The Idle System Chapter 166

He had landed on the shore of the continent. It was a clear, sunny day and the soft sand under his boots is a golden colour.

John walked towards the greenery in the distance, with his sight he could see trees and plants he's never seen before.

Standing next to a tree, the bark was a bright green colour, and the leaves were yellow. It was like a palm tree with the leaves at the top of the tree and the bark is straight up.

Hanging on the tree below the leaves was a round purple object. After using his threads to wrap around the object and pull it down, John held it in his hand and examined it.

The skin was soft like a peach so John used his fingers to rip it in half. Juices dripped from the object, down his hands and on the floor.

The insides were a pink colour and is much softer than the skin.

'Is this a fruit? Since I've got the Filter option turned on it can't poison me, but if I turn taste off, then there's no point in eating it.'

John took a small bite of the object. It reminded him of eating a pear, but this is much sweeter.

He stored all the fruits but one, he needs to do another experiment.

Opening the system he checked the options. At the bottom was the option Absorb - Off, he took a deep breath and turned it on.

However, even after a few minutes waiting, nothing happened.

Knitting his brows, John looked around him to make sure he missed nothing, but nothing had changed at all.

John bent down and picked up the fruit, and that's when he noticed the change.

The fruit began to wither, the purple colour got darker until it turned completely black while getting smaller and smaller, it eventually turned to black ashes and the wind took the ashes with it.

Knitting his brows, John looked at his hand and looked at the tree. Placing his hand on the tree, it withered and turned to black ash too.

There was a hole in the ground where the tree used to be, John could see holes inside the ground too, so John knew it destroyed the roots. Inside were ashes that the wind couldn't pick up, John knelt down and tried touching one, but it vaporised from the slightest touch.

He stopped cultivating completely and checked the Life Pool and Toxin Pool, remembered the numbers and walked to another tree to touch it.

It withered the same way, and John checked the system afterwards. For that tree's life, 30 Life Power which turned to 6 units of Toxin Power got added.

John touched the ground with his hand next.

The instant he touched the ground, spider cracks formed around him as earth dried up. Any grass, bushes or trees within a few feet of him withered too.

After a minute the earth was like the desert back on earth, all broken up into pieces with cracks everywhere. If you picked a part up, it would crumble through your fingers like sand because there is no life inside it.

Picking up a piece of the earth, he tried not to let it break up in his hand. Looking down at the hole he noticed that it dried up for about 6 inches in the earth, but the soil he could see underneath this dried earth was normal.

He made a single thread out of his finger and made it touch a tree almost a 100 feet away from where he's standing, the tree withered and the Life Power travelled through the thread to him.

John turned around and walked back to the shore, he made the thread touch the sea water. He could feel the Life Power coming to him through the threads, but there's too much water to know how much is disappearing.

'So the skill Resistance's Elements lets me completely absorbs everything I'm immune to. I thought the skill wouldn't be so strong, but absorbing the earthen element to where no life can grow is too strong I think.'

'It's a good thing I tested this skill before I shared it with Sarah with the new 5 slots. If I shared it with her while she's unconscious then in a few years or decades, she could destroy the planet.'

He went into the 5th tab. On the left side of the screen, below Sarah's name is the number 20/25. John thought about all the skills he has, but most of them are useless to Sarah now. He decided on the five skills after a few minutes of thinking.

1 - Impurity Filter, this is the skill that transformed the analyser skill into Immortal Eye, and it will save Sarah's Toxins from filtering the impurities out of Life Power and any food she eats when she wakes up.

2 - Analyser Eye for the skill Immortal Eye with the ability to see peoples rank, levels, how much sins a person has and their status like memory manipulated.

3 - Sprinter, though the stamina no longer shows in the system, you still use stamina for running or fighting. As immortals with peak bodies, John and Sarah has a lot more stamina than regular immortals, so this will reduce the amount of stamina she uses by many folds.

4th and 5th is the two Elemental Attack skills. With the new Freedom skill added to it, she can now control the five basic elements to any part of her body when she wakes up. John gave her this because there aren't that many others he can give to her, and she can't use them while unconscious.

John took out the compass he bought from newbie town on the planet he woke up on 24 years ago. The compass looked like he bought it yesterday still, he checked to see if the compass works on this planet, it did.

He walked north east from this location, his destination is the capital but wanted to find a small village or town first.

Looking around as he walked, John discovered tens of new plants to him. He checked with Immortal Eye in case they could store Life Power, but he couldn't find a plant that did.

Inside his Scan he could see animals running around the trees and on the floor scavenging for food, they looked like meerkats but with a rat's tail and coloured green for camouflage.

From what he could see with his Scan, he has entered a small forest. There is no path, even a dirt path, and it looks like humans haven't touched this place.

He also saw a large creature that looked like a black panther. It had the four legs it walked on but had a pair of arms near the middle of the body. When it ran the arms folded together at the top.

Its face had whiskers and large teeth so John assumed it was a predator hunting for prey, but had four eyes. One pair of eyes at the front of its face like normal and had an extra eye on each side of the face.

It had a large, black nose that pointed upwards and John assumed it must have a keen sense of smell as it was sniffing the ground like a hound dog, there were two small tails swinging up and down in rhythm too.

John carried on walking while the pictures of different animals within a 100 mile square area around him were popping inside his head.

The black panther looking creature is the largest he's found so far, but not the only predator. It's headed to where Johns walking to, and if things carried on like this, then they will meet.

John saw the creature first and used the Immortal Eye skill.


Rank: 0

Level: 0

'Mortal creature, I won't get anything from killing it.'

He planned to let it go, but it spotted John and pounced. When it jumped and aimed at John's neck with its teeth, John used two threads to stop it mid-air.

But when the threads wrapped around it, it wailed in pain and wouldn't shut up. John saw the creature becoming thinner and thinner as the seconds went by.

Its nails and teeth turned to dust, its eyes rolled to the back of its head as it stopped making any noise or resistance. It became so thin the threads couldn't hold it anymore unless John tightened the threads grip, the creature dropped to the ground.

John checked the remains of the creature out by lifting it up, what surprised him is there was nothing but skin left. Its bones, blood, eyes, muscle, fat and everything else had disappeared.

Opening the system, John realised that the threads had used the Resistance's Elements skill and absorbed everything but the creatures skin.

He put the hide in his Storage Space in case it is worth some money. If nobody donates anything to him, he can sell it rather than steal now.

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