The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 751


An entire month had passed!

Those people had been pounding on the bead for one month. The Wicked Bead was still glowing. There was no indication that it was about to collapse.

One good thing was that neither Wu Guangde nor Chen Tianxian showed up during the month. Last time, five angry Semi-God Realm warriors went after the two for days and nights. Both of them were hurt. They should be hiding somewhere to recover at the moment.

No message was sent by the Feng Dynasty and the Qi Dynasty. They were unwilling to get involved, it seemed. They did send over more scouts to keep an eye on the situation, though. Jun Hongye ignored the scouts. He didn’t want to offend the two dynasties so he turned a deaf ear.

The Wicked Bead was still the same even after a month of attack. Jun Hongye and the others all felt frustrated. That being said, they had no intention to give up. Their family warriors could not die in vain, and the month could not be an utter waste of time.

Lu Li had been cultivating as hard as he could during the past month. He poured all the Xuan Energy he cultivated into the Wicked Bead, which enhanced the progress by a large margin. However, it would still be a year before he could dissolve the seal completely.

Neither side refused to give in. Regardless, time continued to go by. But the stalemate was broken after 10 days!

“Swish, swish~”

From the north side came some faint noises. Accompanying that, a blood-red palm was generated high above. The palm had a length of 1000 feet. It came smashing down with tremendous force.

“Step back!”

Jun Hongye was the first to react. He took out a huge saber and wielded it toward the sky. The other Semi-God Realm warriors released attacks as well.

“Boom, boom~”

In the sky, the huge palm was shattered, causing the space to tremble. One crack after another appeared. Gale sprang up as a storm of threatening energy passed around, the scouts hiding nearby were shivering in fear.

“Chen Tianxian!”

Jun Hongye screamed. He leaped forward. The other four Semi-God Realm warriors also flew up. In their mind, they believed they could inflict more harm on Chen Tianxian.

“Ha, ha, ha!”

Laughing, Chen Tianxian dashed to the north. He didn’t use the Blood Escape and kept the distance with the pursuing forces to several miles.

“We are missing something”

Jun Hongye suddenly said after he went after Chen Tianxian for three hundred miles. The former shouted, “He is luring us away. We need to go back now!”

Wu Guangde was not here. He shouldn’t be recovering. He must be on his way to kill the Earth Immortal Realm warriors. The pursuing warriors were greatly frightened and they turned around immediately. Before they arrived, they could hear some blasting sounds around the Wicked Bead along with miserable cries.

“Wu Guangde, I will end you!”

It was a mess near the Wicked Bead. Dozens of Earth Immortal Realm warriors were fleeing to all sides. Wu Guangde was chasing after them, holding a spear in his hand. He had already killed eight Earth Immortal Realm warriors

“Ha, ha, ha!”

Seeing them coming back, Wu Guangde stopped chasing around and fled away. In a red glare, he disappeared into the horizon. But his loud laughter was still audible, “Jun Hongye, do you have the balls to go after me? You have messed with us from the Mage Imperial Universe. You must prepare for our wild revenge.”

Jun Hongye didn’t go after him. He knew he could not catch up when Wu Guangde employed Blood Escape. He started at the remains on the ground. His sorrow was too deep for tears.

Wu Guangde and Chen Tianxian were crazy. They were willing to risk their lives for this surprise attack. They could kill several this time and a few next time. At this rate, all the surviving Earth Immortal Realm warriors would perish here.

“We must stick together!”

Jun Hongye said after some thoughts, “If we do need to go after them, we must have two Semi-God Realm warriors here. We cannot step into their trap again.”

They nodded in agreement. When they had to chase after Chen Tianxian and Wu Guangde again, three of them would go and two should stay behind. In this way, there was a chance for them to fight back their enemies.

The wounded began to tend to their wounds and those unhurt resumed attack on the Wicked Bead. They had spent too much time and had sacrificed too many people to stop now.

