The Good For Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1447

Chapter 1447 – Ferocious Parents (2)

The combat prowess of any dragon was comparable to that of a high-level magical beast, and this was only
considering the lowest class of dragons.
As for the dragons who had wings and could soar in the sky, each one of them was comparable to a ferocious
Mythological Beast or above!
Among the dragons, the number of wings was the manifestation of strength.
Two-winged sky dragon, four-winged red dragon, six-winged silver dragon… eight-winged golden dragon!
The combat prowess of the six-winged silver dragons was comparable to that of the Holy Beasts. Even if Taotie
regained his peak combat power, he was not necessarily their opponent.
And the eight-winged golden dragon, the powerful dragon that only appeared in legends, was said to be simply as
tyrannical as the Legendary Beasts!
Shen Yanxiao had now thoroughly experienced the thunder-striking shock she usually brought to other people.
She truly felt that it was not a good idea to provoke her parents!
No wonder her mother dared to break into the Moonshine City single-handedly!
Too ferocious!

“Long Shi is the name of the six-winged silver dragon. Although it signed a contract with your father, he doesn’t
stay with your father every moment and is more often in the territory of the Dragon Race. When we were attacked
in the past, Long Shi was far on the island of the dragons. Afterwards, when I took your father to the Moon God
Continent, although I wanted to contact him, your father was in a coma and was simply not able to do so. After your
father woke up, he must have contacted Long Shi, then Long Shi should have taken him away. Wen Ya had a
feeling of crying and laughing at the same time. Her husband she had been thinking about in her heart all this time
had actually been rescued already at an earlier time. She really didnt know whether to laugh or cry.
Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes and asked, “Why did Long Shi not save mother?”
Wen Ya glanced at the Elf King. The Elf King smiled wryly and explained, “I detained your mother in my palace.
Even if the six-winged silver dragon had tried to find her, your mother’s aura have been completely hidden by me.
And although it is a six-winged silver dragon, it would not dare to act recklessly in my Moonshine City due to the
peace treaty between the Elves and Dragon Race. If ever he had gone too far in doing things, it would directly lead
to war between the two races.”
Since the end of the war between the gods and devils, the surviving races no longer had the alliance of the past, and
the disputes between them had continued. There was a clear division of territory between them and with peace
treaty as a restriction. Only in this way could the peace of today be maintained.
Without the support of the God Race, all races in the world had already become the opposite of each other.
If it were not for the restraint and repression of the leaders of several parties, the remaining races would have been
at war since the battle of gods and devils.
“You really aren’t lying to me?” Shen Yanxiao squinted her eyes at the Elf King and thought about the credibility of
his words.
The Elf King smiled and replied, “I think Little Ya would not stand on my side to deceive you. Until then, I didn’t
know that Shen Yu had a connection with a dragon.”

Wen Ya nodded her head. She could be sure that not many people knew the things about Shen Yu and the sixwinged silver dragon, let alone the Elf King.
“But, Third Uncle said that father’s injury must be cured with the seed of the Purple Night.” Shen Yanxiao slightly
frowned. She thought that her whole family would finally be reunited; who knew that such a change would occur.
“The Dragon Race has a lot of secret methods. I think Long Shi had dared to take your father away because there
must be a way to treat him. Even if he cannot be completely cured, at least it can prevent deterioration.” Wen Ya
also breathed a sigh of relief when she knew her husband was safe.

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