The Immortal's Poison Chapter 173

Just when Wen Leyang was about to rush out of the Heart-linking Locks witchs fire, his body suddenly felt heavier. An external force had sneaked under his feet attacked him without a warning, shackling him instantly. It was neither harmful nor painful. It merely locked him in place as if unwilling to let him make any reckless moves.

Wen Leyang was largely unaffected. Hence, he was not afraid, only slightly aghast. Cone Nail and Hanba were engrossed in their fierce fight and they should not have the energy to spare on him. Could it be that there was another strong person who could deceive Wen Leyangs telegnosis ability lying in ambush? To deceive Wen Leyang was not a big deal, but if Cone Nail and Hanba were deceived also, the person surely would cause doubts.

Cone Nail and Hanba had been going at each other for a while. The duo let out a yell almost at the same time. A majestic air heavier than a lofty mountain suddenly surged and erupted from their bodies, fiercely rolling towards their surroundings. Leyang Wen and all the Qing Miao were thrown backwards in surprised screams. However, Wen Leyang was pinned to his spot like a nail by that unseen forces shackling. The Heart-linking Locks witchs fire around him was ignorant of the battle close to it and plunged into the jade talisman with all its might!

A huge ice cone nail, which covered the heavens, materialized out of thin air. Under the suns rays, it gave an ecstatic magnificence and whistled towards Hanba. The white hair drought spirit as thick as a giant tree broke out of the ground. It was like the grass from the nether lands, emanating waves of the breath of death, meeting the ice cone nail without showing weakness!

One was a gods will divine beast, an embodiment of true water, while the other was an unrivaled zombie king, traversing Yin and Yang. After testing each other out for a while, they activated their magical powers at the same time! The strong air surged fiercely like waves.

Cone Nail seemed to be slightly inferior compared to Hanba. Amidst the crackling sounds, countless of ice cone nails were entangled and grinded by the drought spirit, which seemed to shoot beyond the heavens. After a brief moment, the magical power that Cone Nail summoned was scattered by Hanba. The drought spirit filled with death aura did not stop but rolled towards her instead.

At this moment, Cone Nail unexpectedly curled the edges of her lips in a strange but flirty manner. A hint of a seductive smile was pressed gently on the edges of her lips. Suddenly, an upright gleam of a blade appeared silently in the air without warning like a hidden and sinister venomous snake. It kissed Hanbas neck like a flash of lightning.
The upright gleam of the blade was filled with the mannerism of a well-known family. The timing was impeccable. It had firmly seized the instant when Hanbas strength was lacking, right after destroying the heaven-covering ice cone nails.
The trick was merciless and brutal. This sword was aimed to take Hanbas head. The method was especially despicable. However, what shocked the others even more was, with this one slash, the person who was ambushing might not be as strong as Hanba and Cone Nail, the difference between their strengths were but a hairs breadth!

Nobody would have thought that while Cone Nail was in the open, a helper, whose abilities were on par with the elites, was waiting in the dark.

Because of the orders passed down from Lue Luo and Mi Xu, Hanba was fighting strenuously. He did not dare to use his full strength and kill his opponent. Fighting against an elite such as Cone Nail, wanting to capture her alive was inexplicably harder than outright killing her. When the gleam of the blade appeared, Hanba was not the least bit prepared. He managed to move his body and evaded the blow to his neck. But the gleam of the sword flashed like lightning. Amidst a furious howl, Fifth Brother Hanbas left arm was cut off at the shoulder! Black, thick, glue-like blood was slowly and clumsily gushing out of his wound.

Leyang Wen gave a strange cry and jumped to his feet with all his might. His body tensed up suddenly in mid-air, his wounds re-opened and he fell heavily back on the ground.

"If it wasnt for the injuries on this Taoist priests body, the zombie wouldnt have been able to dodge my sword!" A ripple appeared in the air. A portly but paler than paper Taoist priest jumped out and stood beside the gravely wounded Fifth Brother Hanba!
Wen Leyang still could not move but something in his mind hummed. He almost could not believe his eyes. The person who ambushed Hanba was Eyang Sects Taoist priest San Wei.

