The Great Thief Chapter 802

Chapter 802: Making a Fuss
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As for why it appeared six times instead of four, that was unknown. After all, the Vile Priestess Hex would not unleash such a powerful skill from the beginning, and the skill would not affect a player that had already died anyway.

This had to be because of the staff in her hands.

After the Boss had unleashed two major skills on Ruling Sword, they had managed to lower her HP to 50%. Suddenly, Hex decided to swing her staff around.

Being a Priestess, she had many skills and abilities that were conjured through the staff.

The most common skill of all was Hex, so this motion left everyone wondering who the next target was. However, what shocked them was that this skill had not been casted on her enemies, but on herself.

Full health!

"Why did the Boss regenerate back to full HP?" a player yelled in surprise.

"How can this be possible? What a joke!"

When they witnessed the full recovery of Vile Priestess Hex, they couldn't believe their eyes. She really had recovered back to 100% HP, rendering all their efforts futile.

If this was the case, what would happen with the Priestess' minions?

"It's definitely a Bug! It has to be!" The team members weren't afraid of any challenges, but if there was problem with the System itself, then there really wasn't anything that they could do.

Besides the elite squads who were waiting for the commander's instructions, the regular members had already lost their positions and structure.

The monsters that had emerged from Jintha'Alor had already broke through their formation.

Lu Li slowly raised his voice and shouted, "What are you all doing? The job has not been completed; did I say to give up?"

The ones who had first lost their composure were now deeply ashamed.

"This is clearly one of the Bugs in the System! So many people have already died! Even if you are the commander, surely you can't play with our levels and experience like this."

Obviously, there were some people who weren't satisfied with the way that Lu Li was leading Ruling Sword. This was obviously a Bug, so why couldn't they retreat and abandon the Boss fight?

There were well over 10,000 people in Ruling Sword, and this number was increasing every day. The overall quality of the members in the guild was not elite, and there would be plenty of people volunteering to die.

Since Square Root was the leader of Ruling Sword, he would step up and explain things when Lu Li wasn't planning to.

"There are quite a few of you who are joining a raid for the first time. In situations like this, there are only two deciding bodies if this is a Bug or not the company themselves, or the commander. So far, the commander has not said to retreat and abandon the Boss, even if it may be a Bug."

In the heat of the moment, the guild was in a state of uproar and commotion.

Although the absolute power and influence of Lu Li was recognised by everyone, this was the first time that it had been directly announced by Square Root.

"I know that there are experts here, either publicly acknowledged or self-acknowledged. Even so, once you decide to join a Ruling Sword raids, you must submit to the commander's instructions. The same situation would occur, even if the commander was not me," Lu Li added, after waiting for Square Root to finish speaking.

"Our guild has always welcomed solo players, and we do not force them to participate in our raids. However, if they do decide to participate, then they must follow the arrangements made in place," Square Root continued. This was an excellent opportunity to reinforce their rules and regulations into the newer members.

Their words and tone caused the guild to fall silent. Even Azure Sea Breeze, who was a veteran, didn't dare to speak. However, they also were frustrated, as the disruption from before had nearly resulted in a complete massacre.

Truthfully, the ones who didn't heed Lu Li's instructions were mainly newcomers who had thought of themselves more capable than they were.

Lu Li's words struck a chord within them. They had a choice to leave, or to fight. What was the point of causing a massacre in a coordinated raid? The levels of these newcomers weren't that high either, with the highest among them being level 42.

After this wake-up call, the Ruling Sword teams instantly became more organised. The number of mistakes that were made were also greatly reduced this time around.

Other guilds had also implemented the idea of the commander being the sole authority in a raid. However, a major downfall of this system was that the players had to blindly follow the commander at all times.

Dawn's Bosses usually didn't allow for a wide margin of error, and one small mistake could lead to a complete massacre. As such, the phrase "Please don't DPS too much, and just listen to instructions," was one of the most used phrases in the guilds of Dawn.

The second time fighting the Vile Priestess Hex was much more coordinated and smooth until the 50% HP mark. However, when she reached this point, she did not regenerate back to full HP.

This could explain why the Infernals appeared six times in total.

It was only after the second time that they had fought the Boss until 50% that they truly entered phase two.

After entering this stage of the raid, Hex began using new skills like Shadow Blast, which inflicted a large amount of damage.

Even if Azure Sea Breeze tried to tank it, he would be instantly killed.

Obviously, the game designers would have designed a method to counter this skill. Players would quickly realise that this damage could be shared throughout the team.

The players who were with the Main Tank could tank 20%, while the Main Tank would be able to absorb the rest.

The overall aggro was used to determine how the damage was shared throughout the party. The player with the highest aggro would be targeted with the largest proportion.

Obviously, even if there wasn't a Tank beside the Main Tank, Hex would not ignore that player. They would still receive 20% of the damage.

Even Lu Li would not be able to tank that amount.

The Tanks that were beside the Main Tan were now in a difficult situation, as they were nearing 0% HP. Fortunately, Lu Li had called for another group to take the aggro, otherwise, they would definitely have died.

Standing with the Main Tanks during a Boss raid in Dawn was one of the most dangerous roles.

Unless it was absolutely necessary, Lu Li would never stand with the Main Tanks.
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