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The Invincible Dragon Emperor summary:

Description On the Great Land of China, forces clashed for the sake of supremacy and Bloodline Warriors ran amok; the conflict of the strong threatened to shatter heaven and earth. A young man named Lu Li—nothing more than a humble Coffin Carrier from the Northern Desert—came along with Lu Ling, his sister. The two were regarded as puny insects and bullied, but little did people know that Lu Li had the strongest Bloodline of them all in him. He mounted the most handsome of horses and drank the strongest of wines; He bedded the most beautiful of ladies and murdered the most hated of people; He told a huge lie and carried with him an ill-reputation undeserved; He traveled all by his lonesome and danced with devils; He had given his word that he would come back, that he would be strong. And it was because of this that she was still waiting in the city—alone. 不灭龙帝

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The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 758 Trap3 months ago
Chapter 743 Relic4 months ago
Chapter 734 A Bet4 months ago
Chapter 731 Fiend4 months ago
Chapter 689: Home5 months ago
Chapter 647: Plot6 months ago
Chapter 603: Hope7 months ago
Chapter 538: Glib8 months ago
Chapter 514: Plot9 months ago
Chapter 489: Deal10 months ago
Chapter 459: Plan10 months ago
Chapter 451: Jinx11 months ago
Chapter 430: Jerks11 months ago
Chapter 418: Move11 months ago
Chapter 407: Hags11 months ago
Chapter 359: Alive11 months ago
Chapter 353: Aunt?11 months ago
Chapter 331: A Bet11 months ago
Chapter 304: Skill11 months ago
Chapter 288: Jinx11 months ago
Chapter 222: Him11 months ago
Chapter 200: Siren11 months ago
Chapter 197: Force11 months ago
Chapter 186: Demon11 months ago
Chapter 178: Dirty11 months ago
Unique Enchantment11 months ago
He Can Afford It11 months ago
Competition11 months ago
I Must Have It! 11 months ago
Idiot11 months ago
Interspatial Ring11 months ago
So Many Mysteries11 months ago
Ten Divine Spells11 months ago
Hand of God11 months ago
Cannibals?11 months ago
Small World11 months ago
Rare Treasure11 months ago
Grave Consequences11 months ago
Bai Xiashuang11 months ago
A Deceived Person11 months ago
Hunchback Tian11 months ago
Island Owner Lu11 months ago
Futile Efforts11 months ago
A Ruthless Killer11 months ago
Ming Yu11 months ago
Nicely Done11 months ago
Taking Pellets11 months ago
Idiots11 months ago
Coward11 months ago
All Must Die11 months ago
Sucker11 months ago
A Favor from Lu Li11 months ago
Huge Temptation11 months ago
Breath of Death11 months ago
Prepare to Die!11 months ago
Scram!11 months ago
Something is Off11 months ago
Shopping at Will11 months ago
Madam Yan11 months ago
Just Friends11 months ago
Cul-de-sac11 months ago
Over-boasted11 months ago
Two Paths11 months ago
Breakout11 months ago
Wait For Me11 months ago
Heartless11 months ago
Sister, My Sister11 months ago
Fire Phoenix Birth11 months ago
Fate Wheel11 months ago
Cripple Zhao Rui11 months ago
Him?11 months ago
Lu Li in Battle11 months ago
A Cowardly Person11 months ago
The War Is Coming11 months ago
Air Whirl11 months ago
Changing Destiny11 months ago
Being Targeted11 months ago
Ungrateful Soul11 months ago
At All Costs11 months ago
Not A Young Master11 months ago
Did you kill them?11 months ago
Go Back Down11 months ago
Strike Back11 months ago
At His Fingertips11 months ago
So Near Yet So Far11 months ago
Appalling11 months ago
Efforts Wasted11 months ago
Roll the Dice11 months ago
Your Burial Ground11 months ago
Foes Met11 months ago
Target Spotted11 months ago
Weal or Woe?11 months ago
Bloodline Altar11 months ago
Little White11 months ago
Great Losses11 months ago
I Will Go With You11 months ago
Heaven Kylin Sword11 months ago
Got Lucky11 months ago
The Assessment11 months ago
The Temple11 months ago
Xuan Energy11 months ago
Guest Warrior11 months ago
Anyone Else?11 months ago
Men Should Kill11 months ago
Crazy Woman11 months ago
The Ultimate Price11 months ago
Demon in the Wild11 months ago
I Will Not Leave11 months ago
You Are Screwed11 months ago
I Will Neuter You11 months ago
Cripple Him!11 months ago
Xuan Beast Roar11 months ago
Chapter 5: Freak11 months ago
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