The Immortal's Poison Chapter 174

The Taoist priest San Wei’s primordial soul tossed about for a long while but no matter how he struggled, he could not surge past Chang Li. He was already exhausted. He gasped and rested for a while, before answering Wen Leyang in a high pitch voice, "Once I was resurrected, I immediately realized that the man’s body had an extremely impressive foundation establishment! He must be a master cultivator when he was alive…"

Wen Leyang consciously shrugged, he was thinking in his heart that the man’s body was supposedly prepared by the evil soul for himself, of course, the foundation establishment was impressive."

"After that based on the jade talisman I found on the man’s body, I found out that the man’s body was, as expected, a master cultivator. There was a sect named the Eyang Sect that was in his grasp for the past thousand years. I inquired around and found out that the Eyang Sect belonged to one of the five great sects in the right path of cultivation world." The Taoist priest’s primordial soul sounded rather weak but he was still speaking coherently.

Chang Li looked up to the sun that was rising higher and higher in the sky. She urged him impatiently, "Who wants to listen to you muttering about these useless matters, answer what you are asked!"

The primordial soul widened his mouth as if he was giving a forced smile. He made a horrifying expression on his snake face, "I had completely forgotten everything that happened before I was resurrected but there is one thing that I am never confused, that is I am a good man. That tiny bit of righteousness that was attached to the primordial soul determined that I was right."

Cone Nail sniggered. However, instantly, she shut her mouth in fear and looked towards the rest in a piteous manner.

The primordial soul did not acknowledge Cone Nail’s mock, "The man’s body had extremely fine structures, moreover, he was a leader of the right path of cultivation. Naturally, I was glad. In the beginning, I only focused on cultivating my supernatural power and performed some good deeds, before trying to investigate who I was. However, I did not expect that!" The primordial soul’s voice abruptly sounded furious again, his sharp and high-pitched voice was abruptly amplified for countless folds, from a mosquito’s buzz to abruptly became owl’s hoot, "I did not expect that the utmost tyrannical and evil energy was hidden within the bones of this man’s body!"

Leyang Wen had already struggled and squirmed up next to Fifth Brother Hanba by now. He hastily helped Fifth Brother to dress his wounds. The disciples of Miao stockade village gathered over to help him as well. The short man’s expression was albeit unpleasant, but he did not refuse their help. Upon hearing the primordial soul’s words, Leyang Wen laughed in a rather cruel manner, "This man’s body is supposed to be the cultivator’s body possessed by the evil soul. He had been tainted by the utmost evilest energy, hehe, all the matters in the world will develop in the opposite direction when he reaches the extreme limit, the evilness at his utmost extreme limit. Nevertheless, he would appear as if he was righteous and awe-inspiring, it is not a wonder that you did not notice it!"

The half human and half demon’s primordial soul became even more agitated upon hearing that, his entire body was trembling vigorously. Meanwhile, little Chi Maojiu sneered once, "What if he did notice that, if you were to know that this body contained evil intention, would you choose not to bore into the body and allowed your soul to be scattered and dispersed off at the god’s mercy?"

Chang Li was always indulging the people on her own side, especially for the junior generation like Chi Maojiu and Wen Leyang. Not only did she not blame them for interrupting the conversation with nonsense, she chuckled and praised high, "Well said, the boy with a tuft of hair!"

Chi Maojiu was stunned for a moment, before realizing that the ‘a tuft of hair’ meant himself. The Big Dragon’s Root of the Miao Bujiao only kept a tuft of hair on the top of his forehead, it was unknown since when this tradition was passed down over generations.

The primordial soul shook once vigorously and rapidly calmed down. Such a simple question like this, yet he had never considered it. Until Chang Li started urging out of impatience, only then he heaved a gentle sigh, "A tuff of hair is right…"

Chi Maojiu received a green-colored cloth strip from his clansman and wrapped the cloth around his head in agile movements.

