The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 129

Chapter 129 I Am Completely Stuck In The Palm Of Your Hand

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Lu Man could not help but reprimand herself. Since she did not agree to Han Zhuoli’s advances and appeared so indifferent, she should not be entertaining such thoughts.

Even she looked down on herself.

She struggled to suppress her disappointment, telling herself that since she had made a choice, she should not regret it.

Being afraid of getting hurt, yet reluctant to let go, was something she should not do.

After much effort, she finally cooled her head. Yet, Han Zhuoli suddenly held onto her hand.

Compared to his, her hand appeared even smaller.

Her entire palm was almost enclosed within his. The heat from his palm sealed off the cool wind in this autumn night, making Lu Man feel warmer than she had ever felt.

Han Zhuoli lowered his hand. His hand was as pale as jade. Each finger was distinct and long. They were beautiful.

Perhaps many women, no matter how pretty they were, once they were to compare their hands with his, he would win them hands down.

Weibo [1. China’s equivalent of Twitter] once had a craze over Han Zhuoli’s hands. Whenever Han Zhouli attended the promotional ceremony of movies produced by Han Media Company and held the microphone to talk, netizens would zoom in and take photos of his hand.

Eventually, it made a ton of female netizens drool over those pictures.

Yet, Lu Man’s hand did not seem to lose out in comparison to his.

Her skin was even fairer than his. Each finger was thin and soft and as white as snow.

She had not put any nail polish. Her nails were trimmed neatly, each nail forming beautiful little crescents at the tip of the finger. They were more beautiful that of a hand model.

As Han Zhuoli held onto her hand, he felt that her hand was so soft that she did not seem to have any bones.

Lu Man could not help but look at Han Zhuoli. She thought that he would ignore her.

“I’ll send you to the hospital first,” Han Zhuoli explained.

Lu Man cursed at him mentally. If that were the case, why did he insist on dragging her out just now?

When they reached the entrance of the hospital, Lu Man was just about to enter, yet she was held back Han Zhuoli once again.

When Lu Man met his eyes, Han Zhouli said resignedly, “You’re just going to leave without even sparing me a glance?”

He sighed and mumbled to himself, “I’m completely stuck in the palm of your hand.”

Right after he spoke, he dragged Lu Man into a dark corner.

He patted Lu Man’s head. “Think carefully about my words. Don’t hold yourself back for your entire life just because of those two b*stards.”

If it were someone else, perhaps she would have a bit more confidence. However, it was him. She really could not find any hint of self-confidence.

“Even after serious consideration, what if my answer is still the same?” Lu Man raised her head.

Han Zhuoli smiled gently. “Even then I’ll never let you go. I’ve said that you’re my girlfriend, so you are.”

It seemed like their relationship completely had nothing to do with her feelings!

He had already decided!

Besides, just now he had clearly said that he was only pursuing her. So how did she suddenly become his girlfriend?

She had not even agreed to anything, nor had she even said anything about it.

Yet, somehow he had happily decided with his own mind the progress of their relationship.

Lu Man was angry and stunned. However, she did not know that Han Zhuoli loved to see this little fox sulking in anger over him.

Suddenly, Han Zhuoli scooped her up into his embrace, lowered his head and kissed her on the lips.

Lu Man eyes widened in shock, but she did not push him away until he lifted her up in his arms.

Honestly, what what was wrong with Han Zhouli? He just had to lift her up whenever he kissed her.

He was very tall, and thus she appeared much smaller and dainty in his arms.

However, being carried by him like this every time, being unable to move and losing her freedom was very unsettling.

“What are you thinking about!” Han Zhuoli suddenly bit onto her lips, irritated that she was not focused. He covered her eyes. “Close your eyes.”

Lu Man: “”

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