The Great Ruler Chapter 780

Chapter 780 - Fighting Liu Yan

In the sky above the White Bones Mountain, Liu Yan stood with his hands behind as his back. He gaze flickering with a cold light. A brief moment later, he lightly sighed as his gaze gradually turned indifferent.

What a foolish fellow

He murmured to himself. An eerie arc rose on the corner of his lips as he looked at Mu Chen. However, I will not give you the chance to regret your decision.

Therefore, I will let you bring your regrets to hell.

Liu Yan coldly smiled as he took a step forward. That instant, when he took his step forward, a vast ocean of Spiritual Energy instantly burst out from every direction. Scarlet Spiritual Energy practically covered the horizon. Looking from afar, it was as if the sky was burning.

Liu Yans strength had already surpassed ordinary Fourth Grade Sovereigns and could basically be considered to have stepped into the pinnacle of a Fourth Grade Sovereign. Compared to Qin Bei back in the Hundred Battles Domain, he was much more powerful.

Under the pressure of this strength, if it was an ordinary Third Grade Sovereign, they would basically be no different than an ant without the ability to fight back. This was Liu Yans self-confidence.

Mu Chen looked at the flaming-red vast Spiritual Energy and narrowed his gaze. Vaguely, his gaze was a little grave, since he had never underestimated this opponent named Liu Yan.

A few months before, Mu Chen knew that if he fought with Liu Yan at that time, the chances of success would most likely be extremely tiny. Therefore, he endured Liu Yans provocations at that time.

But right now, there was no need for him to endure anymore. Those three months allowed him to make a breakthrough. Although there was still some distance between a Third Grade Sovereign and Liu Yan, it was no longer that hard to cross over for Mu Chen.

The Great Meru Demonic Pillar floated on the right side of Mu Chen as an ominous aura swept out. Mu Chen stared at Liu Yan, who had torrential Spiritual Energy behind him, and made an embracing gesture. Along with a patch of shadow, the Great Meru Demonic Pillar ruthlessly slammed towards Liu Yan.

Liu Yan coldly looked at the Great Meru Demonic Pillar that was crushing over and clenched his hand. A scarlet long spear appeared in his hand with flames flowing on that long spear.


The scarlet long spear was thrust out. The extremely sharp speartip stopped the entire Great Meru Demonic Pillar and the body of the long spear had only bent a little bit.

The instant he attacked, Liu Yan had displayed his stunning strength as the fourth ranker of the Dragon-Phoenix Record.


The scarlet long spear trembled as a surge of terrifying Spiritual Energy burst out, which forced the Great Meru Demonic Pillar back. Shortly after, Liu Yan thrust his spear out without any expression on his face.


Along with Liu Yan thrusting his spear out, a beam of magma burst out as a violent and blazing Spiritual Energy caused the temperature in this region to rise.

Magma streaked across the horizon as it pounced towards Mu Chen like a fire dragon.

Rolls of heat waves swept out as powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations appeared to be tearing the horizon apart. Mu Chen held a grave expression on his face as space distorted around him. His Sovereign Sea faintly appeared as he poured Spiritual Energy into the demonic pillar, before brandishing it down.

The demonic pillar and current of magma clashed in the sky. Instantly, magma splattered in every direction like a rain of fire as space distorted at the point of collision.

Magma burst as Mu Chens figure retreated with the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. The top of the pillar had turned red, with the high temperature attempting to melt it. In the end, it was still dissolved by the ominous aura of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar.

Mu Chen felt a numb sensation in his hand and his brows were lightly knitted together. Liu Yan was indeed worthy of being the fourth ranker on the Dragon-Phoenix Record. After fighting, Mu Chen came to an understanding of how powerful Liu Yan was. When they fought head-on, the latter clearly had an advantage.

If this is the best you have, then I am truly a little disappointed.

Liu Yan sneered as he stood on the air. He formed seals with his hands as the scarlet ocean of Spiritual Energy swept out, forming into a huge palm of fire that was pressing towards Mu Chen.

Demonic Burning Palm!

The palm of fire descended from the horizon with black runes filling the palm, vaguely emitting an extremely overbearing destructive power.

Although Liu Yan was mocking with his mouth, his attack was extremely ruthless without giving Mu Chen time to catch his breath. Clearly, Liu Yan was intending to kill him with the fastest speed.

Mu Chen looked at Liu Yan, whose strength was getting sharper, and deeply inhaled a mouthful of air. His pupils swiftly turned hollow-black and his hair rapidly grew as well. In just a few breaths time, his long hair was fluttering. In this state, Mu Chen looked more mature and unconstrained. That gaze of his that didnt have a single ripple within made others not daring to belittle him.

Clearly, he had entered into the Demon Heart State.

Under this state, Mu Chen had perfect control over his Spiritual Energy, which far exceeded his usual state.

