The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 792


Patriarch Yang and Patriarch Li left right away. Both of them had reached the Earth Immortal Realm many years ago and now were at the later stage. Sending them to city west for cracking down on the Walking Puppets was wise.

Deputy Master then gave another order, “Ao’xian, go and deal with the Walking Puppets. I have got it handled here.”

Ji Ao’xian and the other Earth Immortal Realm warriors dashed away as instructed. Lu Renhuang started on his way down when he heard Lu Li shouting, “Save the hostages first!”

Five of the 13 Earth Immortal Realm soul slaves of Lu Li rushed to the columns and freed Lu Feixue and the others. Tears coursed down Ye Cha’s cheeks. After he was saved, he knelt and said, “Saint Lord, I am so sorry. I feel too ashamed to face you now”


The Wicked Bead sparkled as Lu Li took Lu Feixue, Bai Xiashuang, Ye Cha and the rest in. “Sis, Wiuxue, Qiling, Little White and Hu Lang, allow me to take you in as well,” said Lu Li after some thought.

The Wicked Bead glowed constantly when Lu Ling, Bai Qiuxue, Jiang Qiling, Little White, Hu Lang and the rest of the Human Sovereign Realm warriors were sucked in. As soon as Little White entered, it threw itself into Lu Li’s arms and chirped more than happily.


Jiang Qiling trembled and tears rolled down her cheeks. She had seen this man so many times in her dreams and now she could finally meet him in person. Bai Qiuxue was drenched in tears as well. Lu Li extended his arms toward the two girls who could not control themselves anymore and stumbled into his arms at once.

On Lu Li’s shoulder stood Little White and in his arms he hugged Jiang Qiling and Bai Qiuxue. He conformed the two girls for a while. Then, to Lu Ling he said, “Sis, I am back.”

“So you are. It is good to have you back.”

Lu Ling’s smile blossomed. To her, all she ever wanted was Lu Li’s safe return and whether he had achieved gloriously or not was not on her mind.

“Alright, I think aunt and the others all need some care. Go and help them. I will take care what is happening outside!”

Lu Li patted Jiang Qiling and Bai Qiuxue. They stopped their tears and went off to check on Bai Xiashuang, Lu Feixue and Madam Yan. In the meantime, Lu Li used psychic power to monitor the situation.

Deputy Master was standing in midair. The other Earth Immortal Realm warriors had gone off to fight back the Walking Puppets. Under the concerted efforts of the powerful warriors, the Walking Puppets were dying and injured at an alarming rate. Patriarch Yang, Patriarch Li, Ji Ao’xian and Yang Bucheng were all equipped with Quasi Relics, which enabled them to finish off one Walking Puppet every time they made a move.

Lu Li didn’t feel sorry about the Walking Puppets. He noticed Prajna with psychic power. This nun had grown to be a young girl now. But the fact that she was a nun had diminished some appealing charm of her delicate beauty.

“Prajna, thank you!”

Lu Li said, “We can take care of it from now on. Go back to the Great Buddhist Temple. When I finish everything here, I will go and visit you.”


Prajna smiled a sweet smile. Lu Li had not presented himself but she was satisfied to hear him speaking so. She didn’t want to stay here anyways because the sight of so many people dying was too cruel for her. Now that Lu Li was confident that he could deal with it, she didn’t want to drag the Great Buddhist Temple further into the mess.

“May the Buddha preserve us!”

The monk standing behind Prajna put his palms together devoutly. He bowed toward the Wicked Bead and said, “Alms giver, if enmity is not settled amicably there is no end to it. Forgive others whenever you can. The four races are now bearing down on us and we are losing grounds. It is better not to indulge in killing”

Lu Li would have turned a deaf ear if the monk was some random person. But Lu Li was indebted to the Great Buddhist Temple so he nodded and replied, “Master, I will not forget that. Please take Prajna back. Thank you.”