Jun Hongye had made up his mind. There were only merely five Semi-God Realm warriors left. Even so, they would continue and would not rest until the Wicked Bead was cracked.

After just three days!

Wu Guangde and Chen Tianxian came again. This time, though, they didn’t lure anyone away. Instead, they came from the north and the south respectively and attacked from both sides. After two bouts of attacks with Profound Meanings, Chen Tianxian killed three Earth Immortal Realm warriors in one move as Jun Hongye and the others were busy dealing with Wu Guangde.

When they successfully struck, the two used Blood Escape and made a break for it. There was no chance for Jun Hongye to catch up with them.

“You’d better go home!”

Jun Hongye said to the surviving Earth Immortal Realm warriors whose presence was no longer meaningful. They would be killed sooner or later here. Only by returning to their home universes could they keep their lives.

The Hao Family, Ren Family and Li Family’s Semi-God Realm warriors thought the same thing. The Earth Immortal Realm warriors could not stop Wu Guangde and Chen Tianxian’s attack. They would become cold, dead bodies sooner or later if they stayed any longer.

The Semi-God Realm warriors had thought of mobilizing more powerful warriors from their families. But what if their families were infiltrated by the two lunatics from the Mage Imperial Universe when powerful warriors were away? Maybe Chen Tianxian and Wu Guangde didn’t ask for reinforcement because they were waiting for a chance to invade the Earth Imperial Universe and the Underworld Universe.

The surviving 30 or so Earth Immortal Realm warriors left in silence. They stayed together and flew to the west. They had decided to take a detour and went to the City of Chaos first in case they would run into Wu Guangde and Chen Tianxian.

The five Semi-God Realm warriors stayed and continued to attack the Wicked Bead. The strength of attack was not diminished just because of a lack of Earth Immortal Realm warriors. The five began to use Profound Meanings, attempting to crack the Wicked Bead as soon as possible.

Ten days later!

Chen Tianxian and Wu Guangde came again. Instead of initiating any attack, the two throw over an Interspatial Ring and flew away while laughing.

Jun Hongye had a bad feeling about this. He went over, picked up the Interspatial Ring to take a look. His eyes turned red in that instant. Blood oozed out from his mouth as he yelled, “Ah! Wu Guangde, Chen Tianxian, you two old bastards, bastards”


The other four Semi-God Realm warriors were taken aback. They took turns and looked at the Interspatial Ring. As they did so, killing intent spread out.

The dozens of Earth Immortal Realm warriors that left were all killed. Every single one of them. All their bodies were chopped into pieces. The remains were piled together. Not even one whole body could be pieced together.

“Bastards, Wu Guangde and Chen Tianxian, you old bastards. This is too much!”

The Li Family Patriarch and a progenitor warrior of the Ren Family tried to shed tears but failed. Jun Family and Hao Family were big families. They could afford to lose some Earth Immortal Realm warriors.

But this was not the case for the Li Family or the Ren Family. The death of more than a score of their Earth Immortal Realm warriors hurt them deeply. Each of their family had lost one Semi-God Realm warrior as well. Even the Ren Family Patriarch had passed away

“This is a substantial loss!”

Not only were they not able to save their disciples, they had lost two Semi-God Realm warriors and all of their Earth Immortal Realm warriors. The Li Family Patriarch and a progenitor warrior of the Ren Family wished they could kill themselves now.

What was more frustrating was thatthe Wicked Bead didn’t even budge after being attacked for such a long time. There was no hope of them cracking it. The two felt upset and desperate. They could stay here for a year without getting any result, but what if they stayed for 10 years without getting anywhere? What should they do then?

On the off chance that the bead was cracked, the two families from the Underworld Universe were sure that they could not take it. Jun Hongye might take the bead into control instantly. The two families would only see a small amount of compensation, which meant that this trip was not worth it.

“Go on!”

Jun Hongye shouted, “Use your Profound Meanings and try to get it open in one month. When we have the bead, we will go to the Mage Imperial Universe to destroy the Wu Family and the Chen Faimly for revenge!”

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