Mu Chen tapped his feet and appeared on top of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. Two surges of Spiritual Energy with completely different attributes surged as Mu Chen formed seals with his hands at lightning speed.


A dragons roar and elephants horn rang out in an instant as two beams of light flew out of the Sovereign Sea behind him. As the two intertwined, they turned into a dragon-elephant halo that heavily clashed with the descending Demonic Burning Palm.


Sparks exploded in the sky, which looked like a grand scene of fireworks that was dazzling and dangerous.

As smoke rose, a figure suddenly burst out, which appeared before Liu Yan in a flash. His black hair fluttered in the wind as the other palm, which had incorporeal lightning was aimed at the latter.


Lightning flashed as Liu Yans body abruptly jolted. A whistling thunderous roar resounded in his heart. As the thunderous roar rumbled, it made the Spiritual Energy in his body undulate.

This is Nether Demon Heart Lightning?! Liu Yans gaze changed. He was indeed worthy of being the Young Palace Master of the Sky Profound Palace, since he was knowledgeable; he had instantly recognized Mu Chens attacks.


Mu Chens face was calm without any ripples. At the same time, when his right palm was aimed at Liu Yan with surging Nether Demon Heart Lightning, purple flames were blazing on his left palm and was aimed at Liu Yans chest like a bolt of lightning.

This was practically a perfect attack as it forced Liu Yan to miserably retreat. The Spiritual Energy in his body was shaken by the Nether Demon Heart Lightning, and Mu Chen had also grasped the opportunity to launch his attacks.

Liu Yan crossed his arms before him with Spiritual Energy defending his body, withstanding the purple flames of Spiritual Energy. But the price he had to pay was his sleeves turning to dust. It was so much so that even his arms had turned black. Although he did not suffer heavy injuries, he had a pitiful appearance right now.

Liu Yan retreated a few hundred feet back, suppressing the thunderous roar in his body. But when he looked at his arms that were charred black, his face couldnt help turning ashen.

When Mu Chen and Liu Yan exchanged moves, there were continuous figures of light from outside the White Bones Mountain, those were the other experts that managed to break through the defence of the white apes.

When they arrived at this location, their faces immediately changed upon seeing Mu Chen and Liu Yan fighting with fear in their eyes, since they did not dare to rashly approach them.

After all, Liu Yans status as the 4th-ranker on the Dragon-Phoenix Record made them feel a little oppressed.

However, they were also smart, since they had decided to watch from the side. Initially, they thought that the battle wouldnt last too long. After all, Mu Chen and Liu Yan werent on the same level.

However, those thoughts had only lasted for a brief moment before they saw Liu Yan in such a pitiful state. At this moment, those experts couldnt help narrowing their eyes with a little shock in their hearts. They no longer dared to belittle Mu Chen.

Liu Yans face was ashen as he looked at Mu Chen. However, the latter, who had entered into the Demon Heart State, wasnt bothered by his eerie gaze. His figure moved as he charged out, raising the right palm that was flickering with incorporeal lightning once again.

At the sight of this, Liu Yan was startled in his heart and he quickly focused his attention in preparation to suppress that strange Nether Demon Heart Lightning.


But just when he was prepared to deal with the thunderous roar in his body, Mu Chen swiftly formed seals with his hands and four beams of light burst out from the Sovereign Sea at his rear, forming into two dragons and elephants.

Nine Dragons and Elephants Art!

There seemed to be an indifferent voice lightly resounding from Mu Chens mouth as his seals changed. The two dragons and elephants turned into a huge dragon-elephant light halo.


The dragon-elephant light halo had appeared above Liu Yan in a flash, before ruthlessly sending it down.

Veins twitched on Liu Yans head, since he did not expect Mu Chen to play such a trick. His figure immediately moved as he burst in retreat.

However, as he retreated, Mu Chen raised his hand once again.


Just as Liu Yan had expected, a thunderous roar rang out within his heart again. The sharp whistling thunderous roar instantly caused his figure to freeze. Although that frozen moment was extremely short, it was extremely fatal in this confrontation.

Under many shocked gazes around the White Bones Mountain, the dragon-elephant light halo swept down with sharp fluctuations. If anyone was hit by such an attack, even someone as powerful as Liu Yan would be hurt.


A violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation exploded in the sky as scarlet Spiritual Energy rolled in ripples like flames, which attracted everyones attention.

Mu Chens hollow gaze was directed at the spot of the explosion. A brief moment later, his eyelashes gently moved.

Boundless scarlet Spiritual Energy gradually dissipated and every single expert had their eyes narrowed at the scene.

As the scarlet Spiritual Energy dissipated, a massive figure appeared out of nowhere. It had a red body with different coloured flames blazing on its body. Looking from afar, it looked as if a fire deity had descended.

The temperature in this region instantly rose, even the atmosphere seemed to be burning.

Mu Chens hollow gaze looked at the figure that was blazing with different flames as he murmured, Myriad Flames Celestial Body

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