The Great Worm Lich Book 2 Chapter 449

The Great Worm Lich Volume 2 Chapter 449 Extraordinary Power

The raindrops wrapped in the typhoon's wind dropped onto the surface of the sea and set off layers of ripples. The blinding thunder in the black sky, accompanied the roaring sounds resounding across the heavens, appeared in the dark clouds like silver snakes.

After that, in just a few seconds, the heavy rain poured down in with thunder and lightning, as strong wind set off raging waves that swept across the sea surface. The ruthlessness and coldness of Shrimp World No. 2's mother nature was gradually demonstrated at this instant.

The black iron that made up the steam ship had an amazing sound insulation effect but right now, Zhang Lisheng could clearly hear the sound of the storm in the sky. Sensing the abrupt and violent bumps from the floor under his feet, he finally realized that his intention of pulling the ship in the shore before the thunderstorm arrived was indeed a bad idea.

"Bansaru" The young man opened his mouth, wanting to command the young flagship captain to order the fleet to throw down the anchor in a hurry but all of a sudden, he heard Bansaru, who had been staring out of the window with utmost concentration while having both of his hands cleverly control the rudder in the direction of the waves, shout in pleasant surprise, not before several bolts of lightning lit up at the same time. "I found it! I found it"

When Zhang Lisheng heard the young captain's shout, he looked at the shore right away. Very soon, amidst the black rain fountain, a broad and flat beach separated by reefs in front entered his sight.

"Bansaru, I really don't understand how you navigators can have such good eyesight" While the young man muttered under his breath in disbelief, the flagship led the fleet to withstand the typhoon and raging waves slowly but swaying violently as it sailed close to the beach. With a series of twists and turns, the iron anchor was finally thrown.

After the anchor was thrown, the flagship was no longer as bumpy as before. Bansaru, on the verge of collapsing, placed both of his hands on the metal table beside the rudder and panted heavily for a while. After he had finally summoned enough strength, he turned to kneel down at Zhang Lisheng's feet and proceeded to give his late explanation, "Great Conqueror, when we're sailing in the Hellfire sea region, most experienced captains would make their judgements by their minds instead of their eyes"

"This is not important. Tell me, Bansaru, is the fleet safe now?" Zhang Lisheng asked.

"Great Conqueror, there'll never be a moment that could be called 'safe' when we encounter a storm while sailing in the Hellfire sea region," Bansaru smiled wryly as he answered. "But right now, the possibility of the fleet encountering another danger should not be too big."

"Is that so? No wonder there never was a true ruler in the Hellfire sea region before in the past 10,000 years. I really can't imagine what the result would be if we were sailing on wooden sh.i.p.s when we encounter such storms and were unable to evade" Zhang Lisheng opened his mouth and muttered to himself.

After that, he looked down at the young captain and asked curiously, "Bansaru, you said just now that an experienced captain will use his mind when sailing in the Hellfire sea region but you don't have much experience in sailing. Has Navigator Charlot taught you some knacks or something?"

"Great Conqueror, there's no knack in navigation," the young captain, who had already managed to catch his breath, replied respectfully. "The reason I can predict the coastal terrain is because after I've become a fisherman, I would always pay attention to the movement of the sea and the sky every time when I sailed these past two years. When I made my return voyage, I would always carefully observe how the terrain of the coastline changes. After I became the captain of the fishing boat, I've deliberately sailed along the coast to pursue schools of fish and as time passed, I gradually remember each terrain change of the coast along Wizard Li Island. In this expedition under your command, when you led the tribal warriors to conquer Moon Island, I've brought some men with me as we rode on the giant millispiders to circle the beach of Moon Island and found something very magical. That is, the terrain of Moon Island is basically identical to the terrain of Wizard Li Island"

"There's nothing magical about this. They're all islands formed by crustal extrusions so of course the geographical characteristics would be very similar," Zhang Lisheng interrupted Bansaru's words and sighed with emotion. "Looks like the reason you can become a qualified navigator in such a short time is not because of your talent, but mostly because of your diligence and hard work. Bansaru, what you told me just now are all the knacks for navigation. Write them down, oh my outstanding captain and devout believer. I want to tell your story to every fisherman in thr Wizard Li tribe."

"Yes, Great Conqueror!" When the young captain suddenly obtained this opportunity to have his name carved in history, he froze right away. Overwhelmed with emotion, he immediately said with his teeth chattering, "I-I'll forever remember the glory of your gift!"

"This is what you deserve. You have fulfilled the responsibility of being a fleet navigator perfectly. Now, it's my turn" Looking at the rain, that was getting heavier through the lookout window, a strange smile could be seen on Zhang Lisheng's lips as he turned and strode out of the cabin under the worship of the sailors in the steering cabin.

The storm had erupted to a stage where nobody could stand on the outer deck anymore. When the young man had just shut the steering cabin's iron door with his might, he was already blown off the ground by the hurricane.

Swept up by the violent storm, his body was torn and swung towards the sky by the horrifying natural force.

In the thundering sound that sliced across the sky, Zhang Lisheng, who was thrown around by the wind, suddenly transformed his body using the wyrmdragon's transformation power to become a ferocious ten-meter tall giant, who was covered in green scales and had a pair of bird claw-like hands, bulging eyes, wide nose and large mouth.