Ones head was blasted by the Desert Eagle. Another was grinded to ashes with Leyang Tian. The two Taoist priest San Wei had died in front of his eyes. He did not expect a third one to appear!

How many Taoist priest San Wei are there?

Hanbas arm and half of his shoulder were dismembered by the flying sword. He was gravely wounded and was lying on the ground, struggling desperately to get back on his feet.

In the eyes of Cone Nail who looked towards her accomplice, not only were there no joy or praise, but a savage sharpness flashed across them. However, her tone was full of happiness of one who was in luck. It was like a first grade little girl who had winged the correct answer to a mathematics question, "Thank goodness that the immortals grave wounds have not healed. If Hanba died, wicked soul and Cone Nail would not have survived as well!" As she was talking, her tone was filled with a wronged expression, "This wasnt what you promised me back then."
Taoist priest San Wei hardened his expression. His body was too buff, his neck was thicker than an average persons thigh. When he was serious, he was not sage-like like a profound learned erudite person but he was still dignified. He answered methodically, "This Taoist priest had promised you to ambush this corpse demon, but did not promise you that he wouldnt kill him!"

At this moment, Leyang Wen, who was also lying on the ground and trying desperately to get up, opened his mouth suddenly and howled loudly, "Wen Leyang, you clearly know what Fifth Brothers life is connected to. Are Tuo Xie disciples really scaredy-cats?"

Wen Leyang felt that an Immobilization Spell had been cast on his body. He could hear and could see but he could not move or speak. He could not even make a bitter smile. If he could move even slightly, he would not have to wait for the short-statured mans cursing, he would have rushed out of the witchs fire and risked his life! However, Wen Leyang did not understand, "Who in the world could stealthily cast his powers to lock him in place under the noses of the three extreme monsters Hanba, Cone Nail, and San Wei and yet stay undetected?"

At this moment, the Heart-linking Locks witchs fire had thinned gradually. It was not as majestic as it was a few moments ago. It looked about to be completely dried up by the jade talisman.

Cone Nail sighed softly. She ignored the words of Taoist priest San Wei. She looked at Hanba who was heaving in pain on the ground and explained shyly, "Ever since I noticed that wicked soul was inside your body, I have never wanted to kill you. I initially wanted the Taoist priest to help me capture you. I think youll understand. One can only be at ease when ones life is in her own hands. I didnt expect the Taoist priest to be so evil. He deceived me and also harmed you."

There seemed to be some powerful anti-zombie magic on Taoist priest San Weis flying sword. Hanba could not struggle to stand on his feet. The black thick blood mixed with dirt covered his entire body.

Shadows of flames flickered. The Qing Miaos who could still move were ready to give their lives now. The peculiar and flirtatious vital fire appeared slightly pale under after dawn, but it colored the entire Miao Stockade in a shade of solemnness!

Cone Nail did not even spare the Miao clansmen a glance. It was like two lions that were negotiating, completely ignoring the groundhogs that were clenching their fists ready to fight. She smiled bitterly and shifted her gaze from Hanba to San Wei. Her gaze and voice were pitiable, full of pleading, "Alright then. Now that this zombie isnt dead yet, just leave him to me. Or" Cone Nail seemed to think of some perfect win-win plan, a gentle glimmer of hope ignited on her pitiable face. She breathed in deeply but suddenly howled angrily. Her body was quicker than a phantom. She stretched out her slender fingers, lightly handling a long ice needle and stabbed at Taoist priest San Wei as fast as lightning!

However, Taoist priest San Wei did not show any sign of anger. He reached out his hand to guide his flying sword. He completely ignored Cone Nails sudden attack and stabbed at Hanba beside his feet!

Cone Nail cried out in alarm. She did a summersault and flipped sideways. Her expression was frantic as she cursed in a fury, "Stop it!"

The flying sword pressed tightly on Fifth Brother Hanbas neck. With the slightest movement, the zombies head and body would be disconnected.

Taoist priest San Wei laughed, "I am already gravely injured, and Ive spent much of my strength ambushing the corpse demon. Im even lesser of an opponent for you. But if you insist on going our own ways, I dont really mind!" His movements were obviously much slower than Cone Nail but Hanba was just beside his feet while Cone Nail was an arrow-shot away.