When the drifting primordial soul first entered the cultivator’s body possessed by Xiang Liu, he thought that he had found himself a gold nugget. He returned to the Eyang Sect and did not bother to humor his trusted subordinates and followers. He started engaging in closed door cultivation on his own. His top priority was to merge the primordial soul with the body as soon as possible but he did not expect that at the most crucial moment of his cultivation, the evil energy suddenly erupted. The righteous energy that was accumulated in his primordial soul from his previous life and the utmost evilest intention left behind in the body tore at one another. No one could pin down the other.

That was why the Taoist priest San Wei who regained a new life was constantly tormented by the battle of right and evil. His body was always in two different worlds of ice and fire in eternity, he would never gain a moment’s peace.

The Taoist priest lived his life better dead than alive. He had since lost his excitement in performing good deeds or the intention to seek his lost memories. He devoted his entire heart and spirit to investigate what was happening to this body of his and finally found some clues from the items left behind by the evil soul and gradually found out the truth.

The sun was gradually growing thicker. The primordial soul’s phantom shadow was slowly being washed off and dispersed off by the sun. It was getting more and more strenuous for him to speak, "The evil intention in my body was echoing with Xiang Liu’s evil soul. As long as the evil soul existed in the mortal world, the torment that I was suffering from would never end. That was why I cultivated my power with all my might, just so I could slaughter the evil soul! Once the evil soul was dead, the evil energy in the body would naturally follow along and break down…"

Leyang Wen scoffed. He turned around and stared at the primordial soul as he spoke in an icy cold tone, "You sound courteous don’t you, slaughtering the evil soul? In other words, you are killing Fifth Brother, killing the Leyang family!"

The cultivator’s body that was left behind by the evil soul had an impressive foundation establishment. His cultivation of supernatural power advanced at a tremendous pace. When he found out the truth, he immediately started hunting down Hanba and dealt with the Painting Town.

His two enemies were Mi Xu’s zombie corpse and the descendant of Lue Luo who inherited the first ancestor’s witchcraft power. Even if he were to fight them alone he would not triumph, what more when these two enemies were of the same breath and branch. They lived and died together. After engaging in a series of battles that lasted three hundred years, the Taoist priest left in defeat. He once again engaged in closed door cultivation, in hope that he could gain a new level of breakthrough in his cultivation.

However, the Taoist priest San Wei still could never cultivate enough to erase the wound on his body that was clawed by Hanba back in those days. Based on this mark here, his exact details were finally traced by the Painting Town.

As he was speaking, the primordial soul suddenly laughed, "The body was of extremely fine natural endowments. Moreover, I spent every day being tormented by the agony, it was considered a form of cultivation too, that was why my cultivation progress advanced vastly, but by the time I came out of the cultivation, I had already cultivated into the state of one breath that melted into three pureness!"

Wen Leyang did not understand what was the state of one breath that melted into three pureness, he looked towards his Grand Master shyly. Chang Li laughed and scolded him, "The young lad that lacks in both learning and practical ability, it means that he cultivated into three split bodies!"

Wen Leyang was suddenly enlightened, no wonder the Taoist priest San Wei kept emerging in an endless stream. It turned out he had three split bodies. In addition to the god level body, there were a total of four of him! In the witchcraft spell world that was created by Leyang Tian from Shanghai’s Painting Town, the San Wei who was killed once mentioned something about decease of the third brother. That was why his actual power deteriorated immensely. Whether it was the split body or the god level body, there was still a connection in between the bodies. As one of the bodies died, the rest of the bodies would be injured.

The human being was the wisest of all creatures. The heaven’s cultivation was supposed to be much easier than demons and ghosts’ cultivation. When the Taoist priest San Wei was at the peak of his cultivation mastery, his actual power was almost the same as the Guo Huan that was living in the jade knife when it was alive. However, Guo Huan had only managed to cultivate into one split body, while San Wei managed to cultivate into three in a short while. If they were to truly battle against one another, the god level body’s actual power would be well-matched, but Guo Huan’s split body would certainly face defeat from battling against San Wei’s split body.

