The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 709

Chapter 709: Divine Skill
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The Token of the Blood Emperor was once known as the calling from Yama. Where the Token of the Blood Emperor was, the family would end up in destruction.

The Token of the Blood Emperor was authentic, and it was impossible to have a counterfeit one. However, owning the Token of the Blood Emperor didn't necessarily make Lu Li the apprentice of the Blood Emperor. What if the Blood Emperor had lost one? What if he had died and Lu Li just happen to get one?

It had been several hundred years since the Blood Emperor made an appearance at the Central Imperial Universe. Nobody knew whether he was dead or alive. As one of the overlords at the Central Imperial Universe, Leng Family wasn't convinced that Lu Li was the apprentice of the Blood Emperor. If it turned out that Lu Li was fooling them, they would end up shamed.

Therefore, per the instruction of Leng Wushang, Leng Wumi had indicated for Lu Li to demonstrate his skills as a way to prove his identity. Leng Wumi was a sweet girl of about 16 or 17. Being innocent, she was the perfect person to ask the question.

Lu Li knew clearly that he was being tested. If he could not pass the test, he would not be able to carry out the rest of his plan. He had already decided to live in the Leng Family and make himself the honored guest of the Leng Family. He would take advantage of the resources from the Leng Family to cultivate. Also, in this way, he could get supplies of antidote from Leng Wuxin. Then, he could figure out how to get out gradually.

After some thoughts, he said to Leng Wumi with a smile, "Young Lady Wumi, as you can see, I have a very low realm. How can I learn my master's divine skills? I am sorry, but I will have to disappoint you."

Leng Wumi was not the only one disappointed, even Leng Wushang appeared to be so. They wouldn't be able to witness the Blood Emperor's divine skill. Worse, they couldn't confirm Lu Li's identity.

That being said, Lu Li's realm was low indeed. It would be difficult for him to learn the Blood Emperor's divine skill. He might try, but with his current realm, he would not be able to actually put the skills into use.

Lu Li took in all the reactions. He grinned and said, "My master didn't teach me the divine skills, but he did teach me another magic. It is created by my master himself. If you want to take a look, Young Master Wumi, I wouldn't mind showing you that."


Lu Li's words interested them all. Leng Wushang threw several young ladies a look, and they, including Leng Wumi, applauded. Even Leng Wuxin seemed to be eager to see.

"Ha, ha, ha!" Standing up, Lu Li said, "This room is not suitable. How about we go outside?"

Leng Wushang stood up and said, "Young Master Lu, come with me. We have a drill hall. We can go there. We look forward to seeing your skill."

Leng Wushang led them out and went to another hall. It was empty, but the walls glistened with Inhibition Formation. It was an advanced drill hall.

Lu Li took a look and asked, "How strong is the drill hall's Inhibition Formations?"

A trace of ridicule flashed passed two young masters' eyes. Leng Wushang laughed and said, "Young Master Lu, do as you will. This drill hall is okay. Moreover if you destroy it, will be fine."

Leng Wushang's words were polite, but he was indicating that he didn't believe Lu Li would actually destroy the hall. No average Human Sovereign Realm warrior would be able to do that, not to mention Lu Li who was merely at the Noble Lord Realm.


Lu Li nodded. He hadn't used the Rising Dragon Skill after reaching the Noble Lord Realm. Taking the chance, he could test its power and see if he would become so weak after using it.

Xuan Energy glowed around his hand. He started to generate various kinds of strange images. Everything seemed mysterious as if Lu Li was about to release something profound.

Leng Wuxin put on a faint smile. She had seen Lu Li's Rising Dragon Skill, and it was okay. The skill was why she had chosen to take Lu Li to the Central Imperial Universe. She felt funny that Lu Li was purposely making a mystery of simple things.


Lu Li generated dozens of images, but the group was getting impatient. Finally, there came a silver glow from behind Lu Li. Following that, a silver dragon whooshed out from his back and hovered in the sky.

The huge dragon made no sound, but they all felt it was like a real dragon. The coldness and sparkle from the silver scales made everyone feel chilly.


Several young masters and young ladies stepped backward out of instinct, fearing that the silver dragon would come and tear them apart.

The silver dragon whooshed up and soon disappeared, leaving the others speechless. So, was Lu Li's skill more fancy than practical?

"Swish, swish~"

In front of them, the space around a wall suddenly cracked as a huge dragon claw appeared. It reached out to the wall. The qi and energy from the dragon were so horrifying that everyone in the drill hall felt short of breath.

In that moment!

The Inhibition Formations on the walls of the drill hall became glaringly bright. However, after the time for only one breath, the glow died down. The dragon claw pierced through the Inhibition Formations and made a hole in a wall.

"Boom, boom, boom~"

Since the Inhibition Formations in the drill hall were destroyed, the walls soon collapsed. Then, the entire hall began to tumble down. Leng Wushang and the others looked at each other in surprise. They flew out quickly so that they wouldn't be buried alive in the hall.


When everyone got out of the hall, it eventually fell down, stirring up dust and causing the ground to shake, which produced a loud noise.

"Swish, swish, swish~"

Many warriors were alarmed and came over. Many were Human Sovereign Realm leaders. Leng Wushang waved them away and said, "It's okay. We are practicing."

The warriors left. Dirt was flying out from the ruins. Lu Li came out, but he didn't look pale like before. With the improvement in his realm, he had an easier time to release the Rising Dragon Skill. He apologized, "Young Master Wushang, I am very sorry for ruining your family's property."

"Ha, ha, ha!"

Leng Wushang flew over. Even though Lu Li was covered in dirt, Leng Wushang still took his hand friendly and said, "Young Master Lu, it is okay. It is just a hall. I wouldn't mind even if it were 100 halls. Ha, ha, ha, Young Master Lu, let's go drink."

"Brother Lu, that is awesome!"

Leng Wumi and several others came over as well. The several young ladies' eyes were glowing. Leng Wuxin came as well, pretending to be admired and shocked.

From Young Master Lu to Brother Lu, the change soothed Lu Li. Clearly, he had outdone himself, and it had helped him pass Leng Family's test.

Some senior warriors of the Leng Family might have determined that Lu Li's skill was learned from the Blood Emperor. For now, Lu Li's identity was confirmed.

The Rising Dragon Skill appeared to be more powerful. What was morewith no Bloodline mark, the others couldn't tell that this wasn't a Bloodline Skill. They all believed that it was a secret skill, a divine skill!

Needless to say, the divine skill was more than powerful if it could reach such an amazing level when released by a Noble Lord Realm warrior. It was highly likely that Lu Li was the apprentice of the Blood Emperor.

Nobody could say for sure that the Blood Emperor had gone to the Prison of Soul. However, on the off chance that it was real and the Blood Emperor did survive the Prison of Soul, then he could become one of the most powerful warriors of the entire universe.

There was no reason that the Leng Family wouldn't win Lu Li over, an apprentice of a potentially world famous warrior. Leng Family would already stand to benefit if they could get the skill from Lu Li even if they couldn't be connected to the Blood Emperor.

"Phew, phew~"

Lu Li breathed out. Leng Family's attitude toward him had changed. He had finally made the first step. For now, he could live in the Leng Family. As for the future, he had to think accordingly.
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