The Great Ruler Chapter 779

Chapter 779 - Two Powerful Experts

Liu Yan stood on the air as the huge corpse of a beast collapsed beside him. As blood flowed, the stench of blood spread out. However, his indifferent gaze had always been on Mu Chen, as if he was overlooking an ant.

Seeing Liu Yan, Mu Chen frowned his brows, since he never thought that he would encounter this fellow in his first stop. How could it be so coincidental?

Of course, its not a coincidence. Liu Yan seemed to have seen through the doubt in Mu Chens heart as he lightly smiled. When we fought back in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, I have left a special spiritual imprint on you, so I can always vaguely sense your position.

Mu Chen was stunned as his face turned dark. Purple flames were suddenly ignited on him. There was a trace of an extremely tiny peculiar undulation on his hair.


As the purple flames swept past, a stand of Mu Chens hair was reduced to dust and that peculiar undulation disappeared.

Mu Chen coldly looked at Liu Yan. He never thought that someone as cautious as him would have such a secret trick left on him without him noticing.

But it was fortunate that he could deal with this hidden danger. Otherwise, who knew what kinds of trouble it would cause them and it mightve been sensed by this fellow when Mu Chen and Cai Xiao go looking for the other Dragon-Phoenix Pools.

Looks like youre confident that you can take me down. Mu Chen looked at Liu Yan.

Rest assured, I will not belittle you. Therefore, in order to make sure that you will stay in this Dragon-Phoenix Haven forever, I even invited a helper. Liu Yan smiled as he gently clapped.


When his clap resounded out, another beam of Spiritual Energy soared up the White Bones Mountain. As the light dissipated, a figure was revealed. The figure had long red hair and a pair of scarlet snake-like pupils, filled with ferocity.

When this person appeared, a dense stench of blood instantly spread out in the atmosphere.

Mu Chen stared at that person and couldnt help narrowing his eyes. He could clearly sense fluctuations of danger from that fellow, hes definitely not a simple figure.

Sss Liu Yan, youre actually willing to ussse up a favour to have me here for a Third Grade Sssovereign? Youre actually ssso cowardly now? The red-haired man looked at Mu Chen with his python-like pupils as he let out a hissing laughter from his mouth.

Even a tiger gives it his best to hunt a rabbit. I like doing things to the point of not letting a single drop of water leak out. Liu Yan smiled at Mu Chen as he continued, Hes Chi Xue of the Serpent God Palace, ranking 9th in the Dragon-Phoenix Record I believe it can be your honour to have two people on the Dragon-Phoenix Record send you on your way.

Chi Xue of the Serpent God Palace?

Mu Chens heart lightly thumped as he looked at the red-haired man with his brows tightly frowned. Its no wonder why there was such a dense stench of blood. He was an infamous person that had once massacred a hundred cities.

The appearance of that fellow had clearly exceeded Mu Chens expectations. He clearly did not think that Liu Yan would invite a helper despite having such an advantage. The meticulousness of this fellow far exceeded his younger brother, Liu Ming.

What an honour. Mu Chen looked at the two people that had sandwiched him as a smile appeared on his face. Although he had an astonished expression, there wasnt any of the panic and fear that Liu Yan had imagined.

Looks like youre still unsure of your situation. Seeing no fear in Mu Chen, Liu Yans face became more indifferent. But before he finished his words, his pupils suddenly narrowed as he saw a slender figure appear on the Demonic Ape that Mu Chen brought without him knowing.

That girl had a bewitching beauty, with her hair fluttering in the wind. She quietly sat on the corpse of the Demonic Ape, supporting her chin with her hands. In her eyes, there was a trace of indolence while she looked at them.

Under that gaze of hers, Liu Yan and Chi Xues gazes slightly shivered. Since they had never noticed the arrival of that girl, they couldnt help being more alert.

Im sorry, but I have a helper, as well. Mu Chen gave Liu Yan a light smile at this moment.

Liu Yan was coldly looking at Mu Chen, before shifting his gaze at Cai Xiao. Back in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, he did not sense this girl to be that powerful. But when she previously appeared, he had felt a trace of danger in the depths of his heart.

That danger was not ignored by him. He was cautious enough to know that this was not his misperception. This was a form of reliance that he had relied upon to defeat his opponents for all these years, thinking about the worst possible outcome.

It was precisely why when he had enough strength to deal with Mu Chen, he still called such a heavyweight expert, since he wanted to get rid of any uncertain factors.

However, he never thought that despite his preparations, the situation still left his control.

This lady, we have grudges with him, so we hope that you can watch from the side. My Sky Profound Palace will remember this favour from you. Liu Yan inhaled a deep breath as he cupped his fists with a rather polite tone.