Wen Leyang could finally admit at this point that the two Taoist priests San Wei that died in the Painting Town were his split bodies. One was supposed to be severely injured since the beginning, while the other one was upon being shot through the head, only then he suffered severe injuries. Leyang Tian sacrificed his life as he launched the grand Art of Witchcraft that he arranged for many years. However, the person that was killed finally was merely a split body. That was enough to show the greatness of San Wei’s god level supernatural power!

Wen Leyang had also understood that the reason the Taoist priest San Wei’s split body was capable of using the corpse nail in a reversal of the Black and White Island’s formation. After the evil soul escaped from the Black and White Island, it must have certainly left behind some recordings related to this formation, such that it could help to rescue the physical body of the nine-headed monster in the future.

"So that means there is one more split body of yours?" Wen Leyang frowned as he inquired closely. The Taoist priest San Wei’s split body was capable of launching the nine corpses great formation upon being severely injured. It was afraid that the remaining split body could still cause a disaster in the future.

The Taoist priest’s primordial soul shook his head helplessly, "The remaining one, was the one that went to the Wen family village. I was tormented by the alternation of right and evil at all times. Hence, the temperaments and dispositions of the three split bodies that were cultivated by me differed from one another.

On usual days, the three split bodies regarded themselves as the First Brother, Second Brother and Third Brother. Amongst them, the Second Brother and Third Brother were the generations with steady thinking, while the First Brother was more straightforward and honest. During the gathering of the Five Blessings on the Nine Peaks Mountain, the god level body was cultivating in preparation to kill Hanba once again. The Second and Third Brother were somewhere else handling other matters. That was why San Wei sent the First Brother to lead Eyang disciples to visit the Wen family village of Nine Peaks Mountain.

At the same time, the god level body was afraid that the lurking master cultivator on Nine Peaks Mountain could see through the First Brother’s cultivation. Hence, he cast a spell to seal off half of First Brother’s supernatural power. That was why when the First Brother was on the mountain, not even the old demon rabbit could see the First Brother’s true capabilities. This First Brother was a Qin Zhui-like martial art fanatic. He was obviously aware of his capabilities was much greater than the Eyang Sect’s ordinary disciples’ cultivation in the supernatural power of happiness, anger, joy and sorrow, but he was still willingly slapped by the old demon rabbit for a dozen times in order to plead for a solution. When he bumped into the Weeping Buddha afterwards, since most parts of the life vitality in his body was sealed off, he could not have exerted his power even if he wanted too. That was why he was almost killed by the Weeping Buddha.

Wen Leyang nodded. As he was about to inquire more, a sound of a soft surprise gasp, that half human half snake primordial soul, who was already so thin he was almost invisible, was attempting his final struggle under the sunlight. He trembled continuously and could turn into a pile of bubbles at any moment.

Chang Li laughed as she gave out an ‘oh no’. No one could tell if she was excited from the fun scene before her eyes or she was feeling nervous. The only thing that they could be certain was that in the midst of her sudden changing expressions, a gush of overwhelming enchantment rippled soundlessly.

Chang Li had utterly no idea that her smile seduced a stretch of Qing Miao clansmen’s attention. She waved her arm once towards Wen Leyang, "Bring me the jade knife!"

Wen Leyang did not know what she was about to do, he asked in astonishment, "How did you know?" Yet his hands were moving slowly. Even though Guo Huan once lied to him, it regardless still saved his life. Wen Leyang was afraid that the moment Chang Li took hold of the jade knife, she would snap the jade knife into two.

Chang Li waited until she lost her patience. She personally plucked off the jade knife from the base of Wen Leyang’s neck uncourteously. The corners of her mouth were angled downwards as if she had seen through Wen Leyang’s intention. She spoke with slight contempt, "That thing that is sleeping in the jade knife now. Do you think that I can’t recognize it? But how did it even get into the jade knife?" As she was speaking, she tossed the jade knife towards the Taoist priest’s primordial soul.

