The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 711

Chapter 711: Sink or Swim
Translator: Panda_Penn Editor: Chrissy

Why had Lu Li come to the Leng Family? What was the reason that forced him to go out of his way to kill Leng Wushang? Everything was because of Leng Wuxin. Disobeying her might lead to his death by poison which would corrode his entire body.

To take control of Leng Wuxin and force her to give him all the antidotes would be the solution for it all. However, how could it be done?

A bitter smile climbed to Lu Li's face. He had reached the Noble Lord Realm, and the Rising Dragon Skill seemed to have been enhanced. After using the Rising Dragon Skill the last time, he didn't feel too tired.

That being said, he wasn't completely sure that he could take down Leng Wuxin. This pretty lady didn't just have a pretty face. She had ninth rank Bloodline and Quasi Relics. Not even god could help Lu Li should he take action when not fully prepared.

He gradually fell asleep while messy thoughts ran wild in his mind. When he woke up, it was already after dark. A maid was waiting on the side. She told him that Leng Wumi and Leng Wuxin had sent their maids over to invite Lu Li on a night tour in the City of Leng.

"Why not!"

Lu Li was longing for some alone time with Leng Wuxin. He told the maid to accept Leng Wuxin's invitation but to turn down Leng Wumi's. Two young ladies from the Leng Family had extended an invitation to Lu Li. They must want to see which one of them interested Lu Li more.

Lu Li took a shower and changed into a beautiful robe with a jade belt around his waist. He put on a pair of white boots and held a folded fan in his hand. This look made him more like a handsome gentleman.

Under the moonlight, two luxurious chariots flew out from Leng Family mansion. The beasts pulling the chariots were beautiful black panthers with fire patterns on their bodies. A team of warriors was assigned to Lu Li and Leng Wuxin respectively.

Leng Wuxin sat in the chariot in the front. She had been acting in a reserved way and had only come out once when Lu Li was boarding his chariot. For the rest of the time, she remained seated in her chariot.

Two chariots exited the city soon. They arrived in a huge valley outside the eastern side of the City of Leng. The valley harbored magical views like a purple waterfall.

Three thousand miles to the east of the city, a purple waterfall cascaded down. It was a spectacular view. The purple color of the water wasn't human-induced but naturally formed. There lived a strange species of fish which could generate a special energy to turn the water purple.

"Young Master Lu, here is the famous purple waterfall of the Leng Dynasty"

The light blue straight dress Leng Wuxin put on today had a low cut, which made room for her sapphire necklace. She wore her hair in a bun, and two purple gem earrings were dangling from her earlobes. This outfit added an extra touch of shyness and dignity to her.

Given that she didn't show any enthusiasm particularly, she was more like a cold fox. But that could stir up the desire in a man. Standing by the pond and pointing to the waterfall, she had her beauty accentuated by the view. Lu Li felt he was intrigued.

He seemed to have fallen for her. He nodded and said, "Beautiful, very beautiful!"

Leng Wuxin noticed that he wasn't even looking at the waterfall but staring at her. Her cheeks blushed and she turned away shyly.

Lu Li's eyes were glued to Leng Wuxin. After a while, he gave the guards a glance and said, "Lady Wuxin, this is a perfect opportunity in such a picturesque place. How about we have a walk around here? Well tell your guards that they don't need to follow us around. They can just cordon off this area. Don't worry. I will protect you."

The guards felt disgusted by Lu Li's words. As a Noble Lord Realm warrior, Lu Li sure could talk big. The most favored young lady didn't earn her name only by her looks. She was actually a very capable fighter.

Leng Wuxin waved the guards away, her cheeks still rosy. She led Lu Li to the distance along the pond. Lu Li followed her, fawning at her while the guards scattered out to inspect.


They were getting closer to the purple waterfall. The noise from it became louder and louder. Leng Wuxin walked for a while. Then, she closed her eyes to sense the surroundings and made sure that they weren't followed. At the moment, nobody was checking on them with psychic power. Afterward, she turned back and glared at Lu Li.

