The Invincible Dragon Emperor Chapter 793


The five forces had lost 10 Earth Immortal Realm warriors in battle. Since Deputy Master brought two patriarchs of the Demon-slaying Hall with him, the total number of Earth Immortal Realm warriors of this side was about 20.

Lu Li had taken Bai Qiuxue, Lu Ling, Little White and Jiang Qiling into the Wicked Bead. Prajna and the monk had left. But Lu Li had dispatched 13 Earth Immortal Realm soul slaves. Therefore, the two sides had a matching number.


Lu Renhuang was tough enough to deal with the five forces’ masters all by himself. Of Lu Li’s13 Earth Immortal Realm soul slaves, eight could compete with Ji Ao’xian.

Deputy Master and Lu Li not included, Lu Li’s side’s Earth Immortal Realm warriors were superior in number. That being said, the Deputy Master had reached the Semi-God Realm. When he took actions, nobody, not even Lu Renhuang, would be a match.

Deputy Master drew his saber which glowed with some runes circulating around. The saber was a Quasi Relic. Pointing it at the Wicked Bead, he said, “Lu Li, I will ask you this one last time. Will you leave or not?”


The Wicked Bead flew up. “Deputy Master, come up and fight with me if you are not willing to admit defeat. Great Grandfather Five, father, please kill all the powerful warriors of the five races, including patriarchs of the Demon-slaying Hall. I will deal with Deputy Master.”


Deputy Master snorted. He flew up. The saber had a tail of light behind, like a rainbow dangling down from the sky.


Lu Li’s 13 Earth Immortal Realm soul slaves took actions first. They dashed toward warriors of the five races like hunger tigers pouncing at their prey. Lu Renhuang wasn’t hesitating at all, the spare glazing. He came after Ji Ao’xian and shouted, “Prepare to die”

Great Grandfather Five moved out as well. But Jiang Wuwo was having second thoughts. If it had merely been the five races, he wouldn’t have so much concerns. But the involvement of the Demon-slaying Hall had complicated the matter.

By taking actions, Jiang Wuwo would practically be opposing the Demon-slaying Hall. On the off chance that Lu Li could not win Deputy Master, there would be no more Pavilion of Delicacy

“Forget it!”

Jiang Wuwo remembered Jiang Qiling had already committed herself to Lu Li. Her determination meant she would never be talked out of marrying Lu Li. She was the hope of the Jiang Family and they could never turn their backs at her. Such being the case, Jiang Family and Lu Li’s fates were now tied together. Honor one and honor them all. The only way was to devote their best efforts.


Jiang Wuwo yelled. He took two Earth Immortal Realm warriors with him and went after Earth Immortal Realm warriors of the Life League and Yaksha Race. The fight broke out.


High above, Deputy Master hacked at the Wicked Bead which was smashed away. While it glowed, it showed no signs of being cracked.


Deputy Master glided his saber over, an action that tore apart the sky. He went after the Wicked Bead, hacking at it again and again. The bead kept on glowing. Every time, the bead would be smashed away for several miles.

Soon, the bead vanished into the distance. Deputy Master was still chasing after the bead and he disappeared into the horizon along with the bead.


Lu Renhuang rose with force and spirit. The Deputy Master had made several moves but the bead hadn’t cracked. Lu Renhuang now was confident that Lu Li had what it took to face Deputy Master. Given an hour, their fight here could come to an end. An hour was sufficient time for them to drive away and exterminate all the powerful warriors of the five forces.

“Lu Li, hold on”

Jiang Wuwo prayed to himself. He was dismayed by the fact that Lu Li didn’t resort to any skills and his bead seemed to be smashed away every time it was struck.

“Can the bead be a Quasi Relic?”

Great Grandfather wondered in excitement. Deputy Master’s moves were so impressive and yet the bead hadn’t been cracked, which gave Great Grandfather a peak at hope.


Lu Li’s Earth Immortal Realm soul slaves did not even glance at the bead. They knew it was a Relic. Lu Li clearly had been controlling the bead to fly away on purpose. He was luring Deputy Master away so that the fight in the city could be wrapped up.