Cone Nail finally stopped acting pitiful and asked coldly, "What do you want?"

"What do I want?" A thick vein popped up suddenly on Taoist priest San Weis forehead after hearing Cone Nails words. His dignified face quickly became contorted and furious. As if a flaming hot knife had been forced down his throat, every word of his was hoarse and exhausted, "Do you know the feeling when your skins on fire? Do you know the feeling when your bones are like ice"

Cone Nail heartlessly stuck out a playful tongue, "I know the feeling when your bones are like ice."

Taoist priest San Wei choked obviously. He ignored Cone Nail after a pause. He continued to howl in a hoarse and exhausted voice, "Skin like fire, bones like ice, blood like boiling molten copper, flesh like ice needles embedded in your organs. Every day my brain juices are shifting endlessly between boiling and freezing. I couldnt even sleep even for an instant. I am continuously agonized by endless pain, all because of this wicked soul. If this wicked soul dies, Ill have my freedom! What do you think I want?"

Cone Nails expression, following the Taoist priests words, was sometimes aghast, sometimes pained as if the one who was suffering was her dearest kin. Her big eyes were filled with tears as she shook her head with heartbreak. However, her words were completely unrelated to her expression, "How would I know what you want? You cried and shouted about wanting to kill the wicked soul, but you didnt To be honest, if youre fast enough, I may not get to destroy you before I die, but Ill have to try. So you want to try?"

If Hanba was killed, Xiang Lius wicked soul would die as well. Cone Nail, who shared the same fate as the wicked soul would also definitely die. However, even Wind Rain Rainbow could not imagine how Cone Nails counterattack before her death would be like.

San Wei had served as Xiang Lius escaped wicked souls cultivators body for a thousand years. After wicked soul was planted inside Hanbas body, it was unknown why he did not die but improved in prowess and even refined body-splitting. A double would pop out every now and then, like a clone scientist, making Wen Leyangs head feel dizzy. According to his words, it was as if Xiang Lius wicked soul left some sort of terrible damage in his body, making his life a living hell. He could only hope to attain freedom by killing the wicked soul.

Taoist priest San Wei smiled. The initial uprightness and the latter ferociousness were pinched together in that smile, sending a chill down any onlookers spine, "Before this, I wanted to kill the wicked soul because I didnt know that the Heavens Cone Nail, which shared the same fate as it, would revive. Now, compared to killing the wicked soul, there is another better way. But Ill have to rely on your help."

Cone Nail nodded without hesitation, "Okay! Ill help you eh?" Cone Nail was halfway through her sentence when she suddenly ignored the Taoist priest. Her bright eyes looked to Wen Leyang. Only a thin layer of the witchs fire was left now. Wen Leyang did not need to use his telegnosis ability, he could see the situation outside just by using his eyes.

There was no change in the jade talisman. Wen Leyang himself did not feel anything special.

Taoist priest San Wei laughed. He continued Cone Nails sentence, "To be blunt, were both old demons, nobody could fool the other. I want you to kill everyone here, cut off your arms and follow me ah!" He had not finished his sentence when his flying sword jumped suddenly without following his orders. Fifth Brother Hanba, who was under the sword, suddenly jumped into the sky at an angle that was impossible to exert any strength and somersaulted towards Cone Nail!

Taoist priest San Wei was shocked and angered. He bellowed, "What black magic, demon lady!" He pounced towards Hanba like the wind. He was definitely not Cone Nails opponent now. If he lost Hanba, he would definitely lose his life.

Cone Nail also flew up at an angle and met the opponent like a spring swallow flying into the forests embrace. Although she did not comprehend what had taken place, Hanba was as important as her own life. She could not let go of this opportunity no matter what. If she could control Hanba, Taoist priest San Wei would only be a pale fart to her.

At the same time, Wen Leyangs body loosened abruptly. The force that was pressing on him had vanished in an instant! The elite that was hiding had already made his move and had no more time to waste on him.
Hanba flew at a speed that was neither fast nor slow. When the Taoist priest had caught up to him, Cone Nail had also reached him. The duo cried out simultaneously. A tragic blast was heard in the air. Then, blood sprayed everywhere like rain. Taoist priest San Wei could not block Cone Nails ferocious attacks. He was torn alive into shreds. He did not even manage a wail!