The primordial soul was elated. He did not talk nonsense but directly dove head first into the jade knife.

Wen Leyang was startled, "What…what happened?" He informed Chang Li roughly of what was spoken by Guo Huan in the past, but he withheld the information of Guo Huan pleading Chang Li to locate his immortal’s cave temporarily out of fear.

Chang Li frowned as she considered for a while. She shook her head and laughed, "Who knows whether this mountain ghost is speaking the truth or lie. When it is awake, I will ask him myself!" Upon saying that, she halted for a moment and pointed to the jade knife and explained to Wen Leyang, "The jade knife is supposed to be a soul instrument, but it is of the stone property just perfect to keep a mountain ghost alive. It is slightly inferior at keeping San Wei alive, but it should not be a problem to sustain it for a while."

Wen Leyang was curious. His Grand Master Chang Li was no living Bodhisattva, since when did she acquire such a kind heart.

On the other hand, Chang Li peered towards Wen Leyang, "Thanks to your constant nonsensical talk earlier, I have not managed to ask the questions that I wanted to ask! His soul is dispersing soon, I have no choice but to do so!"

Wen Leyang was even more puzzled in his heart, "What did you want to ask him?"

Chang Li stretched out a finger and knocked onto Wen Leyang’s forehead in exasperation, "What a foolish young lad we have here! Aren’t you curious about why that Taoist priest that wanted to kill the evil soul did not just kill the evil soul? He bothered to perform the goddamn nuisance of becoming Eyang Sect’s supreme leader. Was his desire to become a supreme leader so insatiable he had to do it for over a thousand years? He was also supposed to be held up by important events, yet he still allowed the First Brother to go to the Wen family village and concealed his actual power to mingle in the trivial matter with those useless small characters. Was he truly so unoccupied he became insane?"

Wen Leyang was first stunned for a moment then he could not help but ask, "So you know about this as well?" During the great battle of Five Blessings in the Wen family village, Chang Li had already disappeared for a long time.

Chang Li chuckled as she nodded, "There are cultivators everywhere, all of you made a grand and spectacular scene out of that event. It is too difficult for me not to be aware of it!"

It was true that the Taoist priest San Wei attempted to kill the evil soul to free himself from agony, but no one knew whether there was any other scheme. He was an old demon that was reborn a thousand years ago. It was especially suspicious as it involved the Wen family village.

The biggest classified secret that involved the disciples of Wen Bucao was that they were aware of the living immortal of big flat cake broken gong and dog.

Wen Leyang ‘inferred about other things from one fact’. He thought of new questions again, he raised the jade talisman that had just absorbed witchcraft power earlier and was utterly quiet right now, "I have forgotten to ask the Taoist priest about this. Do you think he can still speak now?" The jade talisman that was fought by the Painting Town and San Wei did not absorb Leyang Tian’s witchcraft power in the first place, yet it completely devoured the Heart-linking Lock that was just discovered by the disciples of Miao Bujiao less than a day old. Leyang Wen was unaware of the jade talisman, so he could only ask San Wei.

Chang Li pouted her lips as she shook her head, "Not now, he will still need to recuperate for a while. Such a useless fellow you are. I can easily guess the questions that you are asking all along! I will be the one asking the questions no matter what next time!" As she was speaking, she tossed the jade knife back to Wen Leyang.

Wen Leyang laughed in embarrassment. He asked Chang Li in a slightly shy manner, "But why didn’t you interrupt me earlier then since you already knew about the questions that I have asked?"

Chang Li was deranged by Wen Leyang’s words, "Well I saw that you were all seriously proper and nervous earlier, so I allowed you to ask everything that you wanted to. It is not some important matter after all." Within her eyes, there was no important matter in the world.