Uncle Nine of the Jun Family had already seen Lu Li’s intention. “You don’t have to worry about Young Master Lu. That so-called master cannot hurt him one bit. Not even one hundred warriors like that can hurt Young Master Lu!”


Many people were rendered speechless. Uncle Nine of the Jun Family was not much weaker than a warrior of the later stage of the Earth Immortal Realm. A warrior like him didn’t bother to lie. He must be confident enough to speak so.


Jiang Wuwo, Great Grandfather Five were relived. Morale on their sides were rising. They went after warriors of the five races with all their strengths.

Ji Ao’xian, on the other hand, was greatly frightened by Uncle Nine of Jun Family’s claim. Warriors of such realm despised bragging. Did it mean that Deputy Master really couldn’t defeat Lu Li?

How could that be possible?

How old was Lu Li? He must only be 23. He could fight against a Semi-God Realm warrior at 23? Had Lu Li be possessed by Emperor Heaven Reverse? Not even Emperor Heaven Reverse had reached the Semi-God Realm at the age of 23.

“Mengtian, you and the guys leave now!”

Ji Ao’xian felt uncertain so he sent a word to Ji Mengtian and the others. Most of the Walking Puppets had been killed. Ji Mengtian being here was now pointless. Sending Ji Mengtian and the other young people away first was better no matter they could win the fight or not.

Yang Bucheng, Granny Butterfly did the same thing and let Yang Xuan, Yang Yu and Die Feiyu to go. Not only would the young provide any help to a fight between the Earth Immortal Realms, they would actually be the liability.

“Let’s go!”

Ji Mengtian signaled to Ji Mengyao and some other young masters and young ladies of the Ji Family. They went off to the distance. Yang Xuan, Yang Yu and Die Feiyu followed them away.

Ji Mengtian, Ji Mengyao and Yang Xuan were in dismay. They were all blessed talents and they believed that they were peerless. They had already received a heavy blow from Lu Ling, Bai Qiuxue and Jiang Qiling. Now, Lu Li had come and torn up their confidence

Die Feiyu was filled with fright and remorse. Lu Li had always been the lingering fear in her heart. She didn’t want to be involved this time. However, the Pavilion of Blossoms was determined to get even so she had no choice but to come with the army.

She never expect to find herself in such a situation. She shivered and trembled in terror on the thought of Pavilion of Delicacy being wiped out over this fight

In addition to Ji Mengtian, Ji Ao’xian also let some young Human Sovereign Realm warriors to withdraw secretly so as to preserve a sparkle for the Samsara Palace. Those warriors had little to do with a fight between the powerful. It was better to let them live to save some strength.

“Bang, bang, bang~”

It was evident that morale ratings of the five races was dropping. Lu Renhuang was daring and so were the Earth Immortal Realm soul slaves of Lu Li. Their side soon prevailed. If it were not for Patriarch Li and Patriarch Yang of the Demon-slaying Hall, Lu Li’s enemies would have been defeated already


After the time for one incense stick to burn, Lu Renhuang poke an Earth Immortal Realm warrior of the Samsara Palace to death. In the Ice Abyss, Lu Renhuang had picked up a powerful Profound Meaning, the Ice. When in battle and he froze his enemies, they would be practically waiting for death.

Among the Earth Immortal Realm warriors, Lu Renhuang faced no enemies because he had the ninth rank Mystic Armor. His opponents could not kill him. At the worst, they could incur some injuries. What was more, Lu Renhuang was cruel in his moves. He could defeat any Earth Immortal Realm warrior in a one-on-one battle.

“Boom, boom~”

Five of Lu Li’s Earth Immortal Realm soul slaves worked together and mauled and killed one Earth Immortal Realm warriors. The outcome had become quite clear.

If Deputy Master didn’t come back in time, in less than the time for three incense sticks to burn, Ji Ao’xian, Patriarch Yang and all the others might all be killed.

Patriarch Yang was now smashed away by an Earth Immortal Realm warrior of the Mage Imperial Universe. Blood spurted out from Patriarch Yang’s mouth. He took a look around. Against his will, he crushed a jade talisman to notify Deputy Master.

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