The Good For Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1446

Chapter 1446 – Ferocious Parents (1)

Wen Ya’s silence made the Elf King feel that the past could not be chased after. He sighed and turned to look at Shen
Yanxiao, then said

“If I were to tell you that I have not imprisoned Shen Yu, would you believe it?”
“What do you think?” Shen Yanxiao smiled coldly.
The Elf King smiled bitterly, “In fact, whether you believe it or not, your father is really not being imprisoned here.
After I arrested your mother and father on that day, I did intend to separate them from each other. But shortly after
your father was detained, a silver dragon came to Moonshine City and took your father away. As to where they
went, I have no idea.”
Shen Yanxiao slightly knitted her brows into a frown. She did not believe the words of the Elf King.
However, Wen Ya revealed a look of surprise after hearing the Elf King’s words.
“Mother? Do you know something about it?” Shen Yanxiao looked at the surprised Wen Ya and asked.
Wen Ya bit her lip and answered, “If I didn’t guess wrong, that silver dragon should be Long Shi.”
“Long Shi?” Shen Yanxiao’s expression was doubtful.
The Elf King had a look of a sudden realization.
“Did you just say Long Shi? The six-winged silver dragon? Why did it take Shen Yu away?”
Wen Ya pulled Shen Yanxiao’s hand. With a hint of relief at the bottom of her eyes and a trace of helplessness in her
voice, she said, “Your father Shen Yu, he was an outstanding man. Do you know why I noticed him among
thousands of humans? It’s because the first day I saw him, he was standing next to a dragon.”

Shen Yanxiao was unable to find any words to describe her shock.
Her mother was so fierce that she could fight against the commander of the Silvermoon Guards, and now, it turned
out that her father was also doing his part, hanging around with a dragon?
Shen Yanxiao instantly felt that bloodline or whatnot was really a huge influence to a person. And compared to her
parents’ achievements, her rearing of demons in a city was simply not astonishing enough!
“The six-winged silver dragons strength is almost the peak for the Dragon Race. Your father is a very interesting
person. Did you know? Your father had never signed a contract with any magical beast. On this point, even your
grandfather was helpless against him. Others don’t know, but Shen Yu actually has his own contractual beast.
However, it is not a magical beast, but a dragon.”
Okay! Her father could handle even the Dragon Race! Shen Yanxiao completely knelt down to her old man.
The dragons could be said to be the most powerful existence besides the God Race and the Devil Race. A dragon’s
scale was stronger than the hardest armor of human beings. Just casually grab one of them and their size would be
no smaller than Vermillion Bird.
The dragons were greedy. They liked to collect all kinds of treasures, and hoard the treasures that piled up like
mountains in their own lairs. A dragon’s lair was comparable to the state treasury of any human empire!
There had been many people who wanted to steal the wealth of the dragons. In the end, these dragon-slaying knights
did not succeed at all and one by one became pieces of white bones.
If the elves had a great prejudice against humans, then the dragons could be said to be disdainful of human beings!

The elves would still do some trading business with humans, but the dragons would not even bother to talk to
humans. From their point of view, the fragile human beings were no different from the ants on the ground.
Just how much ability did Shen Yu have in the end that he could actually sign a contract with a dragon?
And it was even the six-winged silver dragon that was second only to the eight-winged golden dragon among the
Dragon Race?
Shen Yanxiao was simply unable to believe. Her parents’ ferociousness was beyond the normal range of
measurement. She instantly felt that her little achievements were simply weak!!!

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