The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 208

Chapter 208 We Are All Colleagues Don't Be Too Overboard

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“There’s really no point in begging me,” Wu Lize said resignedly, “This decision was taken by the CEO himself.”

Besides, what did she mean by not targeting Lu Man anymore?

As if this was all because of Lu Man.

Even if she was targeting and bullying some other colleague, that would have been wrong too.

Seeing that begging Wu Lize was of no use, Ye Xiaoxing ran away, bawling her eyes out.

When everyone in the office saw her appearance and were greatly shocked.

But, how could Ye Xiaoxing even be in the state of mind to worry about how the looks they were giving her?

She directly threw herself before Lu Man’s table. “Lu Man, go go ask a favor from the manager to not fire me!”

Everyone was taken aback, why were they firing Ye Xiaoxing?

Just like Wu Lize, they too thought that after the company found out that Ye Xiaoxing spread those rumors, the worst to worst she would just get a warning letter as the matter was not that serious for her to be fired.

Lu Man saw that even when asking for help, Ye Xiaoxing was still so bossy and arrogant, acting authoritative as Lu Man’s senior in the company and demanding her to help her out.

“This is the company’s decision. I’m just a lowly employee who recently joined the company, how could I even influence a leader’s decision? How shameless would I have to be to ask them for help and expect them to listen to me?” Lu Man shoved Ye Xiaoxing’s hand away.

Other colleagues heard her words and nodded quietly. Indeed, Lu Man could not be of much help regarding this.

All of them felt that her punishment was rather severe, but since the company had already made a decision, no one could change it either.

Did Ye Xiaoxing not see that even Manager Wu said nothing?

What could Lu Man say?

Besides, Ye Xiaoxing had always been picking on Lu Man, finding trouble with her, harming her. It was already kind of Lu Man to not kick her when she was down and not make things worse than they were already, yet Ye Xiaoxing was still asking Lu Man to help her!

She was indeed pretty shameless.

“But aren’t you the person involved? You’re the victim. If you don’t mind it and forgive me, what else could the company say? Go and help beg for me, don’t let the company fire me,” Ye Xiaoxing grabbed tightly onto Lu Man’s elbow, she was seriously clutching onto Lu Man as her last strand of hope.

“But I do mind,” Lu Man said coldly. Regardless of how her answer might affect her colleagues’ judgment and rather pondering upon whether they would think that she was heartless and whether or not they might return to treating her the same way as in the past, Lu Man really did not want to make herself suffer. “You’ve said so too, that I’m the victim. Since the moment I joined this company, you have disliked me unwarrantedly, making things difficult for me all the time. I was fine with not making a fuss out of all that, yet you refused to give up, seizing any opportunity to tarnish my reputation, scheming against me. After all that you have done to me, tell me why should I not mind it at all, why should I forgive you?”

“Lu Man, we are all colleagues, don’t go overboard,” Xia Mengxuan walked over to help Ye Xiaoxing up. “Xiaoxing does have some fault, but no matter what, she shouldn’t have to be fired just because of such a small matter.”

“If the company thought that this was a small matter, they definitely wouldn’t have fired her. Clearly, the company too felt that this would have a huge and terrible effect. I was slandered by Ye Xiaoxing, she spread the rumor that I seduced a boss and that I have terrible conduct and am extremely indecent. Do you think that this is a small matter? If Ye Xiaoxing had succeeded, then the person leaving today would have been me.” Lu Man words washed away any thought of her having a heart made of stone from her colleagues’ mind, and they no longer sympathized for Ye Xiaoxing.

She was right, if Ye Xiaoxing had succeeded, everyone in the company would be scorning at Lu Man.

Not only she had slandered Lu Man, but Ye Xiaoxing had also maligned Manager Wu’s reputation.

Even though Lu Man clearly did not do anything like that, no one would have believed her, so who could she even turn to reason with?

If the senior management of the company had heard about this rumor and believed it, the one getting fired right now would have been Lu Man.

Lu Man was wronged, Ye Xiaoxing wasn’t.

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