Wen Leyang’s entire body was penetrating with a gush of warm sincerity. Chang Li realized that he was asking eagerly earlier. Obviously, she still had some more important words to say but she did not interrupt him at all. There was no one else in the world other than the demon cat could do show such indiscriminate and reckless indulgence towards him.

At this moment, a series of cough that sounded soft and graceful as if it was painstakingly suppressed, gently interrupted Wen Leyang and Chang Li’s reminiscence. Cone Nail looked towards Chang Li apologetically.

Chang Li immediately became high spirited. She met Cone Nail’s eyes with a smiling face, Wen Leyang tensed up the skin on his entire body from the side in all apparent seriousness to prepare for an attack. Unexpectedly, Chang Li stretched out her hand and pulled him to the back, "Go away go away, don’t make trouble here!"

Cone Nail’s gaze was innocent yet crystal clear. She stood facing the demon cat quietly for a long while, only then she spoke in hesitation, accompanied by slight fear and heartache, "You…you were injured earlier." The soft breeze in front of the Miao stockade village gently blew apart Cone Nail’s piteous mannerism and enshrouded everyone in a mist in the blink of an eye.

Chang Li blinked her eyes. Her mischievous agility shattered the soreness that drifted in the wind. Other than Tuo Xie, nothing else in the world was capable of stopping her incessant joy, "You were injured too, injured rather severely."

Cone Nail’s expression remained the same. She nodded in preparation to speak when Chang Li abruptly spoke once again. She seized the opportunity to interrupt her, "It has been two thousand years apart, I have injured you once again, this time it didn’t feel as good as before."

Wen Leyang almost laughed out aloud. He knew that Chang Li was sharp-tongued, but he did not expect her to be as incisive. Guo Huan that was inside the jade knife was a quarrel expert as well. When the both of Chang Li and Guo Huan were traveling in between the Divine Land of the East and the Black and White Island, they ran back and forth. It must be an extraordinary bustling scene to behold.

As expected, Cone Nail could no longer contain her gentle innocence. Her long hair winded into the air against the wind in the blink of an eye. The air in front of Miao stockade village abruptly gave out a muffled denotation sound! Chang Li burst out laughing, "The final term is that no one is allowed to strike another person’s face!"

Cone Nail nodded her head strenuously to everyone’s surprise, "Alright!" The two beautiful women simultaneously gave out an ear-piercing sharp howl as they pounced together as fast as lightning and gave a deadly strike towards each other’s face…

Before Chang Li arrived, she was already injured rather severely, but Cone Nail ambushed her when she was resisting the Taoist priest San Wei’s final strike before death. She was also severely injured this time. The two outstanding great demons in the world were albeit swift in motion. However, as compared to their original standards they were far behind, yet they were equal in the contest of strength. None of them launched their supernatural powers, it was unknown they behaved as such because they were probing one another or were too severely injured, or perhaps their enmity was too deep, they needed to fight with their bodies to satiate their desires.

Wen Leyang watched for a while. He felt that there was a possibility for him to help out. He breathed silently for a moment before he suddenly pounced into the group. He did not expect that Cone Nail was anticipating his move, her body turned around akin to a ghost. She no longer battled the enemy but turned around and ran, and vanished into thin air in the blink of an eye.

Wen Leyang missed the catch, just in time when Chang Li passed by his side while chasing after the enemy, at the sound of a screech. One of Chang Li’s sleeves was ripped in half by Wen Leyang.

It was only a sleeve that was torn, Chang Li could completely continue her chase. Yet, she suddenly stopped moving, green in rage. A strand of bitterness flashed from her gaze as she stared towards Wen Leyang ferociously.

Wen Leyang had never seen Chang Li being so infuriated. He was feeling uneasy in his heart. He stood on the same spot as he opened his mouth absent-mindedly, not knowing what to say.

The air in front of the entire Miao stockade village was frozen in a flash. No one dared to exhale a breath. They were afraid that they might draw in Chang Li’s rage!

