The Good For Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1371

Chapter 1371 – Hero Saving The Beauty (3)

The three silver elves had quite good coordination. They attacked Shen Yanxiao from different directions at the
same time, directly sealing off Shen Yanxiaos retreat to her front, left and right.
Shen Yanxiao clenched her teeth and found that it was impossible for her to resist the siege of these three elves.
The four figures moved with a rapid speed that dazzled people.
The three elves clearly intended to carry out Yu Yings order, without the slightest idea of letting the opponent have
an easy time.
Just as Shen Yanxiao’s foot left the encirclement, the elves from her left and right sides immediately followed up
and trapped her again in a circle, after which blows from both directions directly struck toward Shen Yanxiao’s
Shen Yanxiao tapped her foot on the ground and her body jumped up. But in the process of dodging, she was unable
to care for the elf in front and was directly kicked out by a flying foot.
One petite figure flew backwards. Shen Yanxiao could not care about the sharp pain on her body and dexterously
flipped over in the air. The heels of her feet just landed on the ground, yet she did not dare to stay in place,
immediately reversing to her toes and evacuating to the left.

A fractional difference could let one lose their life in a battle between real experts.
Not to mention, Shen Yanxiao had to face three opponents whose strengths were above her own.
A trace of blood had already been oozing from the corner of her rosy lips due to the kick she had just received. She
had no time to wipe it away as one-thousandth of a second of slack would lead to her death.
Shen Yanxiao had no other choice but to blindly dodge. She could not go on the offensive. Because as long as she
was caught by one of the elves, then what was waiting for her was death, without a doubt.
A punch, a kick, a palm strike, series of crazy attacks came towards Shen Yanxiao. This was a danger that she had
never encountered before.
Formerly, no matter what kind of opponent Shen Yanxiao had met, she could use her mind to design plans that
would lead them into her trap.
However, this time, Yu Yings command of assault was really too sudden, and Shen Yanxiao was even facing three
tyrannical opponents.
What made her vomit blood even more was that Vermillion Bird was not by her side at this time!
For the first time, Shen Yanxiao turned into a sorry figure, but she did not dare to relax a little. Even if she knew that
she was powerless to fight back, she would also never allow herself to be killed without putting up a fight.

Yu Ying stood in the back while appreciating the picture of Shen Yanxiao being forced into a desperate situation
step by step. Shen Yanxiaos talent was indeed exceptional for her to be able to survive this long under the assault of
three silver elves. Her every action, every inch of her movements, had been calculated accurately. If there had been
even the slightest deviation, she feared that she would have died in an instant.
But what about that?
The corner of Yu Yings mouth curved up into a sneer. She admitted that Shen Yanxiao was quite outstanding, but
this outstanding little elf would have her wings broken today.
Shen Yanxiaos speed had almost reached the limit, but the wounds on her body were constantly accumulating. One
versus three, with all of her opponents even stronger than herself, even Shen Yanxiao was incapable of breaking
away from such a difficult situation.
Everywhere on her body was aching with pain, a few traces of blood had already appeared on her white and
flawless cheeks, and her white clothes had gradually become stained with blood. Yet, in spite of everything, Shen
Yanxiao’s speed had not decreased in the slightest bit.
However, in the end, Shen Yanxiao was a human being, not a god.
At the time of Shen Yanxiaos evacuation, one of the elves impressively flashed to her side and grabbed her arm.
Almost at the same time, another elf rushed to the other side and firmly restrained her other arm, halting her figure.
Shen Yanxiao gloomily shouted no good in her heart. A second later, the elf standing opposite her had gathered all
of his power on his fist and whistled it toward her face!
Once Shen Yanxiao was hit with this punch, if she did not end up dead, then she would surely become dizzy for a
long time

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