The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 461

Chapter 461 Of Course Well Sleep Together

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After a while, Lu Man changed the wet towel and ice pack for Han Zhuoli. Glancing at the time, she then went to the kitchen to prepare a meal for Han Zhuoli.

Although she cooked porridge this time too, it was different from the afternoon one. She also prepared some light dishes to aid in his appetite since porridge was bland.

After setting down the food in the bedroom, she was just about to wake Han Zhuoli up when she realized that he was already awake.

"Youre up? Try to clear your sleepiness a bit and then have some porridge." Lu Man lightly touched Han Zhuolis forehead, and then took the thermometer out to measure his temperature. She then realized that his fever went down a bit. "37.9 degrees Celsius."

Having slept for a long while and covered in a blanket all this time, Lu Man saw Han Zhouli drenched in sweat and thus took a dry towel and help wipe his sweat away.

"Looks like your fever would be gone by tomorrow morning." Lu Man let out a sigh of relief.

Han Zhuoli rubbed his temples. "After sleeping for a while, I do feel a lot more comfortable."

Lu Man smiled as she helped him up. Taking a bolster and pillow, she propped him up. "Do you have an appetite now?"

"If you feed me Ill have a strong appetite," Han Zhuoli said nonchalantly.

Lu Man: ""

He had sobered up real quick, even his brain was so active.

Opening up the small table on the bed, Lu Man placed the porridge and small dishes on it and fed them by the spoonful to Han Zhuoli until he finished everything. After that, Han Zhuoli received a phone call from Zheng Tianming.

It was work-related and if it hadnt been necessary for Han Zhuoli to make a decision, Zheng Tianming also wouldnt have dared to disturb Han Zhuoli at such a time.

After hanging up, Han Zhuoli made puppy eyes at Lu Man and pleaded, "Man Man, can I look at the computer now? There are some important documents that I need to have a look at."

Feeling helpless, Lu Man just smiled. "I didnt let you work because I wanted you to have a good rest, but I know whats important and whats not too. If theres really some important work, how could I stop you?"

Han Zhuoli instantly pulled Lu Man over and brought her into his tight embrace. "My Man Man is just so caring and sweet."

Not sure whether to laugh or cry, Lu Man pushed him away lightly. "Where did you put the laptop?"

"On the desk in the study room. Theres a laptop there." Han Zhuoli said, "Just bring that over."

Since it would be inconvenient, Lu Man cleaned up the dirty dishes and took them out. Then, she brought him his laptop.

While Han Zhuoli worked as he lay in his bed, Lu Man sat by his side and plugged in her earphones, watching some shows on her phone.

However, she was not just watching it for fun, she was watching them intently and taking notes.

Lu Man had searched for some recent television shows that were produced with great attention to detail; something that was rare these days. The shows had experienced veteran actors and even the younger actors were very talented. Although they might not be as popular as the current famous budding starlets and young actors, they were quietly focused on improving their acting skills, making this show exceptionally thrilling and interesting.

Lu Man analyzed each and every dialogue, paying attention to every actors facial expressions minutely. Almost every couple of minutes she would pause and play it again, analyzing it meticulously, not even missing out a small action like a slight movement of the fingertips.

She wasnt even in the mindset of watching a show anymore. She had already lost the fun and joy of watching shows, she was almost sick of it, but Lu Man still persisted and pushed on.

Just then, someone knocked on the bedroom door. Lu Man pressed pause, took off her earphones and went to open the door.

She saw that Auntie He was standing by the door. "Lu Man, these are the new pajamas that weve just bought for you, and also a change of clothes for tomorrow, as well as some skincare products. Ive already washed these new pajamas, dont worry when putting it on."

Lu Man saw that everything else other than the pajamas was brand new, still in its original packaging.

She took them over and smiled as she thanked her. "Thank you, Auntie He."

"Its nothing, youre welcome. Rest early, alright?" Auntie He smiled happily and started to leave.

"Wait a moment, Auntie He, in which room will I be sleeping tonight?" Lu Man asked.

Auntie Hes face was completely stunned. "Obviously youll be sleeping with Sir!"

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