San Wei did not manage a cry before dying tragically, while Cone Nail let out a pained, furious howl! She fell heavily to one side.

Two thuds were heard. Hanba and Cone Nail fell onto the ground one after the other. At the same time, a weak but joyful laugh, interjected with two soft coughs followed a young lady who was as delicate as magic. She appeared silently in front of everyones eyes.

The air started to vibrate violently. After a while, it started jumping. The entire witchs fire of the Heart-linking Lock had been absorbed completely by the jade talisman. Wen Leyang did not bother about it. He cheered along with little Chi Maojiu and Second Mother as they ran towards the young lady who had just appeared. They shouted with faces full of surprise, "Chang Li!"

They had just finished shouting when Wen Leyang blushed and added two words softly, "Grand Master"

Although he had already guessed that the hiding elite who feared that he would attack rashly and had the ability to deceive Cone Nail and the others was Chang Li, but when he truly saw her, he felt a genuine delight that would make him suffocate to death if he did not cry out!

Chang Li was her usual lively and playful self. She smilingly looked at Wen Leyang from his head to his feet. She nodded, "Have you gotten fat? Dont you grow into a pickle jar, that would be hideous!" Then she reached out her hand and touched little Chi Maojius crown and nodded at Second Mother.

Wen Leyang had only noticed it now. There was a weak pale color on Chang Lis face. It dyed the extremely beautiful face with a fragility that would make people take extra care of it. This fragility was like an ancient porcelain flower, exquisite, elegant, making all, who laid eyes on it, hold their breaths. It was not because they worried that they would accidentally break it but a slightly heavy breath would profane her beauty.
Chang Li herself thought nothing of this effect she had. She raised a spring onion-like finger and softly pressed it between her soft lips. She turned elegantly in a full circle, signaling everyone to keep quiet. She also signaled to Cone Nail who had already got back on her feet with a trace of blood at the corner of her lips.

When Cone Nail saw Chang Li, her gaze that was usually filled with eternal shyness turned into a blazing flame, full of spurting anger. However, she did not make a sound. She stood at one side with a pale face. Her gaze wandered for a bit before falling onto the shredded corpse of Taoist priest San Wei.

Everyone did not dare to make a sound. Chang Li finally nodded in satisfaction. She spoke at Taoist priest San Weis corpse in a negotiating tone, "Theres no hope for you now. Would you come out and talk?"

A low cry was heard. It was unclear whether it was a snort or a sigh. A shadow, light gold in color but covered in a layer of graphite, shuddered lightly with the air and appeared in front of everyone.

The shadow gradually became clearer but was still unable to handle the faint rays of early morning sunlight. Even an average persons gaze could see through the shadow and look at the scenery behind it.

Wen Leyang could not help but grinded his teeth. He exclaimed in surprise, "What is this? Why is it like this?"

"The primordial soul of a demon," Cone Nail and Chang Li had replied in unison. Then, the two beautiful ladies looked at each other in anger as if saying the others line was a grudge greater than killing their loved ones and taking their children.

Wen Leyang was still frightened. He did not know that the cultivation base of one who was able to materialize their primordial spirit after death should be proud of himself. Even with the high cultivation bases of the three Sword Immortals on Black and White Island, they would immediately vanish after their person dies. He was frightened because the primordial soul materialized by Taoist priest San Wei was too ugly.

The face contour was like a humans, but at the positions of the limbs, there were no arms, thighs, hands nor feet. In their place was four snake bodies covered in scars and sarcomas. Calling them snake bodies was a compliment. It would have been more appropriate to call them pig intestines. The facial features of the primordial soul were obviously a pair of snake eyes with no nose but two small holes. The shape of the mouth was also like a snakes jaw. If he had not confirmed that Xiang Lius wicked soul was reared within Hanbas body, Wen Leyang would have truly believed that this thing before him was the wicked soul.

Chang Li seemed to be shocked as well. Her brilliant brows furrowed and she shook her head, "How ugly, is this done by wicked soul? Who are you?"