When she noticed Lu Li looking toward her neckline, she said angrily, "What are you doing? I will dig your eyes out."

"Ha, ha~"

Looking away, Lu Li grinned and said, "I am trying to make it real. Lady Wuxin, where is the antidote?"

The deadline hadn't come yet, but Lu Li was already worried about the antidote. He could only rest after he had acquired one portion. Leng Wuxin didn't reply. She took out a piece of cloth and two cushion, a table, some fruits, and a bottle of fine wine.

Lu Li understood her intention. He helped her set the table. They were going to act like they were enjoying the wine and the view by the waterfall so that the guards wouldn't find them strange when looking over from the distance.

Leng Wuxin took out one piece of fruit and said, "The antidote is in there. It will give you another six months' time. You can eat it in two months."

Lu Li used psychic power to check and found a pellet inside. He put the fruit into his Interspatial Ring calmly and asked, "Lady Wuxin, you have knowledge of such a potent venom. Why don't you justpoison him to death?"

"If it was that easy, why would I need you?"

Leng Wuxin rolled her eyes and continued, "My younger brother is given a piece of treasure from the family. It can protect him from any type of poison."

Lu Li nodded and asked another question, "What should I do now? I think I can live in your family for a period of time, but I don't suppose I will be able to hang out in your family to cultivate for years or dozens of years. But with my capability, I will not be able to kill your brother now."

"Who the hell told you to pass as the Blood Emperor's apprentice?" The topic made Leng Wuxin furious. "Where did you get the Token of the Blood Emperor? I thought I told you to pretend to be the Skyline's apprentice."

"I accidentally picked up the token. I didn't know that the Blood Emperor was so famous"

Lu Li said embarrassedly. Then he explained how he picked the token up and how he met with Leng Wuxue. But he did leave out the part where Yin Qingsi came in. He didn't think Leng Wuxue would tell Leng Wuxin about this encounter. At most, Leng Wuxue would notify the family, but Leng Wuxin didn't have access to this type of information yet.

As Lu Li had expected, Leng Wuxin hadn't heard about Yin Qingsi. Leng Wuxin said with a frown, "This is bad. You just have to choose to act as the apprentice of the Blood Emperor. In a month's time, a senior in our family is going to explore the Prison of Soul. If he couldn't find the Blood Emperor there, he would know you were lying."


Lu Li was taken aback. How unlucky he was! How could a senior of the Leng Family happen to go to the Prison of Soul? His eyebrows knitted together as he said, "What should I do now? What is done cannot be undone."

"Go to the Forbidden Ground of Elder God!"

After thinking for the time for half an incense stick to burn, Leng Wuxin made up her mind and said, "In half a month, Leng Wushang will be going to the Forbidden Ground of Elder God for experience and cultivation. I didn't want to go, but now that I thought about it, I will take the trip. You just act in a way like you are obsessed over me, and you will go to the Forbidden Ground of Elder God with us. In there, you try your best to improve your abilities and kill Leng Wushang. This time, I think we will be staying there for a year. If you cannot kill him in this period of time, you will have to see your life go away at the Forbidden Ground of Elder God."


Lu Li's eyes were wide open in shock. What could he possibly do in a year's time? He could cultivate desperately, but the best he would be able to do was most likely to reach the middle or later stage of the Noble Lord Realm.

On the other hand, Leng Wushang could beat other Human Sovereign Realm warriors, and he was equipped with Quasi Relics. What was more, there would be Earth Immortal Realm warriors there to protect him. Lu Li could die for a hundred times, but he still wouldn't be able to murder Leng Wushang.

"There is no other way!"

Leng Wuxin shook her head and said, "Once our senior goes to the Prison of Soul, your cover will be blown soon. By then, you will have no more chance to approach Leng Wushang. This is the last chance you have. You sink or swim."

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