"Dominate the water as it wields, soaring the sky as it reigns" In an instant, the violent thunderstorm, that brought about unbearable pain and torment, suddenly became gentle. The tyrannical tearing turned into a soft caress. Zhang Lisheng gathered clouds at his feet and roared the omniscient power, that he obtained after he transformed the wyrmdragon, out loud in Chinese, before dispersing the rolling dark clouds enveloping the entire Wizard Li fleet away by his own force.

When such a mighty force was seen by the Wizard Li sailors who were looking up at the rain through the lookout window, they could not help but be seized by bafflement and quickly kneeled down.

Even so, despite mastering ancient witchcraft and having transformed an ancient strange insect, Zhang Lisheng was nothing more but a Rank-9 Wizard. Wanting to fight against the tyrannical nature was still something beyond his ability. Very soon, he began to struggle but at this moment, the skin under his sole suddenly split open. A small red worm with eight snake heads suddenly crawled out and fell into the ocean together with the scarce rain.

When the small red snake was falling, it continued to expand and crashed on the soft beach,forming a large pit at the same time. When its soft body bounced it upward, it had already turned into a 20-meter-long eight-headed snake monster. After it landed, it wiggled in the sand pit and raised its eight heads up, continuing to extend and grow in the howling typhoon and finally become the size of a mountain.

After expanding its body to its limit, the thick red skin of the giant snake slowly became hot. When the rain dropped on its skin, they were transformed into mist and rose into the air. In the midst of the white fog that was slowly acc.u.mulating, the gravel beneath the wizard gu slowly melted into magma. As though it could no longer support its massive body weight, it slowly sank into the lava.

By the time the wizard gu had been entirely immersed in the sea of fire and the topography of the beach began to change slowly, the reef that extended into the sea melted rapidly, like a candle's wax that had come across a fire. After the seawater began to boil, it integrated with the sea sand into one whole entity.

Just like that, by commanding the 600 to 700 meter long Red Mountain to continue crawling underground to create a magma lake, Zhang Lisheng, who was riding the clouds, slowly changed the beach terrain into a good harbor bit by bit.

Commanding the wizard gu to use the 'Seismic Mountain Drill' omniscient power for the first time and achieving an excellent result that was almost on par with his expectations, despite feeling completely exhausted by the time the harbor was formed, he still could not help but burst out laughing in great delight.

Amidst his laughter, he suddenly hovered in the air and set off a thunderous lightning in the distance, before shouting out loud, "Wizard Li fleet, pull in the shore and dock immediately"

He summoned the last ounce of his strength and once again split the clouds in the sky open, protecting its expeditionary fleet to anchor and enter the harbor safely. Only then did he land back on the deck of the flagship and return to his normal state, before returning to his own cabin in a crawling pace.

The warm firelight in the cabin gave a sudden tremble to the young man's wilting spirit. With a wry smile, he walked to the wooden cabinets filled with marinated dried beast meat beside the bed covered with animal skin and muttered to himself, "Ah, I've acted unbridled once again"

He opened the cabinet and took out an iron rod to place the fist-sized meat into skewers before burning them over the iron cauldron. After a rich delicious fragrance exuded out of it, he began to chow down in a hurry.

When the extremely nutritious beast meat entered his stomach, Zhang Lisheng's depleted blood essence was immediately nourished. After eating more than half of the meat in the cabinet, he no longer felt dizzy and breathed a long sigh of relief. Sitting on the couch, he closed his eyes and began to cultivate the secret method.

Cultivation rendered him oblivious. Time passed by quickly and soon, three days had passed unknowingly. By the time the storm had finally eased a little, Bansaru once again went up to the tribal Conqueror's cabin door and shouted himself hoarse in the howling wind, "Great Conqueror, your humble believer Bansaru is here to see you."

Upon hearing the shouts from the flagship's captain, Zhang Lisheng opened his eyes and reached out his right hand to open the door using the invisible force he obtained from the Eye Beast King as he asked, "What's wrong, Bansaru?"

"Great Conqueror, I'm here to seek your forgiveness. The duration of this storm far exceeds my imagination. If it wasn't for you who casted the extraordinary mighty power to build a good harbor and let the ship dock, the consequences might, might" The young captain kneeled in front of the Wizard Li tribal overlord and whispered with a deathly pale expression.

"Has the storm gone on for a long time?" Zhang Lisheng interrupted Bansaru and asked, "How long has it been?"

"It has been three days and four nights, Great Conqueror," Bansaru answered dryly.

When Zhang Lisheng saw how dejected, fearful and panic Bansaru was, he waved his hand in forgiveness and said, "Bansaru, you're a navigator and not some mainland meteorologist. I don't care what kind of meteorological mistake you've made but I care about the date when we can disembark. I can hear that the wind and rain is much weaker now so do you think the army can disembark towards the shore already?"

"The storm has indeed become a lot weaker now. Our fleet is just by the shore and our warriors are all riding giant millispiders so it should not be too risky for us to disembark," Bansaru, who was kneeling on the ground, was stunned a bit before replying while measuring his speech. "But, Great Conqueror. Even if you have forgiven me, isn't it kind of forced to launch our attack in the storm?"

Zhang Lisheng smiled and explained, "Even though our attack may become more difficult in the heavy rai, the foreign tribes will be caught off-guard and it would be even harder for them to organize an effective defense. What's more, all of our Wizard Li warriors have the giant millispiders so even they would not need to consume too much physical strength even if they need to run long distances in the muddy forest. Speaking of it, a rainstorm raid was also the key for our tribe to be able to break the deadlock of Wizard Li Island and unify it last time. Give out my order, Bansaru. The expeditionary army will disembark in the rain and we'll conquer this island in the rain"

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