hierarchy was very strict, Bin Dong had never seen any cyan elf who would dare to be so arrogant in front of a yellow elf like him!

"You ask who? Just who am I talking to?" Shen Yanxiao replied with a rogue-like expression.

You like to act n.o.ble and aloof? Then Ill act like a rogue. If you have the ability, try to act more like a rogue than me.

Although the three male elves were arrogant, one nature of the elves was that they were not good at any arguments. After being ridiculed by Shen Yanxiao, the faces of the three of them were flushed red in anger but they couldnt say anything back. They could only resent Shen Yanxiao.

"Really, what kind of city has what kind of elf! Since you don't have enough strength, you can only use the skills of your mouth. Fine then! You can mix with the elves of the Moonshine Tribe as you wish! I would like to see what good things it will bring you for following the elves of a tribe that even the Elf King spurns!" Bin Dong said with a livid face. He then snorted, turned around and left.

He didn't want to see this rouge-like elf for another second.

As soon as the two cyan elves saw that Bin Dong had left, they immediately followed after him. But before leaving, they also viciously glared at Shen Yanxiao.

But some unscrupulous thief just looked at them with a smile, without feeling any discomfort.

After seeing the three stupid and incorrigible elves leaving, Shen Yanxiao suddenly felt a force pulling at her clothes.

She turned her head in doubt and saw the little elf holding her clothes with a worried look. Her watery eyes were full of worry and guilt.

"Elder sister, thank you. But if you provoke the other elves like this, it will bring trouble to yourself."

The elf was very grateful for Shen Yanxiao's help, but she was also very afraid that Bin Dong would find Shen Yanxiao trouble. After all, there was a level gap between the two elves, and she did not really want to see her benefactor having a hard time.

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