The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 207

Chapter 207 Where's The Evidence?

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When Wu Lize returned to the Public Relations Department, he immediately ordered Ye Xiaoxing in a grave voice. “Ye Xiaoxing, come with me to the office.”

Ye Xiaoxing’s heart skipped a beat, she could no longer comfort herself and was worried that she was going to be punished.

Ye Xiaoxing stood up uneasily and tried comforting herself.

If it were really like that, she would insist that without evidence the company had no right to accuse or punish her!

As she passed by Lu Man’s desk, Ye Xiaoxing glared at her fiercely.

Just wait!

Upon reaching Wu Lize’s office, Ye Xiaoxing knocked on the door nervously.

“Enter,” Wu Lize said coldly.

Ye Xiaoxing entered the office uneasily. After closing the door, she then stood in front of Wu Lize’s work desk and asked, “Manager, why did you call me?”

“The company already knows that you were the one who started the rumors about Lu Man. Also, your punished has already been decided, you are fired! Although you will receive an email in some time, I’m just telling you beforehand so that you can be prepared and won’t be overly shocked when you receive the email,” Wu Lize saw how the color slowly drained from Ye Xiaoxing’s face.

“I did not do it! I wasn’t the one who spread those rumors, how can the company fire me!” Ye Xiaoxing was frantic, the reason for her being fired would be written on her file, and no other company would hire her ever.

“I just heard the rumor and told my colleagues about them, the company cannot falsely accuse me!”

“The company has already made the decision about how to deal with you, which means that we already have the evidence,” Wu Lize said with a deep voice, “Ye Xiaoxing, go and pack up your things and leave immediately. If you already knew about the consequences, why did you harm others? Lu Man did not ever provoke you or harm you, this is you harming yourself because of your own actions. Your actions have embarrassed our Public Relations Department.”

“Where’s the evidence? You say the company has evidence, where is the evidence? You’re firing me without any evidence, I want to sue you!” Ye Xiaoxing probably knew that she could no longer keep her job and hence was not scared about talking back.

If throwing a tantrum could help her keep her job, she did not care about how the people in the company looked at her.

“You want evidence right?” Wu Lize coldly looked at how she was throwing a tantrum and took out his phone to play the recording.

As soon as she heard it, she knew that the recording was of her talking to Lu Qiyuan just now.

Who was it!

Who had secretly recorded it down!

It must be Lu Man!

It was Lu Man who had just met Wu Lize!

Ye Xiaoxing connected the dots very quickly and cursed Lu Man in her heart.

“You have caused a very bad influence on the department as well as the company. Although the company encourages competition, it must be fair and such a malicious behaviorruining a colleague’s reputation and causing harmis never accepted or overlooked.” Just as he finished Wu Lize speaking, he heard a “ding” sound from his computer.

“The email has already been sent out, go and take a look, then pack up your things and complete your dismissal procedures.”

Hearing that, Ye Xiaoxing could not care about being angry at Lu Man right now, and instantly grabbed Wu Lize’s arm, crying and begging, “Manager, I’m wrong, I I’m wrong, please forgive me just this once, don’t fire me. I’m begging you, manager, I’m begging you”

Wu Lize shrugged away her hand, “This is a decision by the company, there is no use begging me.”

“No, Manager, please help me ask for forgiveness, I’m begging you. I’m wrong, I won’t ever do this again. I won’t target Lu Man again. Manager Wu, I’m also an old employee, I’ve worked so long for the company, even if I have not done meritorious deeds, I have worked hard, how can the company fire me like this? You You can help me ask for forgiveness. You can deduct my pay, or deduct my bonus, just don’t fire me.”

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