The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 136

Chapter 136 This Afternoon I Saw Lu Man Come To Find The Ceo

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When Lu Man had come up, Ye Xuanxuan had been downstairs to collect her takeaway and hence she had not seen Lu Man.

Yet who would have known that Ye Xuanxuan would see Lu Man coming out of Han Zhouli’s office after having her lunch with him.

Ye Xuanxuan’s gaze shifted from Lu Man’s face to Han Zhuoli’s office, then she looked back at Lu Man, her face full of disdain.

Lu Man was really shameless, she had actually come up here to seduce the CEO.

Did she really think thatsince theCEO spoke up for her yesterday so she was special?

Who knew what kind of excuse Lu Man used to enter, but looking at the time now, the CEO definitely did not bother with her.

With the CEO’s brain, how could he not see through Lu Man’s schemes?

Ye Xuanxuan was just waiting for Lu Man to receive a warning letter as well.

Although Lu Man did not know what Ye Xuanxuan was thinking of again, she definitely knew that it was nothing good, but she was too lazy to bother with her, so she just returned to the office.

On returning, Lu Man was met again with a stack of documents and her heart sank as she continued to work.

Even when it was time to end work, Lu Man was still not done with her work.

Ye Xiaoxing took delight in her misfortune and said, “These documents are needed in the meeting tomorrow, you need to finish them today only.”

However, Lu Man did not acknowledge her at all and gave Xia Qingwei a call, saying that she needed to work overtime tonight.

When Dai Yiran walked to the carpark, she suddenly heard someone call her, “Miss Dai!”

After that, she saw Ye Xuanxuan hurriedly walk over.

Ye Xuanxuan had waited in the office for the whole afternoon, continuously refreshing her email, but she had not managed to see the news of Lu Man receiving a warning letter.

Thus, she directly came to find Dai Yiran.

“What?” Seeing Ye Xuanxuan, Dai Yiran remembered her embarrassment yesterday and did not have a good expression on her face right now.

However, Ye Xuanxuan just pretended that she did not see, as for whether Dai Yiran was reliable or not, she really did not have a choice right now.

Furthermore, she could not let Lu Man get away!

“Miss Dai, there’s something that I feel a need to tell you,” Ye Xuanxuan mysteriously said, getting closer to her.

“What is it?” Dai Yiran was impatient.

“This afternoon, I saw Lu Man come to find the CEO. But the CEO definitely did not bother to acknowledge her, yet she was thick-skinned enough to go seduce him, no wonder people do not like her,” Ye Xuanxuan smiled, trying to flatter Dai Yiran. “I feel that your relationship with the CEO is definitely not average. Don’t worry about how the CEO didn’t admit your relationship in the office as the truth is that it was to avoid rumors and separate his private and work life. Your relationship with him in private must definitely be very good. Furthermore, you have the acknowledgment of the seniors in the CEO’s family, those wild chicken outside, no matter what they do, they can’t become a phoenix.”

“What you said is right,” Dai Yiran was praised by Ye Xuanxuan till she felt like she was floating. “I did not think that, but you really do have quite a lot of sense.”

“Haha,” Ye Xuanxuan laughed dryly. “It’s a pity that some people are not as well-versed and knowledgeable like me. Lu Man thought that what the CEO was doing yesterday was to help her, and now she feels that she’s not so average.”

Dai Yiran’s face instantly darkened, turning around and walking towards the company.

Ye Xuanxuan was not concerned at all that when Dai Yiran left, she did not even say goodbye and had an attitude that entirely disregarded her as the most important thing for Ye Xuanxuan was that Lu Man was going to suffer.

Hence, Ye Xuanxuan did not even think it through fully before she immediately followed Dai Yiran, planning to hide at the side to watch the drama.


Everyone in the Public Relations Department had left already, and Wu Lize was the last one to leave.

When he had been in his office just now, he had kept observing Lu Man realizing that she had not kept her things, thus he kept delaying here and there, not in a rush to leave as he wanted to find an opportunity to be together with Lu Man.

Through the glass window, seeing that Lu Man was still facing the computer and working, Wu Lize could not help but support his forehead.

Before this, because of what his mom had said, he could feel that Lu Man was always maintaining a distance from him.

The more Wu Lize interacted with Lu Man and got to know her, the more he regretted that he had failed in stopping Auntie Chai from saying those words.

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