The Great Thief Chapter 864

Not An Elementary Student had been running for a while and stopped to breathe. When she looked back, she discovered that Lu Li had not kept up with her.
"Did he get killed?" she thought to herself worriedly.
Perhaps Lu Li didn't escape to save her, and fought until his dying breath. He was surrounded by a group of people and fought until his last drop of blood
She was touched by the image formed by her own brain and resolutely said to herself, "No, I need to go back for him. Even if I die, at least we will die together."
The little girl then turned around and ran towards the woods, but before she reached the line of trees, she saw Lu Li limping out.
Not An Elementary Student was stunned for a moment, before being overjoyed and rushing over to Lu Li.
"Big bro, you haven't died!"
Lu Li's arms and legs were injured and had been hit again just then. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that he was close to death. Now that Not An Elementary Student was all over him, he was about to collapse.
"Yeah" Lu Li sighed as he took a deep breath, and tried his best not to collapse.
"What happened big bro? Do you have something to say?" Not An Elementary Student asked. She looked ignorant, she couldn't understand why Lu Li wasn't saying anything to her.
"Get off me," Lu Li said. He really wanted to beat this girl.
"Does it hurt? Where does it hurt?"
Not An Elementary Student got off Lu Li and helped him quickly helped him check his body. Lu Li was like a tiger being harassed by a dog, and helplessly watched as she felt him down.
Eventually, Lu Li survived the loli's examination and found a horse for them to leave on.
The strong smell of blood was bound to attract carnivores and other hunters for an easy kill. Lu Li was seriously injured and Not An Elementary Student couldn't fight, so they wouldn't be able to defend themselves.
There wasn't an area of shrubbery that was large enough for them to hide in.
The thirteen that Lu Li had killed were not good players, but they had killed plenty of other competitors as a group. With the points gained by killing them and selling their horses, Lu Li's total was now over a thousand.
He couldn't remember how many points the first-placed player had, but he definitely had a good chance now.
"Big bro, the competition is almost over," Not An Elementary Student said as she lay down next to Lu Li and stared at the blue sky.
"Yes, it's almost over," Lu Li said. He had lost a lot of blood, and the game simulated the symptoms quite accurately.
"I still don't know your name; you haven't told me yet. Please tell me? Please? Please?" Not An Elementary Student begged as she rolled over onto Lu Li again.
"Hey, can't you just let me rest in peace," Lu Li said in annoyance.
"Oh I treat you like a friend, but youyou"
Not An Elementary Student blinked and started crying.
"I'm not a lolicon; don't waste your energy."
This was a tried and true trick that worked on everyone man, woman, young and old but it was completely useless on Lu Li.
"Oh, I know who you are," Not An Elementary Student said before whispering into his ear, "You must be Lu Li, right? You must be!"
Lu Li was shocked. Was it because this girl knew that he wasn't a lolicon?
She was just clamoring about his name and wanting to know who he was, and now she had guessed correctly. If the positions were swapped, Lu Li probably wouldn't be able to figure it out.
"What do you mean you're not a lolicon? Remnant Dream is the biggest loli out there. If you weren't a lolicon, then that would be weird. One look and I knew you were a Thief, and you also played very well. You even managed to kill a large group of players. Even though I didn't fully understand your technique or seen you before, I knew it was you," Not An Elementary Student explained proudly.
"So you're not a complete idiot." Lu Li didn't deny it.
He didn't have to keep his identity a secret, but he didn't want to share it either.
"Can I find you later?" she asked? Perhaps it was because of Lu Li's protection, but Not An Elementary Student had developed a bit of a reliance on him.
Unfortunately, Lu Li was never the kind to get attached so quickly and plainly said, "I'm busy, and I won't have time to play with you."
Not An Elementary Student was shocked by this sentence.
The duration of the Bear Hunting competition soon reached its end. All the players were transported out and their injuries were healed. When their equipment and skills were also returned, Lu Li felt a resurgence in strength.
Following their agreement, Lu Li added Not An Elementary Student was a friend.
This was Not An Elementary Student's request, because she knew that Lu Li had disabled the ability for people to add him, so he had to be the one adding others. However, after Lu Li added her, he would just leave it to one side and stop thinking about it.
The top three prizes for the Bear Hunting Competition were pieces of equipment, while the rest could only exchange their points for other items.
Lu Li didn't make it into the top three, but he didn't change his 1000 points for EXP, as no one could surpass his level for now. Instead, he exchanged them for some Bear Bile.
Bear Bile could be used to craft more advanced potions.
"Sesame" Lu Li began as he opened up a chat room.
"Everyone is waiting for you in the Plaguelands. Your potions are ready, and the quest is ready as well. When you get here we can share it with you," Sesame Rice Ball said. He was the highest level Alchemist in the guild and was also the Mercenary Group's logistics manager.
"Let's move out!" Lu Li summoned his horse and made his way to Light's Hope Chapel.
This mount could only be dropped by the Halloween Paladin Boss. It was very rare, and actually needed to be summoned in a chapel. The players around him watched in shock as it appeared.
Even the Paladin NPCs nearby raised their weapons and performed a salute as Lu Li rode past them.
Lu Li ignored these NPCs. This was happening because he had completed old Fordring's quest and received his blessings, but he wasn't going to use this to boss others around.
The last time he entered this Instance Dungeon to do a quest, he had taken the backdoor. This time, he needed to go through the front door.
At this point, Stratholme already had many players. The entrance to the Instance Dungeon couldn't be considered busy yet, but it wasn't easy to find his teammates.
The main city could transport players directly to the Instance Dungeon, but entering from the Plagueland's Hope Chapel would grant them a 10% bonus to Undead creatures.
There was no time limit for this bonus, and it would remain with them for as long as they stayed in the region. As such, most players who were attempting this Instance Dungeon would enter this way.
After Lu Li joined the others, he said, "After I set it up, we'll go in together. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled."
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