The monk put his palms together again before he flew away into the distance with Prajna. Soon, they vanished into the horizon. Lu Renhuang, Jiang Wuwo and Great Grandfather stood in the sky but said nothing. As of this moment, it was Lu Li that should take the lead as none of them was confident to beat Deputy Master.

Deputy Master said nothing for a while until almost all the Walking Puppets were killed, “Lu Li, the master’s words make sense. We are not at a disadvantage in face of the four alien races. Leave now and I will forgive your fast misdeeds.”

Deputy Master had made a compromise. In other words, he was ready to settle. This entire matter could be water under the bridge as long as Lu Li nodded in agreement. As to whether both sides would develop other plots and set up further traps in the future, it would be dependent on their actual means and abilities.

Jiang Wuwo felt he could breathe again. Deputy Master had not only reached the level of a chosen warrior but also been promoted to the Grand Master. He was not here on behalf of himself but the entire Demon-Slaying Hall, the mightiest force of the human kind and the real giant.


Lu Li’s sneer worried Jiang Wuwo and others. “More than one hundred million people of the Northern Desert, Clouds Plains, Serenity Plains and Deserted World have lost their lives or been injured. You think you can blur the lines between right and wrong with a few words? You are the current Grand Master of the Demon-slaying Hall. Have you forgotten about the rules now? The Demon-slaying Hall shall not involve in any conflicts of the Great Land. Why do you think you can break the rules just because you are the Grand Master?”

It was true that the Demon-slaying Hall had rules against meddling in affairs of the Great Land. But that rule was mainly for the benefit of the patriarchs and the other members. The rule was practically ineffective toward the masters. Xing Mu himself had promised to support Lu Li for 10 years.

Of course, this was unspoken.

Deputy Master was furious. Lu Li did not have the sense to stop, not even when Deputy Master had proposed to compromise. He had just become the Grand Master. How could he lead other warriors in the future if he allowed Lu Li to put on a killing spree right under his nose?

What was more, he was from the Ji Family. Those Ji Family disciples were still his offspring notwithstanding the fact that his soul was reconstructed. He did not have the heart to see the annihilation of the Ji Family.

Deputy Master stared at the Wicked Bead and hesitated. He noticed that Lu Li had not come out once, not even to bid farewell to Prajna. Something occurred to Deputy Masterwas Lu Li afraid that he might die instantly as soon as he stepped out?

If so, then there must not be other chosen warrior level people in the Wicked Bead. Otherwise, given Lu Li’s temper, he would have wasted so much time in talking. He would have killed away.

This thought gave Deputy Master a boost of confidence. “What do you want,” asked him coldly.

Lu Li was hesitating. He remembered the old monk’s words before he left and the death of Xing Mu. Situation in the Demon-slaying Battleground must be harsh.

Lu Li chose to concede after some thoughts, “All warriors of the Human Sovereign Realm and above from the Samsara Palace, the Hades Society, the Pavilion of Blossoms and the Yaksha Race must be executed. That is my final offer!”

He mentioned five of the six forces. As for the Lu Family, he would have to consult with Lu Renhuang first. More than one hundred million of the Northern Desert, Clouds Plains and Serenity Plains had perished. Lu Li must avenge them.

He was resolute and decisive, leaving no room for bargain. His voice was loud enough to be heard all around the city. Many people’s expressions changed at his words.

Warriors of the Human Sovereign Realm and above!

It would be practically a fatal destruction for the five forces if all their warriors of the Human Sovereign Realm and above were executed. The five forces had made too many enemies. When they lost their powerful warriors, what left of their families would be torn apart by their enemies

Say their enemies did not grab the chance. The five forces had seized too many resources and wealth. Other families would fight over those for sure. Those helmet warriors might even take actions. By then, the outcome would still be destruction and death.

“Good, you are good!”

Deputy Master laughed out of extreme anger. He was no longer hiding his energy. That overwhelming energy spread across the entire city!

A huge saber appeared in his hand. As he unsheathed it, he said, “Lu Li, you have refused to come to your senses. If so, I will have to punish you per heavenly wishes.”

By the end of the day, the war was still unavoidable!

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