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The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs Book 2 Chapter 307

"What nonsense are you spouting? What can Ji Fengyan even be considered as? She is also fit to be the terminator?" Ji Qiu scoffed.

Ji Linglong's brows frowned slightly. She could tell the contempt that he had for Ji Fengyan from his tone.


This would change nothing.

She sighed softly.

"Father, is being the terminator really that great?" Ji Linglong looked at Ji Qiu.

Ji Qiu snorted and did not respond.

Ji Linglong said without a choice, "Maybe the terminator is a glorious title, but Father, have you not realised? No matter how strong a terminator is, once they are on the battlefield, they cannot back out at all. How many terminators do the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon have? Other than the time that they were repairing their World-Termination-Armour that they could temporarily leave the battlefield which other terminator had not died on the battlefield? Do you really want Ji Mubai to become one of them?"

"That is because they are incapable!" Ji Qiu said coldly.

Ji Linglong looked at the stubborn Ji Qiu and eventually did not continue. She left with her snow leopard. When she was about to walk out of the main hall, she suddenly stopped.

"Father, if you wish for the peace of Ji family, then… you should give up on your crazy idea early. Grandfather would definitely not allow you to do anything that goes against the family rules," after she said that, she left silently.


Was it really that great?

She thought that it was only laughable.

Seeing Ji Linglong leave, Ji Qiu's face was ghastly.

"Such a heartless and unfilial child!" Ji Qiu roared.

Ji He, who was at the side, immediately said, "Brother, don't be angry. Linglong has spent too little time at home. Her body has been weak since a young age and her temperament is slightly eccentric, you shouldn't take it to heart."

"She is so useless—unable to accomplish anything but still ruining so many things. She's exactly the same as her incapable mother!" Ji Qiu scoffed.

Ji He did not dare to say anything else.

"What's the situation at Lei family?" Ji Qiu frowned as he asked Ji He.

Ji He said, "There was also a slight variation in what the Lei family claimed that Ji Fengyan had done."

"Did father mention when he will be back?" Ji Qiu asked.

"About one month later."

"Then we should settle these matters as soon as possible." Ji Qiu narrowed his eyes. "The day for Fifth Brother to be buried has already been chosen. From what Linglong had said, she had already passed the news on to Ji Fengyan. Think of a plan tomorrow and find someone unrelated to leak the news to Lei family."

"Eldest Brother… You are still thinking of…" Ji He was surprised.

Ji Qiu laughed coldly. "Even if Linglong was immature, are you also the same? How honorable do you think the title of the terminator was? Do you really want to give it up to Ji Fengyan that brat? Moreover, don't forget that since young, our Ji family had not treated Ji Fengyan kindly at all. If she had earned credit on the battlefield, do you think she would Ji family with her terminator identity? You must be kidding me! Since we have already become enemies, we eventually have to make an end to it."

Ji He thought about it and agreed. "But even Lei family was angry, they would not dare to be forceful with Ji Fengyan, right? They had already suffered previously, do you think that they would foolishly continue?"

Ji Qiu waved his hands and his lips curled into a sinister grin.

"Previously, the Lei family wouldn't dare to. But now… it may not be the case anymore."

"What do you mean?" Ji He could not help but ask.

But Ji Qiu did not intend to explain further.

"You don't have to ask so much. Just follow what I have told you. We have to let Lei family know about the news as soon as possible. On the day that Fifth Brother's body is buried, we can also do the same for Ji Fengyan. This will save us another round of trouble." Ji Qiu's eyes were narrowed and his eyes filled with such an evil that it made people's hair stand.

Ji He listened at the side and had already felt that he was in cold sweat. He could faintly feel that Ji Qiu was about to create a huge scene again.

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