San Weis primordial soul was slow to react. It had been a while after Chang Li had asked that question before it slowly opened its mouth. Its voice was sharp and thin like a mosquitos hum, making people feel an unexplainable discomfort, "I dont know who am I either. I only know that ever since I lived, I have been inside this body. This body had strangely good qualities, I was able to progress much in a day in terms of cultivation methods"

Chang Li had always been doing things her own way. Nobody could stop her saying what was on her mind. She smiled and nodded, "You dont know who you are, but you know about cultivation?"

San Weis primordial soul laughed in a sharp voice. Other than a peculiar evil energy, it was unknown whether he was happy or laughing bitterly, "I dont remember who I am, but I learned about the methods all by myself. When I cultivated to a deep level, I could almost guess that I was a cultivator in my previous life with an awareness that was quite high. I dont know why my body shattered and my wandering primordial spirit had coincidentally found this body, which had no master but was still living. I managed to survive. No, not survive, I can only say that I was alive once more."

Wen Leyang understood the process of the story. After Hanba captured the wicked soul, San Weis body had turned into a living dead. Even without wild beasts devouring it, it would not have survived after a few days. Coincidentally, it was found by a wandering primordial soul.

Chang Li had spoken. Cone Nail was unwilling to be left behind. She quickly opened her mouth and smiled, "Youre so lucky. Your body was destroyed and your primordial spirit was wandering, yet you stumbled upon a master-less body with great natural qualities"

San Weis primordial soul floated silently above its own corpse. After a while, it cried out in extreme anger. It extended its limbs and pounced mercilessly towards Cone Nail! Cone Nails face turned cold and she laughed angrily, "You want to die?" She extended a sharp finger and tapped towards the primordial soul!

Wen Leyang was not even slightly suspicious. Under Cone Nails light tap, San Weis primordial soul would burst into the air with a pop like a soap bubble. She was a divine beast of gods will, a dying soul on the verge of dispersing could never harm her.

A gust of fragrant wind suddenly blew. Chang Lis shadow flashed across loftily. She chuckled as she lightly pressed Cone Nails finger as if two sisters who were fooling around. She smiled in a clear and crisp manner, "Dont be rash. He wont live long anyway. Lets listen to him for a bit." As she said this, her other hand waved and firmly stopped the primordial soul at a distance.

Cone Nails expression had quickly shifted from furious shock into intimacy. She nodded obediently towards Chang Li, "Emm, then Ill wait. Listening to you cant be wrong."

San Weis primordial soul desperately tried to dash left and right, but it could not break free of Chang Lis obstruction. Finally, it stopped its struggling while panting heavily. It howled furiously at Cone Nail, "Lucky? Fine! Before this Taoist priest is destroyed, I wish the same luck upon you. I wish that you would be the same as me. I wish that you would be in agony day and night, unable to live yet incapable of dying. I wish that after a thousand years of trying, you would still be dismembered and destroyed and die a tragic death. Hahahaha!"

The primordial spirits voice was already sharp, thin and strange. Now that it was shouting curses through gritted teeth, it made everyone felt a chill on their bodies.

Cone Nails big eyes squinted into a line. However, she turned towards Chang Li, "If you had not stopped me, I wouldnt have to listen to these words of his."

Chang Li gave a soughing smile and answered naturally, "You can put the blame on me. After all, Im not short of blames."

The primordial soul had not appeared for long, but its body had already dimmed considerably. It would be melted completely by the sunlight soon. Two ladies and a wild primordial soul. Wen Leyang was worried that with all the dilly-dallying the two ladies would not be able to obtain some useful information. He coughed and carefully interjected a question to San Wei, "So how did you to turn into this?"

San Wei had not answered when Chang Lis face turned ghastly pale. She glared at San Wei and reminded him coldly, "Youd better talk nicely. If you act the way you did towards him, I guarantee that you would experience every kind of pain there is in this world before you die. I would make sure that youd understand before you die, that how blissful the torture you suffered when you were alive was!"

Wen Leyang turned and smiled at Chang Li. Grand Master Chang Lis words made him feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. There was no one like your own kin!

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