The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 750


Three young masters were begging for mercy. Those kept inside the Wicked Bead were seized with terror. But Lu Li kept a pokerface.

In the Forbidden Ground of Elder God, Leng Wuxin had pulled him back to reality with that slap. He was taught to understand the real situation he was in. For the universes, he was none other than a puny bug. Nobody would feel sorry for killing him.

Therefore, he must become cold-blooded and cruel. He must have no mercy. Only by demonstrating resoluteness while executing others could he earn himself a chance to survive. Any failure could lead to his ultimate destruction.

Jun Hongye and the others were still hesitating. All of a sudden, from the north came a stream of blood-red light, dashing toward the three young masters outside the Wicked Bead directly.

“How dare you!”

Jun Hongye blew a fuse. His robes were blown up. He pulled on his robes with efforts and then the clothes flew out. They turned into a flag, shielding the blood-red light.


However, from another direction, a shadow of spear gradually emerged in front of the three young masters. The spear pierced through, and the three young master’s heads were blasted off.

“Ha, ha, ha!”

From the north came loud laughs. Wu Guangde’s voice was heard by all, “Jun Hongye, this is where it gets you for murdering our people!”

“Wu Guangde, Chen Tianxian!”

Jun Hongye was burning with rage. He rushed over like a falcon. Another Semi-God Realm warrior of the Jun Family and those of the Ren Family and the Li Family were fuming with anger as well. They joined in the pursuit.

“Ha, ha!”

Inside the Wicked Bead, Lu Li grinned. An internal struggle would turn out to be favorable to him. The Wicked Bead was no longer under strong attacks. After all, the depletion of energy was real.

The Earth Immortal Realm warriors looked at each other, not knowing what to do. They did not have the guts to go after Semi-God Realm warriors. All they could do now was to stand where they were.

Lu Li left them alone. He began to cultivate again. Xuan Energy could grow very quickly in the Wicked Bead. He just felt sorry that his Soul Pond was not growing as fast or else he would be reaching the later stage of the Noble Lord Realm in a short time. He could tell that he had made huge progress in Profound Meanings, though.

The situation outside returned to peace. It was four days later when the five Semi-God Realm warriors came back. The five looked gloomy, a clear indication that they were not able to kill Wu Guangde and Chen Tianxian.

When Jun Hongye came back, he looked at the Wicked Bead and shouted directly, “Lu Li, let go of Mengchen and all the others. We will go back to our individual universes, and we will never come to the Central Imperial Universe again. How is that?”


Li Family Patriarch added, “Lu Li, don’t go too far. A man must be honest and sincere. We have destroyed the Leng Family for you. What more do you want? Do you still hope to survive in the four major universes and the five minor universes? Are you really not afraid that we will track down your family and kill all related to you?”


Ren Family warrior spoke next, “Lu Li, name your conditions. We can discuss them as long as they are within reason.”

Silence again!

Jun Hongye made up his mind. He looked at the others. Ren Family and Li Family people felt they had no other choice but to agree.

“Attack at the bead!”

Jun Hongye waved his hand. The more than 40 Earth Immortal Realm warriors obeyed and began to storm the bead. The five Semi-God Realm warriors joined them as well. They had decided to let go of Meng Chen and the other disciples.

That was right!

Lu Li’s attitude had made them desperate. He was too discreet. He had demonstrated that he would not release the captured unless his safety could be protected.

But the thing was

The world was big. Where could he find safety?

None present here knew Lu Li was from the Heaven Reverse Universe. They regarded him as someone from one of the universes. Therefore, they believed that Lu Li could run to the end of the world, but they could still hunt him down.

Lu Li would not release people easily. If so, a prompt and a resolute action must be taken. Their own disciples needed to be sacrificed. The Wicked Bead must be taken over.

Leaders of the four families had reached a consensus. Whichever family that had the Wicked Bead must compensate the other three families intensively. By no means should the four families resort to dog-eat-dog ways.

A Relic!

It was something everyone would want.

When the Relic was taken and controlled, the owner’s ability would be greatly enhanced. No Semi-God Realm warrior would be able to withstand the power of a Relic. Then, the owner would fear no family’s challenges.

Five Semi-God Realm warriors and 40 Earth Immortal Realm warriors pounded on the Wicked Bead which was glistening constantly. Lu Li felt very disturbed. Obviously, those people were determined to crack the Wicked Bead open. The energy in the bead was decreasing quickly under the constant attack. The bead might only be able to sustain for a year or two.

“I am sorry. It is your family warriors that want you dead!”

A glint of coldness rose in Lu Li’s eyes as he turned to Jun Mengchen and the others. Jun Mengchen was frightened and so was everyone else. Lu Li felt nothing. He sent all young disciples, except for Leng Wuxin, out.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom~”

The outside space was filled with lights of various kinds. The dozens people never stopped their actions. When the young disciples were sent out, they were submerged in the arrays of attacks instantly

Their Quasi Relic armors had been removed by Lu Li. Needless to say, they were all blasted into dust. There was no saving of them any more


Jun Hongye yelled in sorrow. It hurt him greatly to see his favorite grandson being reduced to a pile of flesh. In an instant, it seemed that Jun Hongye was dozens years older.

The Ren Family and Li Family warriors flew into violent rage. Their attacks became even stronger. They even started to use powerful Profound Meanings.

“You have asked for this!”

They heard Lu Li’s indifferent voice, “It is your greed that have killed them. I am not the heartless one. The real cruel people here are you.”

With that said, Lu Li ignored all of them. He began to pour in Xuan Energy to the bead like crazy. He poured all the Xuan Energy he cultivated into the Wicked Bead, attempting to dissolve the first layer of seal more quickly.

“This is good~”

Lu Li sensed that the speed of dissolving had been increase by several times as he poured more Xuan Energy in. At this rate, he would be able to dissolve the first layer of seal in, at most, a year.

He had put all his hopes on the first layer of seal. If he still could not protect himself after the seal was lifted, then he would accept the fact that he was going to be buried here.

Lu Li kept on cultivating, but the nine Earth Immortal Realm warriors spent their days in jitters. They could figure out the situation outside from Lu Li’s words. Their young masters and young ladies had all perished. Would Lu Li throw them outside as well? Nobody could say for sure.

Leng Wuxin was making the antidote in a corner. Her emotions had died. She was not sure that the Leng Family was already gone, but she believed that it was pretty much true. The Leng Family could not have survived the allied attack from all those families.

If Leng Wuxin could commit suicide, she would have done so!

Because of one decision of her, she had led to the death of so many in the Leng Family. The feeling left her in a half-dead state. She regretted going into the Inferno and getting Lu Li involved.

Lu Li focused his mind on cultivation. He made the utmost effort to generate Xuan Energy and then poured all into the Wicked Bead to crack the first layer of sea.

The five Semi-God Realm and 40 Earth Immortal Realm warriors were still slamming the Wicked Bead wildly. Jun Hongye and the others had promised themselvesthey would crack the bead open and rip Lu Li into pieces even if it was going to cost all their lives.

The families’ authorities allowed for no challenges, let alone from a Noble Lord Realm warrior. For the families, this was a burning shame, an intolerable disgrace

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