The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 710

Chapter 710: Once and for All
Translator: Panda_Penn Editor: Chrissy

The banquet resumed after they took showers and changed into clean robes.

Actually, Lu Li was not a fan of this kind of banquet. However, he had to play the hypocrite with every semblance of sincerity. Dozens of people toasted to him. He had become a bit dizzy.

Leng Wushang was being unusually friendly, but Lu Li understood this was the second round of test. They wanted to get him drunk so that they could get some information. After all, people tend to babble when drunk.

However, they had underestimated Lu Li. When Jiang Qiling treated him with the Bloody Rose, the strongest liquor at the Central Plains, Lu Li could still walk back even when drunk. His willpower was strong. The young masters and young ladies were over-confident, thinking that they could obtain information by getting Lu Li drunk.

Lu Li knew how to join in for the fun of it. He looked around the several pretty young ladies of the Leng Family with lust in his eyes and didn't conceal any desire he had in his heart.

When he was looking at Leng Wuxin and Leng Wumi, the desire was more evident. Leng Wuxin could feel it so strongly that she wanted to find a chance to beat Lu Li up.

Lu Li was doing this on purpose!

He wanted to leave the impression to the Leng Family that he had his eyes on the Leng Family's young ladies, and that he was a man womanizer. This was the way for him to stay here openly. It would be reasonable that he found himself alone after his master went to the Prison of Soul, and he took the chance to stay at the Leng Family and make a pass at Leng Family young ladies.

Leng Wushang and some of the others disdained Lu Li for being so lascivious. From little, they were educated by the Leng Family that men were destined for great things, and they couldn't give up their cause for the sake of women. On second thoughts, the young masters believed Lu Li's behavior was normal given that he was a country bumpkin that had grown up in the Purgatory of Primordial Chaos, and that it might be the first time for him to meet so many beautiful young ladies.

Leng Wumi and some other young ladies tried to get some information from Lu Li under the instruction of Leng Wushang. Lu Li said all he knew without any reservation. However, his answers were rehearsed. He rarely touched upon the topic of the Blood Emperor. His replies could hold water.

The banquet continued till midnight. Lu Li was hammered. Leng Wushang had him sent back to a yard to rest, and the rest of the party broke up as well.

After Lu Li was gone, Leng Wushang walked to the back of the hall. He walked around many halls and entered one that was majestic looking. In the study, he met with a graceful middle-aged man in a golden robe.

The golden-robed middle-aged man didn't seem to have aged. He was more like Leng Wushang's big brother. But his impressive and dignified manner made him lool like a beast resting behind a desk.


Leng Wushang bowed and said. The middle-aged man was the current monarch of the Leng Dynasty. Of course being a monarch didn't necessarily make him the head of the family. The current head of Leng Family was Leng Wushang's grandpa, who rarely managed the miscellaneous things. The affairs of the family were being managed by Leng Wushang's father, Leng Tianhen.

Leng Tianhen nodded. Putting down the scroll, he turned to Leng Wushang and asked, "So, how was it? Did you find anything wrong with him?"

Leng Wushang shook his head and replied, "I don't think there is anything. Wumi tried to get something from him, but he said nothing important. I don't know whether he was pretending to be drunk or he really didn't know much."

Leng Tianhen gave no response. After a while, he said, "That skill is powerful, and I have never heard of it. I don't think it is a skill that can be created by just anybody. The Blood Emperor is a fan of creating many skills. I think it might be real."


Leng Wushang nodded and continued after some thoughts, "I think he is interested in Wuxin and Wumi. Should I send them to get some information later on?"


Leng Wushang said with resolute, "Go ahead and make arrangements. Before we get a clear picture, treat him nicely. The Blood Emperor is untamed. If we really upset him, it can be very troublesome."


Leng Wushang nodded and then left. Leng Tianhen looked on in satisfaction. He had many sons, but this youngest one was his favorite. He had the best talent, and he was also the most intelligent. If trained well, he could lead the Leng Family to a more promising future.