Chang Li stared towards Wen Leyang for a long while then she slowly took a deep breath. Her tone of speaking was calm but it was filled with hatred as she spat out three words, "Co! Co! Chanel!"

Wen Leyang, Chi Maojiu, Second Mother, Qing Miao clansmen, and everybody else stood gazing at one another. No one understood the Grand Master’s incantation. Chang Li spoke in agitation again, clenching her teeth, "Seventy-three, thousand!"

Wen Leyang swallowed a gulp of saliva, it was as if he suddenly recalled something, he asked in probing, "The…the shirt?"

Chang Li stomped her foot in rage ferociously, it appeared that she wished to slice and dice Wen Leyang. Wen Leyang stomped his foot in rage ferociously. He was even angrier than her, "For a sleeve, you gave Cone Nail the opportunity to run away! What is seventy-three thousand bucks, I am not afraid even if it costs seven hundred and thirty thousand! Do you know that Cone Nail..."

Chang Li raised her voice with great effort, she wanted to pin onto Wen Leyang with her voice, "Limited edition! There is only a total of seven pieces in the whole world!"

The anger that was suffocating Wen Leyang’s chest almost made him floated. Judging by Chang Li’s words earlier, she was already aware of the importance of Cone Nail, yet she stayed behind to roar and shout at Wen Leyang just because of a sleeve, no wonder the Grand Master Tuo Xie was always avoiding her back in those days.

Chi Maojiu cautiously mediated the quarrel from the side, "We…will be capturing the tailor in the future. You can make as many pieces of garments as you want…"

Chang Li’s eyes abruptly brightened, her furious expression turned into a charming smile in a short while, she pointed towards Chi Maojiu and burst out laughing, "Only you understand me the best…huh, why are you wearing a head scarf, that is too hideous!"

Wen Leyang knew that it was useless for him to be anxious. He wished that he could vent his anger towards the tailor. How dared he sell a piece of garment for seventy-three thousand bucks, he deserved to be captured.

Knowing that she had the tailor in her grasp, Chang Li no longer cared about the limited edition garment anymore. She smiled as she said to Wen Leyang, "The moment Cone Nail ran away, I cannot chase after her as well. I can only figure out a way to slowly catch her in the future. Even if I managed to catch up, I will not chase after her with you holding on to my sleeve! Seventy-three thousand bucks, I am putting that on the Wen elder’s tab, it is best for you to inform him to prepare the money, I will be collecting the payment when I am at the Wen family village!"

Wen Leyang’s back immediately erupted in a layer of goosebumps. His ears were akin to already hearing the First Grandpa that was snarling at him. The grand old man only brought along some mountain products like mushrooms and fungi when he went to the Crow Ridge to propose the marriage. He was unwilling to bring anything that cost money, yet Wen Leyang helped the First Grandfather to spend seventy-three thousand bucks in purchasing a sleeve…

Chang Li snatched back the sleeve from Wen Leyang’s hand with a heartache expression on her face. She no longer acknowledged him anymore, but walked up next to Hanba’s side, and shrugged helplessly, "San Wei is executed, what a waste that we didn’t manage to capture Cone Nail! Maybe next time!"

Hanba shook his head lightly, "My power has deteriorated immensely. I cannot recover without a hundred years’ worth of cultivation. In the following period of time, will you please take care of the Painting Town’s matters."

The short man Leyang Wen was suddenly enlightened, he scolded, "So the both of you had already colluded since the beginning? The final testament of the Painting Town’s first ancestor will be accomplished by the Painting Town’s disciple, there is no need for a demon cat to pretend that she is a good person!"

The disciples of Leyang’s lineage had been taking up the positions of the fallen and continued the effort for the past two thousand years. The enmity in their hearts were accumulated so much, they hated the demon cat Chang Li and had since regarded the final testament and the act of rescuing the demon cat as two different matters.

Hanba’s expression appeared rather helpless. He heaved a sigh gently.