But, upon hearing his words, the corner of Cai Xiaos lips uncontrollably rose as she made a smile-yet-not-a-smile expression. Is the favour of the Sky Profound Palace big?

Liu Yans gaze sunk.

Cai Xiao no longer bothered with Liu Yan and shifted her head to look at Mu Chen, Whats your plan?

Can you obstruct that snake for me? Mu Chen pointed towards Chi Xues direction and lightly smiled. With his current strength, if Chi Xue and Liu Yan, two rankers of the Dragon-Phoenix Record, were to deal with him together, he might not have any chance of winning. Although he was confident, he wasnt arrogant.

After all, his current strength was just at Third Grade Sovereign right now, but Liu Yan and Chi Xue were genuine Fourth Grade Sovereigns!

Youre not considering to request me to deal with them both? Cai Xiao turned her head as she smiled.

There are some things I have to deal with myself. Although Im not against living off a woman, especially such a beautiful woman, smiled Mu Chen.

Quite some backbone you have there. Since thats the case, then leave the snake to me. Cai Xiao raised her thumb, with her tone containing a teasing element. But in her big and spiritual pupils, there was a smear of admiration that flashed past. She admired the trace of self-confidence that Mu Chen had in his tone. But that self-confidence wasnt without basis, it wasnt because of her existence but for himself.

A Third Grade Sovereign that wouldnt fear a Fourth Grade Sovereign opponent like Liu Yan and could still maintain such confidence. Such courage wasnt something possessed by everyone.


Hearing his words, Liu Yan sneered as a smear of a chill flashed in the depths of his eyes. Although he was fearful of the mysterious Cai Xiao, he did not feel that way towards Mu Chen. Originally, he was still feeling a headache, since he was thinking about how he should deal with the mysterious Cai Xiao. But who would have expected that Mu Chen, that fool, would actually come knocking on his door.

In another corner of the sky, Chi Xues scarlet serpent-like pupils were fixed on Cai Xiao. His main body was a Scarlet Blood Serpent and could be considered as a Divine Beasts bloodline. Therefore, his fighting strength would be more ferocious than those on the same rank as him, but right now, when he saw the petite Cai Xiao, there was a chill that seemed to have penetrated into his blood.

Chi Xues face changed as the ferocity deep in his bones surged. He gave Cai Xiao a sinister smile. His white teeth were extremely sinister as he let out a weird laughter. Thisss little bitch isss young, but your tone isss quite big, eh? Im afraid that your tender body cant ssstand my torture when I capture you later!

As Chi Xue spoke, his gaze was constantly looking at Cai Xiaos exquisite body. A lecherous light flashed in his eyes. His bloodline was lustful to begin with, so when seeing such a peerless beauty like Cai Xiao, if it wasnt for the fear for Cai Xiao being mysterious, he might have already pounced forth.

In response to his filthy speech, Cai Xiao only made a light smile, which made Chi Xues heart to itch as brutal flames surged in his eyes.

The bloodline in this trashy snake is somewhat useful. Although its inferior to a True Dragons Blood Essence, it might be pretty good for Xiao Cai for a change. Cai Xiao gave Mu Chen a smile. Shortly after, she gently tapped her feet and had already appeared directly before Chi Xue and pointed her slender finger out through the air.

As she pointed down, space fluctuated.

Under Cai Xiaos pointed finger, the skin on Chi Xues body suddenly tensed up. Shortly after, his figure burst in retreat, leaving behind afterimages.


However, no matter how fast he was, he was still inferior to Cai Xiao. Space fluctuated as afterimages shattered in an instant. Amongst those afterimages, a miserable figure had directly shot out. Chi Xues hand was holding onto his shoulder. There was a bloody hole in that spot. Fresh blood flowed out. All of his defences were ineffective.

Furthermore, no matter how he tried using his Spiritual Energy to stop the blood, it could not be stopped. In his wound, there was a mysterious energy that was corroding his Spiritual Energy.

How isss that posssible! Astonishment filled Chi Xues face. He couldnt imagine that he was already wounded after a single exchange by this unreasonably beauty.

As astonishment filled his eyes, Cai Xiao strode through the air not too far away and slowly approached. At this moment when facing her, the lust in Chi Xues eyes was entirely replaced with shock.

He couldnt understood, just now, what sort of terrifying expert he had encountered.

Just as Chi Xue was filled with shock, Mu Chens figure had already flown out and appeared before Liu Yan. Slowly pointing the Great Meru Demonic Pillar in his hands towards the latter, a smear of smile surfaced on his handsome face.

Young Palace Master, its your turn now.

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