The Good For Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1370

Chapter 1370 – Hero Saving The Beauty (2)

“Yu Ying, you are something!” Shen Yanxiao gnashed her teeth and glared at Yu Ying. This time, she truly met with
unexpected failure. She never thought she would encounter such a very unreasonable elf.
“Are you not very good at fighting? Id like to see if you can escape from the three of them alive.” Yu Ying smugly
looked at Shen Yanxiao, her eyes filled with the thrill of revenge.
Shen Yanxiao immediately contacted Vermillion Bird through spiritual link but, coincidentally, Vermillion Bird had
gone to another other city today and continued to collect resources for Shen Yanxiao. Even if he received the news,
it was feared that he would not be able to come back in a short time.
“Im a scourge of the millennium and will not die so easily. I will surely repay this gift of yours today in the
future.” Shen Yanxiao made up her mind. No matter how, she would drag the time until Vermillion Bird came back.
Even if she were not the opponent of the three elves in front of her, she would never lose in a short period of time.
Stall for time!
It was the most important thing for Shen Yanxiao to do.

“Good. Ill see how long you can stay stubborn and refuse to admit your mistakes.” Yu Ying sneered. Facing the
three silver elves, she said, “Since this little girl is not afraid of death, you don’t have to be polite with her. Take out
your outstanding skills and properly greet her. Ill take responsibility for her death.”
Before every Lady Saint entered the Moonshine City, the Elf King would send three silver elf guards to protect their
safety. These three were the guards assigned to Yu Ying. It could be said that they would only listen to the Elf King;
still, after the Elf King sent them to Yu Ying, they should listen to her instructions unconditionally.
Just for example right now, even if they knew that the requirements of Yu Ying were excessive, they could not defy
her command at all.
The three elves attacked Shen Yanxiao almost immediately after Yu Ying gave her orders.
Before they came here, Yu Ying told them that they did not need to use bows to deal with Shen Yanxiao. She didn’t
want to kill Shen Yanxiao with just one arrow. She wanted to watch Shen Yanxiao’s painful moaning under their
fists and appreciate the enemys distorted, pain-filled face in order to vent the hatred in her heart.
Shui Miao could be said to have grown up with Yu Ying. Yu Ying was also very satisfied with this fianc of hers.
The higher the achievements of Shui Miao in the Silvermoon Guards, the more glorious Yu Ying would be.
She had now become a Lady Saint and would soon enter the Moonshine City. She was supposed to reunite with
Shui Miao just a few days later.
But all these wonderful plans had been disrupted by Shen Yanxiao. So how could she not hate her?
If Shui Miao was no longer a well-known figure in the Silvermoon Guards, but an ordinary elf stationed on the
Moonlight Coast with no future instead, it would be impossible for Yu Ying to insist on this marriage.

However, she was about to enter Moonshine City. In Moonshine City, she would spend most of her time guarding
the Tree of Life. There was no chance for her to find a better male to be her husband, so Yu Ying was not willing to
give up Shui Miao.
As long as Shen Yanxiao was killed, no one would dare to say anything about Shui Miaos failure.
Yu Yings pair of eyes flickered with a sinister, cold light.
This little elf named Yan Xiao could only blame herself for not having eyes. She must definitely die!
The three silver elves attacked too fast. Shen Yanxiao had no time to take out her bow from the storage ring, and
even if she managed to take it out, she did not have enough speed to escape the siege of the three elves.
Without the advantage of distance, archers could not exhibit their true strength. Right now, the bow not only could
not help her to win, it would even become her burden instead.
Shen Yanxiao cursed this vicious and shameless Yu Ying in her heart. She was the most despicable elf she had ever

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