The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 130

Chapter 130 He's Seated Way Too High Up. I Can't Reach Him

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Finally, Lu Man could barely hold herself back, she was kissed until her head was in the clouds.

She did not even realize when he had let her go and both her feet touched the ground. She was confused and in a daze.

“I did not agree to you. Can you not”

“You were saying?” Han Zhuoli looked at her dangerously.

Lu Man shut her mouth instantly.

This person! How could he!

Han Zhuoli ruffled her hair. “Go back, I’ll watch you.”

Lu Man looked at Han Zhouli. However, when she looked at his dark, burning eyes, Lu Man felt like she was burnt and immediately looked away.

Keeping her head low, she hurriedly ran into the hospital as if someone was chasing after her. Even when she Han Zhuoli was out of sight, Lu Man was still nervous and her breathing fast.

She could not help but wonder; be it Lu Qiyuan or those colleagues who did not like her, she always had a way with them.

Yet towards Han Zhuoli, she was weak and immediately turned into a scaredy-cat.

She was even behaving all dumb and silly. Even she despised herself.

Just when she reached, the elevator door just happened to open too and Lu Man quickly entered.

When she walked out of the elevator and headed towards the hospital room, Lu Man touched her lips.

Han Zhuoli’s taste still lingered on her tongue. Right now her lips were much softer and moister than before, and they seemed to a lot more swollen because of the kiss.

Hence, Lu Man had to turn around and head to the toilet. She splashed quite a lot of cold water on her lips.

After much effort, the swelling faded a little from her lips. Then, she returned to the hospital room.

“Mom, you’re still awake?” Lu Man saw Xia Qingwei sitting on the bed, full of vigor, and was a little taken aback.

Normally, by this time, Xia Qingwei would already be sound asleep.

“Has Xiao Han left already?” Xia Qingwei motioned with her hand for Lu Man to enter.

“Yeah, I’ve just sent him off.” Lu Man walked over and helped Xia Qingwei lie down.

“There’s no rush.” Xia Qingwei held onto her hand and got her to sit by the bed. “What’s going on between you and Xiao Han?”

Lu Man wondered if Xia Qingwei was too used to calling him Xiao Han that she had forgotten who Han Zhuoli really was.

Listening to Xia Qingwei call him that way, it seemed as if Han Zhuoli was just an ordinary man that you could just find on the streets.

“There’s nothing going on! It’s just that he has helped us a lot, and coincidentally, I’m working in his company so he keeps a lookout for me.” Lu Man pretended to be indifferent.

However, Xia Qingwei had given birth to Lu Man. How could Lu Man possibly hide anything from Xia Qingwei?

“You’re still trying to pretend? A big CEO like him must be some really good friend of you to visit me twice, huh? After work, he even took the effort to come over with you. Take a look at those tonics and vitamins too.” Xia Qingwei pointed at the pile at the corner of the wall. “I still haven’t finished the ones that he brought the previous time, and this time there’s another pile. Also, take a look at all this, it’s all prepared specially. They are all tailored to my needs, it’s not something you can buy so easily.”

“Mom, he’s seated way too high up. I can’t reach him,” Lu Man said, feeling defeated and resigned.

“You can’t reach him, or is it that you don’t even think of trying to reach him?” Xia Qingwei looked at her seriously. “Man Man, I’ve never expected you to find some who is filthy rich or anything. I just want you to find someone who will love you, spoil you, and protect you. No matter where he works at, or how talented he is, as long as he has a good character and treats you well, I will be assured. I like Xiao Han, but not because of his status and wealth.”

“I know.” Lu Man held onto Xia Qingwei’s hand. “How could I not know your personality?”

Xia Qingwei sighed, “I know you understand everything. You also understand that I want you to walk out of your past and not let yourself be affected by Lu Qiyuan or He Zhengbai anymore.”

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