Lu Li fell soundly asleep as soon as he went back. He could have forced the alcohol in his system out, but he had chosen to enjoy a good night's sleep.

When sleeping deeply in a completely strange environment, others might find him confident and not worried that the Leng Family would harm him.

He slept till noon the next day. Maids were ready to wait on him. When he woke up, the maids helped him to clean up and told him that Leng Wushang had prepared a luncheon in his honor. Young masters and young ladies from other big families in the City of Leng were invited as a way to show Lu Li respect.

Lu Li was unwilling to go. When would the parties end? That being said, he had to brace himself up to deal with the parties. When he was ready, Leng Wuxin and Leng Wumi came to invite Lu Li to the luncheon in person.

Leng Wuxin had donned a light cyan dress, pretending to be an ice fox. Leng Wumi, on the other hand, was wearing a pink dress and acted as an innocent little princess. Both of them were breathtakingly beautiful. They came in like two dancing butterflies. Lu Li felt dazzled.

Leng Wuxin hadn't spoken with Lu Li alone or given him any hint. At the moment, she even pretended to be aloof and reserved. On the contrary, Leng Wumi was much enthusiastic. She spoke to Lu Li sweetly with admiration in her eyes. Lu Li was rendered speechless.

Leng Wumi was only 16 or 17, but she was already at the Noble Lord Realm. It seemed that she could reach the Human Sovereign Realm at any time now. She was well-equipped, and she must be capable. However, she was acting like a smitten girl.

Which young lady from a distinguished household would act like this? Lu Li wouldn't believe it even if he were daft. Leng Wumi must have been given orders from the family to be friendly to him so that they could acquire some information.

The luncheon was boring. The number of guests reached more than 100. Lu Li couldn't remember all their faces and names. He would just go with Leng Wushang as he introduced the guests. Many toasted to Lu Li, and they would say they had heard a lot about him. Lu Li felt sick listening to this. What was there to hear about

Once again, he was hammered at luncheon. In the end, Leng Wushang sent Lu Li back in person, stated that he might go out for business in the coming days, and that Lu Li should make himself at home at the Leng Family. He could ask the steward for anything he might need. Leng Wuxin and Leng Wumi would be here to go around with him. Leng Wushang even said he would come back to keep Lu Li company after the business was done.

Lu Li understood the underlying meaning. Leng Wushang was a man of high position, and it was enough for him to accompany Lu Li to two parties. He didn't have any intention of wasting more time with Lu Li. Instead, Leng Wuxin and Leng Wumi would hang out with him. Leng Wushang stated that Lu Li's needs would all be met, and he could live comfortably here. The Leng Family could support him.

Taking advantage of being drunk, Lu Li talked intimately with Leng Wushuang and said how grateful he was. He complained about his days of suffering at the Purgatory of Primordial Chaos, and how touched he was that he was being treated so nicely at the Leng Family. He stated Leng Wushang was treating him like a real brother, and he appreciated it very much, intending to become sworn brothers and drink blood for the union

Leng Wushang pretended to be polite even though he almost threw up after hearing Lu Li's words. He insisted for Lu Li to live at the Leng Family indefinitely or at least till the Blood Emperor came back from the Prison of Darkness. He said that although they had yet to become sworn brothers, he already felt a deep connection with Lu Li and regretted not meeting Lu Li earlier


When Leng Wushang finally left because he couldn't stand it any longer, Lu Li went to bed and pretended to have fallen asleep. He sighed and said to himself that he didn't have to deal with Leng Wushang from now on.

He would have the opportunity to contact Leng Wuxin individually. It was about time for her to give him the first batch of antidote. What should he do down the road was worth thinking about.

"Should I just kill Leng Wuxin when the time is right? Then I can find a way to get rid of the venom and then run away. With the reputation from the Blood Emperor, I don't suppose the Leng Family will do anything to me."

A bold idea came to Lu Li's mind. If he could relieve himself of the venom, then he would settle the matter once and for all.
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