The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs Webnovel Chapter 673

Chapter 673 Admitting Defeat 2

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It had to be known that Ji Fengyan had never been there and none of the demons had revealed it before.

Yet Ji Fengyan had found it, and obviously, she had known about it some time ago.

Chang Pu tried to recall all his conversations with Ji Fengyan and could not think of any leakage, so he could only hold back secretly.

After returning to the campsite, Zhan Fei did not even want to look at Ji Fengyan at all. With his ashened face, he made his way back to the campsite and only left a sentence, saying that they would discuss how to fight against the demon clan the next day, before disappearing from sight.

Situ Ba had never expressed his opinion ever since the start and only said to Ji Fengyan after seeing her with Chang Pu tied up in her hands, its too dangerous to leave the demons in the campsite. Since General Ji has caught this lowly demon, watch him closely and not let him escape.

After saying that, Situ Ba also left.

It had been a hectic night. Ji Fengyan allowed all the soldiers return for rest and left the job of watching over Chang Pu to Yang Jian.

Upon seeing the strict face on Yang Jian, Chang Pu felt his hopes dashed.

For the past few days, this fellow had been watching over him without resting at all and gave Chang Pu no opportunity to escape.

Seeing Chang Pu brought away Yang Jian, Ji Fengyan then entered Yang Shuns tentage with Liu Huo.

Once they entered, Yang Shun could no longer hold in his laughter.

Zhan Fei has really lost all his face today. He had troubled himself to use the military orders against you but had never thought that you would retaliate. When you suggested for him to enter the demon clans hideout himself, you may not have noticed his expression, it was like he had eaten Haha, I have never had such a good laugh in such a long time, Yang Shun spoke in joy. Ever since they had come here, Zhan Fei and Situ Ba had colluded together to try to gain control over the entire campsite. Now that Zhan Fei was this badly shamed, how would he not feel enjoyable?

He had said it himself, and if he does not believe, I also dont mind bringing him in for a look. Ji Fengyan shrugged her shoulders. After all, she had many ways to escape from the demons. As for Zhan Fei, it did not matter to her.

Yang Shun shook his head as he laughed uncontrollably.

Luckily you have been able to deal with it. Previously, I had forgotten about the military orders and had even panicked. Who could have expected that you have already planned it all out?

If I had not been prepared, wouldnt I have given them a chance to mess with things? Ji Fengyan smiled as she said.

You really have nothing to fear. Yang Shun nodded his head in full satisfaction. Ji Fengyans actions extremely relieved him. It was really rare for someone to be able to defend herself so well at such a young age.

But your action has serious implications. Finding the demon clans hideout is key to this battle. Yang Shun could not help but sigh. The Plains of Corpses was the most difficult place to defend along the borders of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. The major reason for this was that they could not grasp the movements of the demon clan at all.

Not only had Ji Fengyan found their hideout, she had also found the reason for the demons being able to appear and leave as and when. Now, it would help them in their battle greatly.

If we want to deal with the demons here, then we need to understand the passageways underneath the Plain of Corpses and this is going to be a tedious task. Yang Shun rubbed his chin and started to think hard.


Ji Fengyan directly took out a big piece of rolled-up map from the Space Soul Jade and opened it up on the table.

Are you referring to this? She looked towards Yang Shun.

[Mini theatre]

Little crazy brat: Please vote for us.

Mou Bei: Oh my! Since when have you been this full of initiative?

Little crazy brat: Didnt you drag me out for this?

Mou Bei: You have indeed learnt well.

Liu Huo: Write more about my little Liu Huo!

Mou Bei: I knew that you werent this fillial

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