Leyang Wen turned around abruptly and stared towards Second Mother and Chi Maojiu, "Goddamn it I am Leyang Wen, the Painting Town’s descendant, I do not know that they colluded the trick of having themselves tortured to win over the confidence of the enemy. I am genuinely here to seize your witchcraft power here. Now that we have parted ways, the decision to kill or free me is according to your preference!"

Little Chi Maojiu inhaled a deep breath, he shook his head and spoke two words through his clenched teeth, "No harm!"

Leyang Wen sneered once. He stood up and walked in huge strides towards the outside. After he had recuperated for half a day, he had already regained a portion of his strength. Even though the witchcraft power that was inherited from Lue Luo was as weak as a cat, it was still no trivial matter.

However, the short man had only taken a few steps before he heaved a sigh, and turned around once again. He lifted Hanba Fifth Brother strenuously, "I cannot be at peace leaving you behind with this group of people! I will send you to the Corpse-forming land, you need not worry about the rest of the matters!"

Fifth Brother Hanba nodded with a poker face. A strand of warmth rippled silently in his eyes. Together with the short man they supported each other and slowly walked towards the outside, all the way until when they almost walked into the forest. Only then, he turned around and peered at Chang Li once.

The short man Leyang Wen immediately growled in rage, "Don’t you ever beg of her! Die if it is your time to die, the Leyang family will not embarrass ourselves because of this!"

Chang Li behaved contrary to her usual self. Not only was she not infuriated, but she smiled and nodded gently towards Fifth Brother Hanba. She only shifted her gaze when their shadows disappeared into the forest. She muttered to herself in a baffling manner, "I must find a wife for that short man as soon as possible."

Little Chi Maojiu had a rather close relationship with Chang Li. He nodded bravely upon hearing her words, "We must ensure that the Leyang family has an endless stream of disciples, only then we can figure out a way to return them the favor."

Wen Leyang could not catch on to their train of thoughts. He was at a loss whether to laugh or cry as he shook his head and refocused the topic of conversation. He asked Chang Li, "Where have you been all this while?" As he was saying that, he stopped for a while, his expression became serious, "Who is the enemy, who hurt you?"

Chang Li laughed in a constantly changing manner, she used the corners of her eyes to peer at Wen Leyang, "Do you want to avenge me?"

Wen Leyang blushed, he stuttered, "That is for certain, even if I fail…I fail I will still fight him!"

Chang Li burst out laughing, "Good lad, remember this boy, in the entire lifetime of Chang Li, I am the one who others will seek my help to avenge them!"

Upon learning that he needed not to avenge Chang Li, Wen Leyang heaved out a long sigh of relief in his heart. Even with his brain cells that were remolded by the Poison of Life and Death, he understood that just by depending on his abilities, it was impossible for him to avenge Chang Li. He chuckled as he refocused the topic of conversation, "So all these time, where have you been?"

Second Mother had almost recovered at this moment. She was instructing the disciples of Miao Bujiao to welcome Chang Li and the rest into the Miao stockade village. On the other hand, Chang Li was not in a hurry to answer Wen Leyang. She pulled along Second Mother and muttered something to her for a long while. Second Mother’s expression was a combination of helplessness and amusement. She listened to Chang Li as she nodded her head strenuously. She then brought along the Grand Master into her house. After a long while, within the loud sounds of clanking, Chang Li walked out of the house smilingly. Wen Leyang could only sense the vision before his eyes brightened. Chang Li changed herself into a Qing Miao clansman’s lavish attire, the shiny silver ornaments hung all over her body. What a mischievous and flirtatious maiden from the Miao stockade village she was!

However, even though Chang Li was dressed more beautifully, it did not hold up the expression on Wen Leyang’s face that was at a loss whether to laugh or cry. The Grand Master left important matters aside but went to dress up herself into a Miao maiden. The hazy ambiance that was caused by her damaged Chanel sleeve, was washed away cleanly, by her traditional beauty…

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