The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 1381

Chapter 1381 Brother In Law

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He knocked to enter Han Zhuolis office.

"CEO, Lu Qi is downstairs. She says shes Madams younger sister and wants to meet you," Zheng Tianming said.

"I wont meet her," Han Zhuoli replied. This did not surprise Zheng Tianming at all.

"Yes," Zheng Tianming replied. He was about to leave, but Han Zhuoli stopped him.


Zheng Tianming quickly came back and asked, "CEO?"

"You go down and meet Lu Qi. Ask her why shes here," Han Zhuoli said.

Lu Qi would not come for no reason.

He had to know what Lu Qi thinks so he could be prepared, lest she schemes against Lu Man again without his knowing.

Han Zhuoli said very callously, "Ill leave it to you. I dont want to see Lu Qi."

Zheng Tianming: ""

He didnt want to see her either!

She was clearly the CEOs hot younger sister-in-law.Why should he be the one dealing with her?!

Han Zhuoli glanced up at him. "Arent you going now?!"

"" Zheng Tianming looked really pitiful as he drooped his ears and answered, "Yes."

Zheng Tianming reorganized his thoughts. The thought of going to meet Lu Qi made him disgusted.

He took in a few deep breaths before entering the lift with his head drooped and eyes downcast.

When he came out of the lift, he was back to being that professional Assistant Zheng.

His head was raised and his chest was puffed out. He wore a suit with smart leather shoes and represented the best of the Han Corporation.

"Assistant Zheng," the front desk officer called out when Zheng Tianming walked over.

Lu Qi was surprised. She was actually prepared to stay here until she could see Han Zhuoli.

When the front desk called to ask, she already had a feeling that Han Zhuoli might not even let her go up.

She did not expect Zheng Tianming to actually come.

She wondered what Han Zhuoli was thinking.

But as long as he did not reject her outright, she stood a chance.

"Ms. Lu, its really you," Zheng Tianming said, smiling.

The front desk officer then knew that the woman in front of her was actually Lu Qi!

She had been tricked by her roundabout talk just now.She definitely did it on purpose!

The front desk officers face immediately darkened. She stood by the side without saying a word and just watched them.

Lu Qi smiled and said, "Mr. Zheng, did Young Master Han ask you to come and fetch me?"

Zheng Tianming raised his eyebrow.How shameless could Lu Qi be?

She really had a high self-esteem.

What kind of brain did she have to think that Han Zhuoli would actually specifically ask him to come down and fetch her?

Did she think she was Lu Man?

No, if Lu Man came, Han Zhuoli would come down to fetch her himself.

If Han Zhuoli was busy, no one would stop Lu Man either. Lu Man would just walk into Han Zhuolis office without any obstruction.

"No," Zheng Tianming calmly said. "The CEO asked me to come down to ask Ms. Lu what important business you have here."

Lu Qi lowered her eyelids and said, "I want to meet Brother-in-law. I have some matters to talk to him about."

Zheng Tianming almost vomited from disgust. This woman was shameless enough. She could even say the word "Brother-in-law."

She was really the typical green teabitch1!

"Ms. Lu," Zheng Tianming said in a clearly sarcastic manner, "everyone knows about your relationship with our CEO. Our CEO would not dare to let you call him Brother-in-law. It is certainly not something for our Mrs. CEO to hear."

"You are not Brother-in-law, what right do you have to make the decisions for him?" Lu Qi was calling him "Brother-in-law" more and more casually.

If Han Zhuoli found out about this, he would definitely be disgusted to no end.

He thought of how Han Zhuoli had spent so much effort to make Lu Man call him "Hubby."

In the end, this Lu Qi actually rushed to call him "Brother-in-law" and even grew to calling him that way.

"Its the CEO who asked me to come down and ask what you want to do. If you dont want to say it, then forget it," Zheng Tianming explained plainly and turned around to leave.

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